Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yaphet Kotto tells of lifelong alien contact

American actor Yaphet Kotto
The actor Yaphet Kotto is 77 years old. He portrayed the main villain Mr. Big in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die (1973). He was a crew member in Alien (1979) and later worked with Robert De Niro in the comedy thriller Midnight Run (1988).

Kotto recently gave an interview where he talked about his UFO experiences. He said, "I've never talked to anyone about it man, this is the first time… I’ve only told my wife, my rabbi, and a psychologist. This is the first time I'm talking about it.”

He describes a list of events, some from when he was a young boy. What he shares will be familiar to anyone who had looked into the the contact experience. Here's an excerpt:
I went through my youth, however, not knowing what I was experiencing, therefore, I didn't talk about it. I would just experience something and file it away until something larger happened. This is the thing other UFO witnesses don't talk about. Every time I moved into a house, above it at some point, there would be a circle of what looked like smoke. I'd wonder where it came from because it sure as hell didn't look like clouds. Those sightings continued for a good ten to fifteen years. I've also had time loss. I have a big loss of time between some of these moments, and I'd often wonder if I was taken.
   Read the entire interview HERE.  


Anonymous said...

Am I mistaken or have you never used the term taken under wing? Heard someone say it and thought it fit better with your work than theirs.

Uriah said...

Above was me don't know why its anonymous? Thank you so much mike this answers something I have been shooting around to Grailen Report and Seriah its easier if I just post my review. From IMDB

Alien (1979)

Beware of the Mummy's Curse

2 May 2017

Ridley Scott made one of the best Mummy movies ever made in 1979's Alien. It takes from the myths and reality of the spread of germs accumulated in a sealed up tomb perceived by ancient societies as "Curses" and turns them into art inspired by truth. Just like in any Mummy movie it begins with humans finding ancient technology. In the same way some pyramids served as tombs you will notice in Alien the Space Jockey is a perfectly mummified being. People who have researched Giger's inspiration for the Jockey found he designed it off an ark type hieroglyphic that represented a vessel to carry one into the afterlife. Also the function of a Mummy. In ancient times when people would break into tombs they would immediately enter and be exposed to germs that could kill a person. This was the foundation for the Mummy's curse. Alien's takes that concept and brings it into the far out and beyond our capability concepts of science fiction. Another word for germ is bug so it makes sense that the film makers choose a bug for the form of the alien creatures. You will notice that just like an airborne germ the alien is contracted by a face huger cleverly designed to resemble a breathing apparatus. Just like germs the face huger enters through the mouth and lays its egg in the hosts chest. This is why the creature goes in through a breathing apparatus and stops near the lungs and the creature that is born is called a chest burster. It is all metaphoric of the airborne germ in a freshly opened tomb. I had never thought about this before until I went on a spree of mummy films. No one else has pointed this out to my knowledge but it would be interesting to see if the film makers themselves explained it to anybody. It gives me a new take on the film, makes so much sense and establishes the creativity that went into this film and I felt I should share it with all film watchers so they can enjoy it too. Now the people who wondered what a cat was doing in space have an answer.

uriah said...

anyone interested the first thing I thought of when I saw the space jockey after reading Shaver Mystery is a Dero.they both are seated and under a similar something both have gonzo noses.

Alan Amsberg said...

So, here's a little story for you. On Saturday, I am talking to the house painter who is painting our house. Turns out he has had number of strange things happen in his life including a very solid UFO (seen by his whole family and a paperboy who was there on a bicycle). Also a story involving death and a NDE. No owls though. I tell him some of my strange stuff (mostly not UFO related - long story).

That evening, my son and I watch Spaceballs on Netflix. Spaceballs is a Mel Brooks Star Wars spoof. In it, the main characters walk into a diner and at the counter is... the crew of the Nostromo including the character played by Yaphet Kotto. It then does the whole alien out of the chest thing in a spoof way.