Thursday, March 29, 2012

I have Rh Negative blood

Me and my 12 dollar home blood test card

I just did a home test to determine my blood type. I am A Negative. That means I am Rh Negative.

If anyone has been following what's going on the UFO abduction research circles, you'll know that blood type is now one of the questions that gets asked when interviewing a potential abductee. I just went to a UFO conference and everybody was asking each other about their blood type. The internet is a bottomless pit of confusing information, so I actual have no idea what it might actually mean.

The Rh Negative factor makes up approximately 15% of the worlds population. And, according to some researchers, 54% of UFO abductees have the Rh Negative factor. But, (according to ICAR) A Negative blood makes up 6% of the world population, yet A Negative is only 4.5% of the UFO abductees. This was from a pool of 1,400 that gave their information in the study. To me, this isn't a very large study and I don't know about the details.

My conclusion is (after minimal research) that there is a lot of buzz in among the UFO community, but I can't make out much from the on-line data.

Also, my father has O Negative blood, the universal donor.
Text added in 2018:
Since the publication of this post there has been some new data. Rey Hernandez was part of a team of academics that organized a research project to study Experiencers. The conclusion of his organization is that the Rh factor among experiencers is essentially the same as the general public, roughly around 15%. Their findings would seem to make this post irrelevant.
Also — this has been an extremely popular post.



Red Pill Junkie said...

I don't know. At this point it feels like the origin of yet another Ufological meme.

tinyjunco said...

(sorry if this is a dupe - blogger crashed on my previous try)

Hubby & i are both universal donors (he's been getting a lot of calls from the Red Cross recently, they need blood!). Unfortunately, due to medical conditions i can't donate.

Here's some Rh neg info. from ehow:

Rh-factor protein is divided among races. Fifteen percent of whites are Rh negative, 5 to 10 percent of African Americans are Rh negative, and 1 to 2 percent of Asians are negative for the protein.

Blood Distribution
Rh-positive blood is most commonly distributed through the population. Rh-negative numbers are 7 percent for blood type O, 6 percent for blood type A, and 2 percent for blood types B and 1 percent for type AB.

Highest Rh negative Rate
Those with the highest Rh-negative rate are a branch of people in Europe called the Basques. Basques have almost double the European rate (which is abnormally high to begin with) of Rh-negative people.

Fun Fact
A higher percentage of Rh-negative people claim to have been abducted by aliens than that of Rh-positive people."

"Fun Fact"!! har dee har har. OTOH< interesting about the high rates among Basque, traditionally associated with second sight, the fae, etc. steph

Anonymous said...

Having read some buzz myself over the years about negative blood types seemingly connected to UFO sightings and abductions, I took a poll at a message board I was participating in at the time. Most of the men didn't know their blood types, but women, due to having been pregnant at one time, knew theirs.

It certainly wasn't a legitimate poll and it was a small group to begin with, but given that negative blood types are more rare, there were an interesting number of negatives amongst the members.

I was one of them so I was very curious, but I still don't know what it really means. That board was comprised of people who were interested in all sorts of phenomena, but not all claimed contact or even having seen UFOs.

A girlfriend turned me onto a diet for my blood type, but the Rh factor isn’t mentioned anywhere. I offer it here just because I fit my type so well and have discovered the diet and supplements seem to work well.

One can click on the “Individualized Diets” to learn more about his biochemical make up and some traits on personality as well as recommended foods/exercise, etc.

Since you mentioned you were a type A, Mike, I read the section on As and discovered this doctor feels As are better at “sensing” in conjunction with using the other five senses.

Sorry for going off topic a bit, but there are interesting traits to be found in blood types if this doctor is correct.

It would be great if someone conducted a study to find what the Rh factor may mean in populations, specifically in genetics. With all the junk DNA we share, is there some tale to be told with Rh factors? I’d be curious to learn the statistics of blood types in shamanic practices, for instance.

Surreality said...

Hey Mike,

The fact that you posted about your blood type yesterday still has me reeling at how many synchronicities I've had that envolved you or this blog! As I said, I was just going to post a comment and ask you if you had taken that test yet!

