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Laurencantu512 said...

Hi Mike! You are by far my favorite podcast host. I listen to a lot of shows Paracast, Gralien, Radio Misterioso, Podcast UFO, Openminds any and all things ufo I can find. I heard you on a few of these then found your site and podcasts a while back and binged them all! I just wanted to say the world needs more! You have such a great natural approach to your interviews and you let the conversation go where it will instead of forcing it into a little box. I really admire that and hope we hear some more soon!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree!!!! I too have listened to every podcast and appreciate how AWESOME you are as a host. You make it look easy when in fact, it clearly isn't. You have that mysterious gift for drawing out the best in your guests! More Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!