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It's impossible to create a linear narrative on a blog. These postings should come in a nice tidy and logical order, but they don't. If this stuff seems interesting, you might need to dig around a little bit. The puzzle pieces are all mixed up - even to me.

This blog came on-line in March of 2009, this was a time when I was swallowed up in a sort of existential crisis. The tension in my "voice" is palpable in these early posts. This site originally started as a way for me to try and make sense of some weird personal experiences. I did it as a kind of sociological experiment, I wanted to wrestle with some challenging memories in a very public forum. But, as time went on I started adding other things I found interesting or relevant to the core topics.

A blog, by it's very nature, should be read backwards, the first post is in the last position. I have heard from a few folks who have started at the very first post and read the blog in it's entirety. That's a pretty big undertaking, but from the feedback I've gotten, they found the narrative that emerged was fascinating.


This is a listing of personal experiences, in a tidy linear format. For anyone new to this site, I usually direct them to the TIMELINE as a good place to start.

Creating this timeline was a way to help anyone visiting this site to navigate thru the mish-mash of intersecting stories. But, as I was initially organizing it, I realized it was something much more introspective. It became a way to help me make sense of my deeply personal and confusing issues.

For your benefit, the timeline is awash in links, so you can easily get to the relevant stories.

direct experiences

There is a label on certain posts where I share my DIRECT EXPERIENCES. These are real-deal incidents that are relevant to my overall "involvement" with this elusive phenomenon. These experiences certainly seem to imply something, I'll leave it at that.

audio content

At this point, I've posted well over 160 hours of audio interviews. The focus has been the UFO abduction phenomenon. There are recorded conversations with researchers and experiencers. There are other interviews on related subjects, like synchronicity and UFOs.

You'll find ALL of my audio interviews posted on separate site HERE. This page is organized for ease of use.

There is an iTunes page for these podcasts. You can also use the long alphabetical list (and direct links) in the right-hand side-bar on every page of this blog.


Along the right and left side side-bars I've included a series of posts that I think are especially relevant. I encourage you to peek at these if you are at a loss on what might be interesting.

There is a search engine (at the right) set up specifically to search this blog.

This (left) is the kind of thing I want people to read! This essay, THE EVOLUTIONARY TRIAD was a kind of abandonment into sychro-weirdness.


Yes, blogging is a kind of digital chaos, but I do my best to keep this site tidy. I hope this helps, at least a little bit.
Mike Clelland - 2012



Anonymous said...

thank you for this provocative "meaty" site. & your sight.
very pertinent to the now.
i also very much appreciate you talking about your feelings. refreshing.

Mike Clelland! said...

Thanks Anonymous,

I created this page because I realized that I had posted SO much stuff that it might seem intimidating to dig in.

Mike C

clresu said...

Hey Mike,

Heard you on the Skeptiko interview . . . I really enjoyed the interview, listening to you and Alex talk about these very interesting and strange things . . . As others have said, you've got a really listenable voice and approach.

So, I went to your page on iTunes and downloaded a couple handfuls of your shows. I look forward to checking them out.

Keep up the cool work,

Bobby Morrison said...


Found your blog last evening. I will be a frequent visitor. There is so much out-There it's refreshing finding an interviewer who cares to really listen to the people invited on the show.
Most interviewers turn-me-off almost right away with their style.
I'm sure you could come up with some names so I won't bother listing any here.

I was on a show a couple of years ago after being invited....well to put it shortly, I was disgusted.
I kept getting cut off to and not allowed to finish the question asked of me.
Sounds like I'm complaining but not really. It was a learning experience for sure.
I have been invited on other shows and kindly turned them down and told myself never again...I don't need the abuse.

After listening to your interview with Elaine Douglass last evening I was very impressed with your skills as an interviewer.

I sent you an email to let you know that what Elaine said about me regarding the JAR 9 issue and my abduction and turn over to US military is absolute truth.

I have been an abductee since around 1950 and the abductions have never stopped. Here it is 2014 and I'm still abducted several times a week.

It's something one learns to live with as there are not many choices.


Bobby Morrison

Anonymous said...

I was 5 or 6 an owl stared me down through a screen door about 8-10 feet away. I couldn't move and that's all I remember about that. What happened shortly after is the weird part. When I would dream it would come true. I wouldn't sleep so I wouldn't dream. It finally went away when I was like 11 or 12. Now I'm 46 and there is something in my back and I'm having an MRI next week. Call if you're interested. 336 260 0582 Heath Allison on facebook

Anonymous said...

I was 5 or 6 an owl stared me down through a screen door about 8-10 feet away. I couldn't move and that's all I remember about that. What happened shortly after is the weird part. When I would dream it would come true. I wouldn't sleep so I wouldn't dream. It finally went away when I was like 11 or 12. Now I'm 46 and there is something in my back and I'm having an MRI next week. Call if you're interested. 336 260 0582 Heath Allison on facebook

wazindina said...

wow.. what a timely find, added to my blogroll. thank u for sharing

Anonymous said...

