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part research, part personal journey
the big owl book is now available
After nearly three years of all-consuming introspection, my obsessive writing project is complete. When printed up, it comes in at just shy of 400 pages. It's a thick heavy book. Getting this thing done and out there is a huge thing for me. Please know, I will be aggressively promoting for the near future.

You can read Richard Dolan's foreword HERE.

  CreateSpace PAPERBACK version linked HERE  

  Kindle version linked HERE   
  Amazon book site linked HERE  

The author and publisher will receive a bit more from any sale using CreateSpace. As a very large company, amazon can offer a slightly lower price, but that means signifcanly less coming back to the author and publisher for each sale. If you want a bargin, Amazon will proabaly be the lowest price.

The print version is now available. Within the next few days it should be up on Barnes and Noble too.

  please order through your local bookstore  

Do what you can to support your hometown bookstore. They can easily order it and then call you when it arrives. They usually get free shipping and can sometimes offer a low price. If you give them the number (below), it makes it a little easier to find the book.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9677995-7-5
Product Details
• Paperback: 394 pages, with illustrations
• Publisher: Richard Dolan Press; 1st edition (December 3, 2015)
• ISBN-13: 978-0967799575
• Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars (Amazon as of Dec 5, 2015)


meganarline said...

When will "Stories from the messengers" (as mentioned in the intro) be out?

AntaeusQ said...

Yeah, I went looking for it as soon as I encountered the line. Here, take my money!

Unknown said...

i was wondering if you'll be making an audiobook version of this book?

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes, there is an audio book in the plans!

Hopefully read by Ryan Sprague!


Anonymous said...

I just listened to the Richard Dolan podcast and I'm so excited to read this book! Will it be available on Apple's iBooks?

Unknown said...

I just now red this book. It's Very interesting. It's difficult to wright by english. I never did this.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike, i'm so glad to hear your podcast! It confirms the experience i had and helps me connect the dots...

Thank you so much:)

Unknown said...

Hi Mike, I have two experiences with owls. The first was two owls that lived in a dead tree in my front yard (I lived on 60 acres) they were there from 2006 to 2009. They were always perched side by side on one particular branch. They were I expect a mated pair and sat extremely close, touching. Early 2010, I think January that particular branch came crashing down unexpectedly (it was solid) I immediately was concerned for the owls safety. Alas, they never returned or settled on another similar branch. I missed them.
The second experience was May 1st 2019 a Tuesday, I was babysitting my grandchildren and upon leaving with my daughter escorting me to my car across the street she noticed an owl sitting on a fence near my car. I talked to it, ‘hey you’ my daughter had not seen it before, the time was 9.11pm. It was extremely close, we inched closer and within a few feet it flew off. May 12th Sunday and Mother’s Day, 11 days later. I was again at my daughters home and at 3.11pm again walking to my car parked in the same place. Against a perfect cloudless blue sky we witnessed two separate close together circles of tiny white/satin what appeared to be flocks of birds. Approximately 18-20 in each circle with a tail ender lagging slightly behind. The appearance looked similar to two balloons with the end that you tie off, but it was separated. They swooped and turned many times putting on a show and very low, I would say tree top level. I did not see any wings or tail feathers, they glistened against the sunlight. It was magical!
My daughter said that she better get back (to the House) I turned for a second and thanked her and looked back to the ‘birds’, they were gone. I had a great panoramic view across the horizon and saw no sign of them. It never entered my head to take my phone and either video or take a photo.
I spoke to my daughter about it within a few days, she vaguely remembered but said it happened in her backyard! I told her what actually happened but she seriously couldn’t remember, I didn’t push it.
We live in Perth Western Australia and my maiden name and the name I use today is Julie Powell.
Many things have happened to me ‘synchronicity’. I tried on a couple of occasions to speak to people about my experiences which they are fascinated by, but if I bring up the subject again they have no memory of our previous conversation.