suggested links

One of the best set of links is on Tom's Montalk site, here's a LINK to his page.

Animal Spirit- Guides
Anya is a Channel
Chris Holly's site
Chhris O'Brien's Our Strange Planet
Cynthia Crawford - ET Sculptures
• Earthfiles (Linda Moulton Howe's site)
Grailien Report
Intelligent Emotional Truths
Inter-Intelligence Communications
Jill Channels Simon
Marla Frees
Miriam Delicado's site
• Montalk
Off-Planet-Radio - Randy Maugans
Out-of Darkness
Paranormal Musings
Post Reason
Post Human Blues - Mac Tonnies' site
Post Mac Blues
Regan Lee's - The Orange Orb
At Spirals-End
Suzanne Chancellor - Abductee Awareness
The Blob - Jake Kotze's site
The Caviness Report - Alan Caviness
The Secret Sun
Towards a New World
Transmissions from the Imaginal
Unknown Country
Veritas Radio


Anonymous said...

Hello Mike: Am long time follower of your superb blog and saw your update pages. It seems like alien jigsaw is back or is in process. You might want add link at sometime,

Thanx for all you hard efforts. Keep us in Hong Kong in your thoughts.

Judith said...

Hi Mike.
I also sent you an email with a partial summary of a lifetime of events, including owls. I'm so happy to have found you. I need more community, living with these events, and this contact is great. I plan to read some of your suggested books and look at links. Mainly though, I have my own fascinating story that is ongoing. I'm happy to share it all with you but need to keep confidential my exact location. I can't wait to become a part of your community. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

why not update your links ? you're missing some really good sites that you used to have listed and have blogs that no longer pertain - just an idea - thanx :)

Anonymous said...

linda murphy ufo stalker and swamp gas queen - you should see what she's written about you mike if only you knew

Unknown said...

That bad?