Great site, and thanks for doing all the audio interviews.
Check out the artwork of the Wunambal, Worrora and Ngarinyin people of The Kimberley in Australia. Their ancestors have been painting the Wandjina on rocks for a very long time. The beings depicted look incredibly similar to beings reportedly encountered in modern times. One translation of the word 'Wandjina' is 'spirit in the cloud.'

Unknown said...

I need answers. How can I ask questions and maybe get them answered. I don't people to make fun of me because of my experiences. Tell me if I am in the right place or tell me where I can go.

I need more information on Owls visits...

gavin said...

Hi Mike. .. ty for having the wisdom to start this site .. I have just watched a YouTube video and came directly here to ... I have experienced so much lately that I was thinking of writing a book lol but spirit not put a pen in my hand yet .. I asked why and they give me answers like your video...telling me there's more people places and things to experience and put in order ie the owls..a saw a barn owls 3imes in different locations in the central belt area at 12.00 midnight it all started on the 21 December 2013 when I was took by spirit up to a hill called cairnpaple hill an ancient burial site .. I was up the hills everyday looking for a staff for all day I'd been getting a constant go up the hill go up the hills ... so at 11.40 pm I decided to listen .. I went up and looked for a few minutes and stood on the hill and spoke to two small old oaks...I approached put my hands on them and kicked what was an old stump in the middle of them ... I found my staff and pulled it out from the undergrowth ... I took it to the car and as soon as I sat in my car a very bright flash happen from over the hill WOW I thought that was bright I looked down at the time it was exactly 12.00on my clock .. I thought maybe it was from the metal windmill that sat over at the other side of the hill at a farm house .. it happened again and my stomach turned .. I jumped out the car and ran up to the top of the hill I watched in the direction of the windmills and from the corner of my eye I saw lightning strike the top of the cairn i had never seen lightning like this it came down and also across at the same time .then it hit an area about 20 meter to the right then it struck several hills in succesion around me all within a mile .. as i looked up it seemed the clouds formed like a massive disc about 5-7 mile all around me I could see all the are underneath all the way round my region...the owls I seen three times all at a different location my local hills in bathgate and at lanark 20mile away and oban 70 mile away all at 12.00 digits not a min before or after. .. I also seen a small short eared owl what came and sat beside me at night when I was in my car looking at the veiw of the light in the distance we even played a little ... I have lots happened and look forward to sharing and looking at your own experiences. .. we have a Lot in common including the triune thing all 3s and always getting things backward like something will happen then I get a answer to it later like just now with the owls I new it was connected to my spaceship video I took ect but now I am in no doubt about it ..

Love & light ❤

Unknown said...

You know I must be doing something wrong. 62 and reading all the ufo literature I can get my hands on since communion, including your owl/ufo books. In my life, though desired not one ufo sighting, not one owl sighting not one synchronicity. I am completely open to this just I guess haven’t been at the right place at the right time.

Anonymous said...

My daughter in law saw a owl just before they moved a few weeks later. A large capcel came out of my noise it was clear with a small looking stick in it. I threw it away and took out the garbage. It took a week before I could tell my husband. any one else Have this happen?

Anonymous said...

Native Maori wore chin tattoo/moko kauae some depicting a morepork and in some maori carvings looks slightly similar to your alien. The maori world has been inverted these past 249 yrs.

Dr. G said...

I’m watching your a YouTube video with you in it. I was attracted by the owl title. I notice a huge owl around in a tree above me one night with fishing from my back yard. I live in coastal Texas, nestled between a marsh and a Bayou. Around my house are elm and oak trees, there is not much light in the evenings and the stars light up the sky. I had two yellow construction lights pointing down towards the river and reflecting to banks across the river. I heard breaking of the brush, and 6ft tall grass. At first I thought it was wild hog, then cattle, then a man, because now it registered that this was bipedal. My next thought was this isn’t right, the strides were way too long to be human. I’m a retired Army Green Beret. I know tracking, and understand how to truly listen to the woods and humans moving in the woods. Then the walking stopped, and right in front of me was a Yeti, or a Sasquatch, of whatever believers in this stuff would call it. I now believe in these creatures, I still wouldn’t know how to classify their species name. It was 9 feet tall it just stood there across the river from me just within the lights edge, left arm up holding the tree. It was greyish in color, not like yeti videos I’d see on tv before. I slowly reached down to grab my cell phone so I could snap a photo and bam, it sprinted off into the marsh. In a heartbeat it must have been 300 meters away. The water birds in the distance in the marsh were clearly moved and making noise. I never told anyone about this. I have no reason to make this experience up. I’m now a doctor of behavioral health and a therapist. I’m not delusional, I wasn’t on drugs, or drinking alcohol. I had just sat to fish alone on my river in the woods. I also saw two red balls that moved at outrageous speeds and precision while deployed to Afghanistan. I was on guard in an outpost in 2007. I notified my team that something was out there by the time they made it up to the tower, the two red balls were gone. I wrote about it in my diary but it was dismissed by command. Years later, around 2013, before another deployment, I saw a movie about aliens and Green Berets in Afghanistan. It was as if someone made my report into a movie.

Dr. G said...

I wrote the above comment and am still watching your interview on the Koncrete YouTube video. I wanted to add the Yeti encounter was in 2015. I’m also a ReiKi Master.