I think it would be neat if everyone reading this would tell their blood type. I don't know if there's anything to it or not but the fact that it could possibly be a piece of tangible evidence that could maybe lead to some kind of better understanding of what's going on is just titillating to me!

Btw, I'm O-

Anonymous said...

Same here. I have b negative blood. I have always felt this was some type of marker in regard to the experience. That's not to say people with positive blood types don't also have the same experiences. I think that the icar people even mention statistics on this.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Tinyjunco's comment about the Basques is that they are believed to have been the original Celtic tribes that conquered Ireland.

The Basque region was also one of the latest Neanderthal strongholds. If there's a population in Europe with an above-average amount of Neanderthal DNA, it would be then.

Thought-provoking to be sure

Anonymous said...

Before the creation of the RhoGAM shot for RH Negative pregnant mothers (who are having a baby with an RH Positive man), unless the baby was itself RH Negative, it would die somewhere along the pregnancy...even right up to birth. The antibodies of the RH Neg mother attack the RH Pos baby.

So, interestingly, the natural order of things, would be for RH Negatives to reproduce with each ther. To what evolutionary end though, I wonder?

My mother was a B Negative and took the RhoGAM shot in the first
trimester of her pregnancy with me. My father was O Postive (I'm O Positive). My mother then had 4 miscarriages and her OBGYN thought it had to do with antibody build up (which can occur in just the first few weeks of the pregnancy). And, back then, women weren't diagnosed pregnant as quickly as they are today (no home pregnancy tests in the 1950s/60s).

So, I ended up an 'only' child. No problem there though, as I learned to be much more independent. Interestingly my son (also an 'only' child but for different reasons) is an A Negative and is an experiencer (his first recall at age 4 was of 3 small silvery discs over our neighbors back yards as he was looking out his bedroom window in the dark of night).

***Steph, Just love that "Fun Fact"!
I think the general public take ghost sightings more seriously than ufos/abductions.

~ Susan

Regan Lee said...

Mike, I have Rh negative blood as well.

tinyjunco said...

"I think the general public take ghost sightings more seriously than ufos/abductions." Susan, that sounds about right, unfortunately.

Your life history reminds me that when i (we) was younger Rh factor was a lot more well known and discussed because of just this aspect.

I even remember reading a murder mystery that turned on a woman hiding an (illegal at the time) abortion, which led to complications when she had her "first", "normal" pregnancy. How times change along with medical advances, etc.

Hio RPJ! "...yet another Ufological meme..." it strikes me this way a bit as well. How hard it is to separate 'wheat and chaff' has been driven home to me recently, as the past 3-4 onths i've been realizing how many incidents in my own life reflect 'abductee symptoms'. Not just stuff like blood type, but incidents which i/my family always knew were noteable or odd.

Like the missing time i experienced while walking near my apt. in broad daylight in the presence of a very short 'person' (?) who looked a lot like a troll and was just not 'right'. Or how i kept hearing people walking thru our back yard while a kid. I would ignore it as best i could, but from ages 7 - 15 (about) i'd end up waking my dad once a month or so to come investigate. (i was very quiet about it, thus scaring the sh7t out of my dad, a source of much family hilarity). Of course there was never anybody there.

A few days ago i was listening to some podcast talking about how people get 'turned off' around encounters and become impossible to waken. I immediately flashed on another family phenom which cracked us up. In the middle of one night my (9 years old?) little brother fell off his top bunk bed, with a huge thump that woke the house. Mom and dad ran to the room and found him on the floor, still asleep and clutching his pillowcase - stained with blood oozing from his nose.

I started laughing as i realized EXACTLY how that sounds from the abductee angle! However my bro did have a hard time during his massive growth spurts and was a very hard sleeper.

But truly how to sort all of this? Do we even have enough of a definition of the phenomemon to make a start? It truly beats the hell out of me. steph

Red Pill Junkie said...


Wow! thanks for sharing those family stories. They do sound very puzzling and I agree that one should be careful in how to interpret them.

Like for example, how you used to scare the crap out of your dad when you went to his room and wake him up --maybe there was a reason behind this (apparently) overreaction? :-/



PS: LOL @ the captchas I received in this comment --detion ershipp

tinyjunco said...

