Sunday, July 23, 2017

James Clarkson leaves MUFON

former cop as UFO investigator

Until just a few days ago, James Clarkson had been Washington State Director for MUFON. He left in part, because of recent announcements concerning an "inner circle" of donors and their influence over the organization.

I met James and his wife in Arkansas last April when we were both speaking at the annual Ozark Mountain UFO Conference. He is enormously likeable and my impression was that he is exactly what MUFON should be. He came across as dedicated, hard working and open minded.

Here is the essay on his blog where he describes his reasons for leaving that organization.

  With Regret – Why I Must Leave MUFON Completely  

I am hoping that this letter may be a catalyst for real change in MUFON’s direction if it is not already too late. The influence of the money-worshipping corporate mentality is already damaging our country like cancer; what is happening to MUFON doesn’t seem much different.
After you read that, you can follow it up with another depressing essay from James. This one describes another longtime researcher leaving MUFON. James wrote:
The punch that knocked me out of my chair and on to the floor was when I opened my e-mail. I received an announcement from Robert Powell, MUFON Director of Scientific Research – He resigned and is leaving MUFON right before this year’s MUFON Symposium began.
Seems Robert Powell didn't agree with the circus that surrounds the present symposium in Las Vegas. Like the essay linked above, this one is also worth reading.



John Burke said...

The MUFON website has an Inner Circle page, listing the names of those individuals who "have shown unparalleled generosity towards MUFON by donating in excess of $5,000 in a single donation."

When I looked over the list, I was surprised to see the name of John Grace. Those of you who are old enough might remember John Grace as Val Valerian. eek.

More info on Grace/Valerian can be found here:

The foregoing article mentions a woman named Holly Baker. I wonder if she is the same Holly Baker as the individual listed on MUFON's Inner Circle page. Of course, the controversial John Ventre is still listed on that page, although Greer's name is not there. Kevin Randle has written quite a bit about the Inner Circle. Here are the links to some recent postings:

Uriah said...

This all plays into the idealism of privilege. Our society is Christian, even the science, and is anti experience. The other day I was walking in the woods and I overheard a person of privilege talking about broken people? To assume people of experience are broken assumes the inexperienced (innocent) are perfect. This is our systems goal to keep those of privilege away from the reality their lifestyle brings. You know the last time I got robbed a older teen wearing a hockey mask brandishing a butcher knife rushed at me. The poor kid robbing me most likely for gang initiation tried to pour the register into his pocket. So it went all over the floor, you see he had no experience and that's dangerous for me, him, everyone in the store. So he wanted to pick up every last penny so I started to calmly help scoop it up for him meanwhile my friend who is gay and a thug keeps coming at the guy regardless of me trying to calm everyone down and just let the shit play out without anyone getting hurt. The guy got his money and left meanwhile the average unbroken Joe is frozen in paralysis and fear while a broke clerk and some broken flamer deal with what the privileged can't even face.

Uriah said...

On a way lighter note. Funny see how I have to apologize to all of you now for being real for a moment? That's the structure of our messed up society. Arrogant idiocy. Now back to sponsoring and promoting corporate products like a good pop culturist...

I shared this with Seriah,

There is an old proverb about six blind men who are touching different parts of an elephant and they all describe something completely different. This symbolically points out why six is the holy perfect number. Take six same size round objects and put them in a circle so they touch one another and you will notice they fit together perfectly. They also create an illusion that like magic explains laws of our universe. If you look in the center you will see the illusion of a perfect seventh circle in the center. The original symbol for this was called the endless knot if you look at it, it is six sixes that form a seventh object when viewed together. You will now notice these laws all around you. There are six chakras, six notes and chords in music scale, six colors of the rainbow spectrum, six operation for arithmetic. You will notice that in chakra you raise the six chakras into a seventh chakra. In music you raise the six notes and chords into a seventh note and chord that is a sharp or flat so its not really a seventh. The spectrum of the rainbow when combined creates white a seventh color. And in math you can use six operations to reduce the numbers to a single seventh encompassing whole. Any society that teaches it's people to fear the most perfect number when it claims to be striving for a perfection is an oxymoronopolis. It would make sense that they keep you from six because it manifests a seventh a transformation. You won't go for sevens if your scared of sixes. Is this the math model of our contracts of perception with human convention? That the magic, six plays out and our perception shaped by contracting superstition geared to keep us away from self transformation make us fear perfection. The best movie example of this is Empire Strikes Back when Luke goes into the deep woods and finds a cave. He faces himself, a truth that he doesn't want to face of his own death, and also experiences the future. Not yet knowing he is Vader's son or that the dark side wants to recruit him when he strikes Vader down he sees his own face in the mask. He the perceived good is actually on a path to evil. People try and squeeze a Christian message out of Star Wars but you can see it clearly demonstrates that love is only a tool of manipulation to turn good people into the dark side. Love didn't conquer in the end either Vader realized he sided with the weak ego. The dark side couldn't consume him as he was made to believe so he was forced in the end to live out his destiny that he had avoided to kill the Emperor. this is symbolic of how we have let imaginary power and systems of religion dominate us erase our strong ego and replace it with a work face.This is why he finally strikes down the Emperor. In a story from Hindu initiation the final step of ascension is right on the head of the leader. Those guys from the inquisition wished they could have had this idealistic a congregation. People forget torture has it roots in indoctrination. I wonder if a future generation will ever look back and call our media and devices tools of torture to indoctrinate? Just like in Empire if the good and privileged look into the face of evil all they will see is them self. If all good men stopped doing what they thought was right evil would cease to exist in that moment. Humanity isn't ready for that realization and will resort to destroying real lives to protect ideals to keep people ignoring the fourth wall. And anyone who points to the fourth wall will be unplugged, channel changed, cut off, cut out, shut up.

PS if you want BS get idealist advice from privilege generalized prejudice. But if you need help in a real situation call a broken person they know how to handle situations.

peterxdunn said...

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