mission statement


This blog is dedicated to the deeply personal side of an elusive something

There is a phenomena at play in our world and it seems to present itself as unknowable. Something is happening and I feel strongly that it is very real. 

Honesty, an open mind and an open heart are all required to better understand what is happening.

- Mike Clelland, 2011                 .


There is a lot of information out there, especially on the web, and I am consistently disappointed at how almost all of it is cold and dispassionate. Some reports read like the paperwork you'd send into your insurance company after denting your fender. I loathe that unemotional way that some of this stuff gets presented, too many researchers are ignoring the most intriguing aspect of what is unfolding - the human experience.

There are fragile human beings interacting with a phenomenon that is confusing, challenging, mystifying, cunning, seductive, deceptive, terrifying and (potentially) consciousness expanding.

The UFO mythos is intertwined with a greater set of phenomena, and these outlying data points fascinate me. I want to better understand high-strangeness, psychic insights, channeling, un-reported patterns, alien abduction, the contact experience, MILABs, subtle realms of consciousness and synchronicity.


I'm obsessed with tidy art direction. I've worked hard to make this blog easy to read and (hopefully) nice to look at too.

You'll also notice that I don't have any advertising. This is another thing that I care about. I feel strongly that ads on blogs really cheapens the whole experience. That said, there is a donation button in the right side-bar. This was something I wish I didn't need to do. But, I spend a lot of time on this site, and it has really impacted my other work (that means my paying work). I care deeply about this blog and the content I share. It is a labor of love.