Good Morning Miguel! thank you for the comment, it IS a puzzle with so few 'signposts in the sea'.

re: my dad, he and i both have that 'startle' response when awakening from sleep where you feel like you're falling. For some unknown reason it's much more pronounced with us when we are awakened by a small, soft sound. And i'm naturally very quiet even when trying to be noisy (i've startled deer while hiking more than once).

fwiw, i've ascertained in the last couple of years that this 'startle' is related to my trying to go out of body....don't know with dad.

I hadn't thought about the backyard footsteps much in years. But 12 years ago, when i married, i moved in with my husband. Our big bedroom window looks out over a 'social trail' which all the neighborhood wildlife uses nightly (including kids).

After a decade of listening to deer, fox, raccoon, possum, turkey, and so on tramp back and forth - i realized that yes indeed that HAD been a person or people walking through our backyard. I'd put my 'paranoia' down to nerves or raccoons or whatever before. If i hadn't had that long experience with wildlife i still would have put it down to that. But i still have the memories of the footsteps, and they were humanoid.

This makes me wonder about how much chance is related to how we label our various experiences as 'normal' or 'high strange'.

Again, there's a big area in personal experience where it's difficult to pin down. OTOH,some stuff is very plainly high strange, like the amnesia with the small hairy 'guy'.

That's why i'm so encouraged by easy access to the many many experiencer accounts made possible by the web. Looking across a bunch of accounts may help shake out some of these 'grey areas'.

And it's motivating me to write a lot of my own experiences down, which i've been meaning to do! Thank you for reading and Happy Sunday! steph

catherwood said...

since you asked, I am B-neg. I'm not an "experiencer", but I admit to being curious and open-minded about such topics, as a regular reader of both Dan Mitchell and Red-Pill-Junkie. I am drawn to tales of altered states, lucid dreams, NDEs, hallucinations, and anything which invites us to question reality. (The captcha fails in the extra step Blogger uses to authenticate my AIM OpenID, why?)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I'm A+,
so that should keep them off my back and out of various other bodily
places .-)
To my knowledge I'm not an "experiencer" either.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

...but I should say that I did have an OBE at around 11 years of age.
I didn't meet any "visitors" while out of my body...that I can recall though...and definitely no UFO sightings...that I can recall either.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"catherwood said...

since you asked, I am B-neg. I'm not an "experiencer", but I admit to being curious and open-minded about such topics, as a regular reader of both Dan Mitchell and Red-Pill-Junkie"


I have a regular reader??

PS: O+ (I think).

Anonymous said...

Steph, Your unusual experiences - missing time et al - makes me wonder if you and lots of people, perhaps all people, are experiencers but don't recognize it or identify as such.

Amazing accounts you've shared!

~ Susan

Unknown said...

