Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hemi-sync vision (with audio)

Sketch done from memory. Click on image for a HI-rez view
What follows is an excerpt from a book in progress. Above is a drawing to try to show what was seen in a quick flash during meditation. There is also an audio track to accompany the text at the bottom of this post. 

I will very occasionally meditate, and sometimes I will listen to a guided meditation on my iPod. I like a series of audio tracks from Robert Monroe, the author of Journeys out of the Body (1971), a first person account of out of body travel. He started a research facility, The Monroe Institute, with the mission of exploring human consciousness.

He also pioneered a meditation technique using recorded audio called hemispheric synchronization. The process requires headphones, with a slightly different tone for each ear. To the listener, this sounds like nothing more than a calm humming. Monroe felt that this system synchronizes the two hemispheres of one's brain, and is said to help beginners more quickly achieve the meditative state. These same sounds have the potential to evoke an altered state of consciousness.

There I was, alone in my living room, sitting on my little home-made meditation stool. My eyes were closed as I listened to Robert Monroe’s voice describe some simple focusing techniques with the humming hemi-sync audio in the background. This would have been the fall of 2014.

I was feeling calm and enjoying his narration, and at some point he said,

"Here is a simple way to remember any part of your life experience. … Close your physical eyes and touch the fingers of your right hand gently to the center of your forehead. When you do this you will recall and remember immediately that which you consciously desire to remember…” 
(audio track below)

Everything was so peaceful that I didn't think much about what he was saying, so there were no expectations when I touched my forehead. At the instant my fingertips made contact, I saw myself lying on the ground surrounded by five or six spindly aliens. This image was only in my mind's eye for a single second, but it was unmistakably vivid. I knew what I was seeing, it was a single snap-shot from the night of March 10th 2013. (see illustration above)

I wasn't at all surprised to see this, it seemed like I was offered a gentle clue from some higher part of myself. The beings in the vision seemed to be dressed in something tight fitting and white, and were taller than what would be the typical gray aliens. I was motionless in my sleeping bag at their feet. This scene in the Utah desert was presented without any fear or anxiety—as if to reassure me.

Curiously, these Robert Monroe audio files were sent to me from friend. He has a dramatic account of seeing both an owl and UFO while out in the desert at night.

The momentary vision was clear, it was me on the ground surrounded by aliens. I recognize how seductive it would be to surrender to that image, to see it as a literal truth. Maybe it’s exactly what happened, or maybe it’s one more in a long chain of symbolic clues.

Text added July 24th 
Honestly, I have no idea how much to trust this image. Real? Not real? All kinds of pressure (all my own, all self imposed) to dismiss the imagery and at the same time to say it really happened—really, truly and literally happened. I simply don't know.


Red Pill Junkie said...


Have you returned to that spot in the desert?

Gorilla On A Bike said...

So good to hear you again!

Knocker said...

It is fascinating, Mike, and thanks for your offering.

I have the hemi-sync discs and find them valuable because they prepare the listener to look at the odd things that happen without fear, or at least one is primed to view those events from a perspective with some sort of self protection prior to experience. I can't remember the exact phrasing, but it's suggested from the outset that one will not be influenced by any entity that Is less than ones equal in understanding. Sort of puts the possible creepier aspects of travel into a more benign frame anyway. I view most experiences outside meditation in the same manner, having felt the positive effect of the power of suggestion. Sad that it doesn't help clarify the mysteries, but it promotes exploration.

I do appreciate the memory enhancing aspect and will try it. Also appreciate your personal experience for future reference. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Amazing update! Thankyou for the image and the link.

Derek said...

That drawing is now my laptop wallpaper. Feels familiar, not the desert canyon in Arizona in 1995 but sleeping in a mummy bag on a summit clearing in Kit Carson National Forest in New Mexico during the same trip.
Good to hear from you Mike, we all look forward to the book!

Dennis/87 said...

The book, the book, yes the book. Dennis

John Burke said...

Dolby technology is a source or influence which will bring you less than your stated desires.
Make sure it is turned off when you listen to hemi-sync.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Can't wait for the book!


Bright Garlick said...

Mike it's important you start trusting what you think you remember ! It's a spring board to the entire experience. You know deep relaxation of the type taught by certain Indian and Buddhist pathways, is all you need to recall events. Ainslie Meare's "Relief Without Drugs" is where I first learnt true deep relaxation and he learnt it from Yogis in India. Somewhere on my blog I have some free PDFs I created on preparing for contact. In there is info on relaxation as taught by Ainslie. I used to practice regressive hypnosis and discovered that extensive scripts were not as useful as deep relaxation. If you learn to relax everything by feeling your way into it, the memories can unfold as a narrative and with greater clarity.

I've just moved house, so can't help with that info but happy to send it when I'm settled in a month or so.

It's great to see you're writing about your experiences and still curious about them !!! Patience and time will help you to understand what's true !

Happy trails !

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy all your content Mike. Thank you! It's been a few months since I've checked out your site. I read this as I listened to "Dreamland: Beyond The OBE With Monroe Institute Director Nancy McMoneagle 12-19-2014." Nice synchronicity.