Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Twitter Tweet as rebuttal to skeptical podcasters

Click on the image for a HIrez view. Also, note the 3:33 time stamp.
A few weeks ago I was asked by two podcasters to be on their show (Oh No! with Ross and Carrie). They had seen me speak at the 2017 Ozark conference. I replied and said that I'd be a guest on their show. Then they told me they had done a podcast review of my presentation, so I listened. I was unprepared for their snarky tone, and it felt like their blend of humor and skepticism came of as sort of mean spirited. My first reaction was to cancel our interview, but we ended up in a long email dialogue. Ross said he had read my book after the conference, and now better understood the personal approach to my research.

We agreed to talk, and I made my case during the interview.

I was clear that this is a personal journey for me, and I am not approaching this as a scientist. The interview went well, but at times you can hear both frustration and defensiveness in my voice. The discussion was fun at times and it forced me to articulate some things very clearly, things I might blow past in other interviews.

They were dismissive of some of my ideas in both their initial review of my presentation, and the recent interview.
They gave me grief about my presentation, here are three points:
  1. My preoccupation with numbers like 333.
  2. My claim that people see owls while listening to my voice.
  3. They questioned why people don’t get pictures of the owls they see while listening to my voice.
On the very day they posted my interview, Carrie received something on her phone (image above). Seems three points got addressed in that one tweet. It had nullified each of the points in the short list above.

For me, this was a synchro-rebuttal from the universe—a cosmic hat-trick.

To his credit, Ross wrote this in an email to me:
Having read the book, I do get that you are not trying to be a scientist. I appreciated this passage [from The Messengers], for example:

"I am trying to be clear in the way these ideas are explored, but also clear that this is a personal journey. This is not science, and I don't pretend that it is."


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I guess this is a case of he WHO hoots last, hoots the loudest;-)
I'm yet to see an owl in the wild (or an alien for that matter), but I have my camera at the ready and will now have it switched on while listening to any future podcasts you happen to be on.
My bird of choice is the black bird, but it looks like you do have something to CROW about here Mike.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for going on ONRAC. I'm an avid listener of their show and I appreciated your candid interview.

Unknown said...

Hi there,

I’m also a big fan of their show and I thought it was a great interview. I think you explained your point of view very clearly. R&C certainly have a different way of understandung the world, but I thought it was a friendly and open exchange of views from both sides.

nonamae said...

Nice! *thumbs up!*

Nick said...

I need to reach out to the owl guy. I had a serious series of syncronistic experiences from 2011 to ~2015, surrounding the number 1123 or time 11:23, and then later the owl.

Anonymous said...

I love ONRAC and I am so happy that you went on it. It's great to hear your side! I think you did great.

Melissa Kriger said...

Awww Mikey! I am so delighted to hear that the hosts got ahold of themselves and really PAID attention! Miraculous things can and do happen! All the best~

Red Pill Junkie said...

YAY Trickster universe! :D

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