I'm 0-, 59 years old,female. This is the first I have ever heard of us neggies being, well, different to say the least. I have almost all of the listed traits, minus any kind of hi IQ. The folks who have commented on watches not working? Boy, did that ever hit home. I thought I used to be a "watch junkie" because I had so many of them. I eventually stopped wearing watches because it got too darn expensive to keep them running. Anybody in the market for a Cartier tank watch? Sure doesn't do me any good. Dreams that came true, ESP, butterflies and birds used to land or hover all around me, that doesn't happen so much as I have aged. I miss it. I always felt so blessed and loved when it happened. I have never felt this place was home, was told once by a healer that I didn't want to be born and still had one foot in heaven. I'll be doing a lot of reading and research. It's almost like finding out your not truly a biological part of the family, but adopted. All your differences now make sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my name is Jessica and ive recently well a couple of months ago have been researching or going down the rabbit hole on this mystery with rh- blood. I am 0-. I have all the traits that have been described and maybe some more, hehe. When i was born, my mother and grandmother said i had a white aura around my body. The day i was born, no one out in the parking lot could start their car, due to electic problems, it could have been that it was very cold but i also believe it was me. I have alwyas had the capability to disrupt electrical appliances. As a little girl i had a very rough and chaotic life. I would always dream things that would happen the next day, even my house almost burning to the ground. I have always been a loner and have always felt very different and always felt this sense of being here on this planet for some sense of spiritual mission. I have always felt like my life was being watched by this force i couldnt see, i never really accepted Jesus as my god i always knew their was something more. Tons of synchrocities have always made their way to me with it being numbers or visions i see on t.v after just randomly going through mental pictures in my head, bam their it is on t.v. Anyway, physically i do have dark, peircing green eyes that even look reptilian. I see right through people and i can read things , people, environment, etc. very quickly. I have light brown hair with a golden-reddish tint to it. I have unexplained scars on my body and mostly on my face that i dont know where they came from? Ive seen UFO'S a couple diff. times but i dont recall getting ubducted. I have very low blood pressure and pulse rate. My dad is rh- also and i have a rich family heritage on his side that is from Marseilles, France. His dad(my gpa ) and my gpas dad(great gpa) came here on a boat from France. My moms side has pychic ability and thats why i have it also. I really think im onto something here, ive been trying to follow the royal bloodline back to the Movongolians? spelled wrong prob. My last name is Runau and i need to know some more on my heritage to somewhat end this question that has been burning within me since i can remember, who am i, what am i? Im a 25 year old female. About a month or so ago i have become awakened. I dnt have any friends to talk to about the crazy experiences that have been going on, i need advise or support. All of a sudden my ears have become really sensitive and i can hear things that are very far away and my ears pop and ring. I almost have to but earplugs in when im outside bc of the bugs making these noises and frequencies. Birds are acting very strange around me, i had a huge crange fly with my car on the driver side down the road a long way before it veered off. Black birds or maybe crowes are cawwing from the treetops at me like they are trying to send me messages. My mom even noticed that they caw only when im out their at her house? Ive been feeling more like a spiritual being in a physical body. My head tingles as my head chakra or whatever is opening up to this new burst of energy that is transcending towards us as we speak. ive had more and more ESP and paranormal experiences ever since i have awakened. I need someone to mentor me through this as i need to learn how to control these things. If anyone can help me please email me at love and light

0-Neg X-Army said...

I have been starting to notice a correlation between females that are RH Negative and supernatural sightings/feelings. I had researched some of the earlier native american and south american indians and they speak of aliens coming down to impregnate a female (though not the way we do it from the sounds of it). It reminded me of it and made me wonder if maybe that was why it seems to me on message boards that females see that more often than males or if it could be because more males don't know their blood type due to no pregnancy.

Something to think about..

JRC said...

I'm O- probably Hunter type - it was really neat to read on the diet link something that could help my allergy problem (2 years ago I did not have any allergies at all now it seems anything can trigger my sneezing and nose blowing!! Definitely fall under the O- psychic female part - many instances in my life of predicting events/people I will meet. It does seem to come and go directly related to stress levels... Great page I really enjoyed it, thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi there,

My name is Debra, I'm A- along with my older sister and mother. I had complications with pregnancy, father O+. 2 miscarriages 2 live births that resulted in a tubaligation at the age of 23 because the last one was life threatening. I have food confusion about what to eat and my gullbladder removed at 23 after my last child was born.I'm highly attuned to the spirit world and feel I've been fortunate enough to actually spend a little time with fellow "aliens" before they passed on. I feel my chakras, am highly nervous and reclusive, my mother and sister are like this also. We smoke and we have emotional extremes. I know things through my senses without haveing and "intellectual" explaination. I used to get punished as a child for blurting out the truth about others wrong doing when I actually didn't have proof of it. I feel bored to tears with mundane life and feel lonely for others to talk to about what I "feel" are deep issues. Thank-you for your blog, it helps. I have red black hair and penetrating hazel eyes.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Unknown:

Please feel free to contact me directly. I am curious to hear more.

My email:

peace to you,
Mike C

Anonymous said...

wow jst amazed.I'm A- en reading you experinces confirms my experiences on predicting issues.l thought its GOING NUTS.....

Anonymous said...

I'm AB - female and I'm Capeverdean. I have olive skin, dark hair and my eyes change color from dark brown to light brown to green, not always in that order. People say after meeting me that they feel as though known me forever, they spill their entire life to me after knowing me for a few days and some have told me they feel like I can feel their pain. It's because I can . So much so that at times I can't be around other people because I'm getting an overload of their feelings. I hear others thoughts and I know when they have dark souls, or bright. Some are even empty. I'm so creative that I learned the art photography in a matter of weeks and began selling my work within a month. It is now my career. No matter what I do or where I go I always feel as though I am among "others" . I have become comfortable with my discomfort. I have had dreams with random people I don't know in them and the next day I see those same people at random places like a coffee shop or a park some have made eye contact and it feels as though know something. It used to scare me, now I just move on. And back to my eyes, they usually turn green when I am sensing something around me and always after making love to my husband -- he was the one that told me that they turn bright green. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

A~ I believe there is something going on about blood typing. Have had hostile experiences while receiving medical care. Much of my information gets lost by people or is destroyed. There is something the grays want that has to come from Rh neg. activity or something. Energy?

Anonymous said...

I am an A-neg and am very curious as to why among the Rh-neg abductees the A-neg is so rare. My only guess is that A-negs are harder to totally erase their memories. (I don't remember much but have been told that compared to others I remember more though I've never been hypnotized.) Anyone else have any ideas as to why there might be a lower percentage of A-negs? - Charlie

BETHANNE said...

Hi just found this site searching out rh neg info in relationship to copper in the blood. I'm b neg. and my copper level is very low. I have notice many in the rh negative area are interested in ufos and gods and goddesses such as the starseed people do. I know the fallen angels exist and are these "aliens" people talk about. I dont follow this path of belief, Only that my belief is in JESUS He is my Saviour and Lord. He is everybodies Salvation. I know the royals have a unique bloodline, but their blood contains a high level of copper, in another catagory. My area of lineage travels all over swiss,slovakian,german,scotland,ireland,england to the states on my dads side, and france and spain near the border on my moms side. I find it interesting researching this. truely not many rh negative people around. Nice site, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am the oldest of three and the only one with neg o blood how does this happen? Also the only one with o type

Summer said...

I'm B - and find info on Rh - very interesting. I have some of the traits listed above but the one that stands out for me is "a feeling of not belonging" I've felt that way all my life. But recently, I've had a very strong feeling of home sickness. I want to go home but I don't know where that is? I just know the feelings are sometimes overwhelming. It also interests me on how high the percentage is to Rh - being abducted, It would be interesting to see if the other half of the percentage are "hybrid" humans. Meaning, Rh positive people that also have a recessive Rh - gene.

Anonymous said...

I am A-. Found out with my first pregnancy and received rhogam for my subsequent pregnancies. I did have one miscarriage after my first child.
My entire life, I have felt odd or different. I was a loner. Loved reading or just lying on the grass under a tree. I was made to see a psychologist in kindergarten as the teachers felt I was not socializing with the other children, but rather observing them. I have a distinct memory of running inside my home at approx 7years of age, and looking outside the window while kneeling on my couch. I remember a craft landing gold with colored lights. I remember myself and my sister staring out the window at it. She doesn't remember.
Anyhow, I am finding this all very interesting. I was a cum laude graduate in college and work as a hospice RN. I have always questioned things and alwsys eager to know more or find answers. I stare into the stars every night on my back porch, I suffer insomnia coupled with vivid, sometimes future prophesizing dreams.

Anonymous said...

The comment of "wanting to go home" sends chills down my spine. Many many times I have told my husband, I just want to go home..I've said this for years. But what I think of as home, I can't put my finger on. Its simply a feeling. It upsets him and he will say, you don't love me. Its not that, it is an inner feeling and I'm not even sure why I say it or where it comes from. I just want to go home.

Anonymous said...

I have A RH - blood type and have always felt like I don't belong, and that I am different com everyone else. This started well before school age. The people around Mr don't have the same interests as me and they couldn't be bothered listening to my thoughts. I research everything of every conceivable topic especially history, occults, universal topics, and things life entree do we come from. I can't seem to stop searching and trying to make sense of it all and ment quite getting the answer that would satisfy me. It sounds crazy to others but I'm not alone which is a little comforting. I see here that others feel the same way.

onegblood said...

I also am a o- and I fell everything everyone else has. It saddens me that I don't know my family. I know they were from france. I feel like a loner , isolated from the rest of the world. Does anyone hV any info on the reptilian connection?

Unknown said...

I myself have A+ blood although am an alien contactee (and have had countless "supernatural" experiences). I also happen to have MANY of the said RH negative characteristics

If you've read the statistics closely enough, you'll see that the third most common blood type amongst the alien contactees is A+. While the study really is not that big as far as how many people took part, the numbers really aren't supporting the notion that it's merely the RH negative blood exactly that extraterrestrials are supposedly interested in. If this were to be the case, why amongst the contactees aren't all of the RH negative blood types preceding the RH positive blood types? Why are they nearly even as far as how many contactees overall are RH negative versus RH positive? Oh yeah and the numbers in that study don't add up quite to 1400 (add up to 1320). Without a doubt, those with type O blood dominate (at least in that study) the alien contactee population, followed by those with type A blood, then type AB blood, then type B blood. Hmmm.....

In my opinion, there is something in the immune system of some people that may be of interest to extraterrestrials. Blood type may have a role in how people's immune system works against certain diseases according to several studies conducted; however, I don't think the Rh D factor has as strong of an influence as people want to think.

I may not be an alien researcher or anything of the sort, but I find the RH negative-alien contactee connection to be questionable, although the alien researcher I talk to on occassion also disagrees with the RH factor-alien contactee connection people are quick to make. I actually wrote a discussion on one website with why I question this theory in greater depth than I did here.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm O-. Female. I have an above average IQ, green eyes and reddish hair tint. What I find strange is that neither of my parent are either O- or O+. My late husband was O+, still none of our kids are either O- or O+... Believe me or not, our 2 kids (A- and A+) have the same dad. Someone care to explain? I hardly crawled as a baby, and could walk at the age of 7 months. I've always had a tremendous amount of energy, a tremendous will to "be", a tremendous need and longing to fly, to explore the heavens. Despite the fact that I always was the shortest and smallest kid on the block / in my classroom, I rode horses at the age of 3, climb trees, dug huge holes, rode bike non-stop... despite suffering from rheumatic fever between ages 4 to 7. I wet my bed as a small child, hence my parents tried hypnotic therapy... I could not be hypnotized. I don't wear watches, they keep breaking. I do have healing abilities - I apply pressure point therapy. Once someone who was bedridden for 3 weeks, was up and energetic the next morning. I don't have a keen eyesight like other O negs - I had to wear glasses from age 5. Still do. I could read at age 4. Have only 28 teeth. Don't know my rib-count. I analize everthing. I can tell someones health issues from their handwriting... their talents, their natural abilities, their greatest fears, your greatest dreams, their past, their future... I instictively know who is trustworthy, who will steal, who will kill, who will die soon. I don't drink / smoke / do drugs. Never have, never will. I find life and health extremely precious, hence I always try to safe some at roadside accidents or breakdowns. I've done the odd public arrest whenever I came across someone seriously endagering the life of others. One or two wreckless African taxi drivers have been pulled from their driver seats and lost their keys at my hand. I have tremendous stamina and power when angered, or when I find myself in a life-threatening situation. I simply need to speak out to make attackers flee from me... and it is always with the weirdest voice! My normal voice is sweet, calm. I have several facial scars since childhood that my parents or I cannot explain. I'm sensitive to someones smell. The most dangerous person I've ever met (and he is a truly dangerous man!), have the loveliest smell. We became the greatest of lovers. I've always felt that I don't belong amongst earthlings, or rather... others don't belong here.

Anonymous said...

PS: I don't recall any abduction, but do recall the strangest dream - a visit to an underwater laboratory at the age of 2 or 3, with my older sister, where I was examined by a guy in a white overall. It was one of my earliest dreams as a child.

Anonymous said...

PS some more: I had the famous yellow line (that pregnant women develop) running down from my bellybutton ever since I can remember. Once a guy followed, harassed and attacked me countless times. He left me broken, purple/blue, bleeding... Countless times. I never fought back, since I knew I would kill him. I didn't want to kill a sick human being. I did not want to kill uneccessary. Eventually I had to get him arrested and evaluated at a mental hospital. It saddens me to know in advance that I may outlive my precious children.

Anonymous said...

And some more: (doing this inbetween tasks) it is helpful to know in advance which roads to avoid due to road blocks, accidents, etc. Well developed intuition. Convenient to know in advance when and who will call or walk into my office. Maddening to know someone I know will not be alive tommorrow morning. Sickening to know who will hit his wife tonight, who will go home and molest his daughter, who will steal a ream of paper from the company by close of business... Enough said.

Anonymous said...

And some more PS: please, someone, tell me I'm not the only one, not THAT odd...

Anonymous said...


You're pretty special. Believe it. I found throughout my life that occurences and incidents purposefully isolated me from my family. This brought me to the point where I had to search for answers. I needed to focus on it. Now only do I understand the need for isolation in the 1st place - outside of my control, but still. Now only can I focus on my life's purpose - my family was never meant to be part of it. Sad, but true. Ironicly, I had to lose them to be able to save them. That's another story. You'll meet your family once you focus on your life's purpose. Some of us are meant to lose our parents and family. Some of us are meant to find our parents and family. Do you know yet what you life's purpose is?

Anonymous said...

It could not help but get tears in my eyes when I read about the longing or need "to go home". I've experienced the same feeling ever since Nov 2012. It has become much stronger during the past 3 months. I don't know where it is, but I do know it is not here on earth. Cannot explain it, but I do have the feeling that the opportunity will come soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This has got to be one of the longest running threads. I'm still receiving forwarded posts to it (not that I mind, it's interesting).

Anonymous wrote: "Hi. I'm O-. Female. I have an above average IQ, green eyes and reddish hair tint. What I find strange is that neither of my parent are either O- or O+. My late husband was O+, still none of our kids are either O- or O+... Believe me or not, our 2 kids (A- and A+) have the same dad. Someone care to explain?" - - -

Your parents would have an RH Factor - either postive or negative. If both were positive they carried the negative but it wasn't expressed until you came along.

I noticed when I had my genetic mapping from 23andme website that they correctly determined my parents to be an RH neg and an RH pos, as well as their blood types, from my genes. I didn't fill out any info prior to the tests that would indicate what my blood type or RH factor was and all were determined correctly by the examination of my saliva sample (which one sends in, in their kit). So, many of us carry the unexpressed RH neg (or RH pos) and it can pop up in another generation.

Anonymous wrote: "One or two wreckless African taxi drivers have been pulled from their driver seats and lost their keys at my hand. I have tremendous stamina and power when angered, or when I find myself in a life-threatening situation. I simply need to speak out to make attackers flee from me... and it is always with the weirdest voice! " - - -

You pull men out of their cars? Where in Africa do you live?

~ Susan

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Brownie:
This post is popular because it comes up on google searches if you type in "Rh Negative Blood" -- Many of these comments aren't quite on-topic.

Anonymous said...

Susan, thank you for the info regarding inheritance of the RH factor. Since both my parents' blood group was A, I would like to understand how I ended up with the less dominant O?

Believe me, I'm not proud of having pulled a few African men from their taxi seats... not that tactful communication had any chance at being more effective. Not to justify my actions - one taxi driver nearly took the lives of 2 children, and the other caused severe injuries to a family of 4. Especially when Metro Police Officers choose to look the other way, one need to make a point be understood. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. African men are huge and strong, hardworking and desperate for extra time and more money, but the passion in the women's hearts for the well-being of fellow citizens should not be underestimated.

What I find interesting, is that I tend to befriend either O positives and/or O negatives, instinctively - just to learn that they are either solders/doctors/life savers/protectors of some sort. They are adventurous like me, love extreme sports, speed, heights, and lead by responsible example. Birds of a feather flock together...

No, allowing such reckless taxi drivers do as they want, would be irrisponsible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike, it would be interesting to hear how many O negatives can recall vivid dreams from their early childhood that include some kind of secretive (underwater laboratories call only be called hidden or secretive...) medical examination or evaluation of abilities.

I cannot help but wonder if the vivid dream was simply a way in which my subconscious mind tried to make sense of an abduction?

Unknown said...

Asking for advise. Being o negative I have always had very vivid dreams. Lately I have been dreaming of a man i have seen a few times at work. I dont know him and have never spoken to him. In the dreams I can see him driving as if im there in the red truck with him. He is turning to talk but I cant hear him. He gets into an accident. He doesnt make it. I have woken up over and over whispering his name aloud. As I said before I have never spoken with this man and after causually asking co workers i found the name to be correct. I feel like something is pulling me towards this man. The dreams are not always the same but always the red truck and the accident......... what the heck. what does one do with this? keep it bottled in? take it for what it is and let it go? I feel a little crazy. any advise would help.

Anonymous said...

Ab neg is what I was told when pregnant with first child I have. three. All my sisters are a neg.and I have five sisters. Also have five brothers and I assume they are all negative as well. I know my dads mom was neg and she almost lost her second and third child because of it also one was a blue baby so my grandfather might have been a meg too. Both have passed now.

Unknown said...

I an A- sensitized both my son's B+ were born with RH disease of the new born as a result of the RoGam shot failing. First son received light therapy. Second monitored by amniocetes every week my third trimester, induced at 38 weeks, light therapy and then blood transfusion at 2 days old. I am 40 now and have had chronic headaches since soon after my second child birth. My symptoms are not limited to headaches and I believe it has something to do with my blood type. I have an experience that involved what I believe was airline beings in high school. I am also empathic and have mood changing hazel eyes.also I find it interesting that I have an identical twin sister and we are gemini.

Unknown said...

Oops alien beings visited me 2 x in one night in high school.

Unknown said...

My mother is A- my father is o- my 2 sister's are A- their daughters are A-

Anonymous said...

Hi my name's Vera,B Neg-i just had to comment after seeing 2 remarks about the birds-birds seem drawn to me too! I live in Africa,in nature,and I cannot be outside for a few minutes before a bird or birds will alight close to me,once I had The most weird+wonderful experience with a flock of about 20 black birds that came down to the tree I was sitting under,a very shamanic type of thing,there was a whole different vibe in the air as the birfs "talked to me" more like talking at me-they seemed strident and urgent.Some of then were lined up,3 in a row,like spectators,they were all staring at me+"talking".Unforgettable.I am an abductee,btw,I can pinpoint the exact moment when I first realised I was never going to be "normal" But then I never felt like part of the human race anyway,rather an imposter-or like I was left behind enemy lines on a world that was not my own.The hi-strange goes on to this day,you cannot imagine.I am not sure if me being Neg has anything to do with my weird life,there were strange+irregular circumstances with my adoption,Freemason involved,highly dysfunctional+very abusive adoptive family,Xfile type experiences from early childhood to present day.I just basically do not feel like I belong with the human race,never have never will-but I get along well with most people I meet if I have no choice but to be in a social setting due to circumstances.Bit of a loner,though.I am married with 3 kids(all negs too,the hubby is A+ and a clairvoyant/psychic) We are actually very down to earth folks,which is a good thing considering how strange life can get.It is difficult to talk about this subject on my fave news+conspiracy site,though,there is a lot of hostility to rh negs there-and I really can see why in some cases-some rh negs calling positives "monkeys" and acting all superior does poison the waterhole for all negs on the site.I do not feel myself superior to the decent,kind and sensible folk,just different in a way that I cannot define.As a child growing up in an ultra-conservative society under draconian rule,I felt like the loneliest being in the universe-how the info on the net would have helped me then!!! Still to this day in my country,there is no place for abductees of those with ufo sightings to feel comfy discussing these things,but at least that has led to me meeting very nice overseas folks,even if just online.
Best wishes,Vera.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous from South Africa:
Howzit:-)! Nice to see a fellow Mzansi citizen here.
Hamba kahle,sala kahle!

Unknown said...

I am B- I found out in high school when I donated blood, but I didn't know anything about it until I was much older. I did know it was rare, but that is all. I have had one child (born prematurely) and miscarriages ever since. I never thought anything at all about my blood type other than in recent years I started to think it might have something to do with all the miscarriages. It was maybe a year or so ago (maybe a little more) that I went to bed praying because I could not understand people. I was very depressed because it seemed like no matter what I did or how well I treated others I could never make real friends or the friends I thought I had treated me badly. Jealous acting mainly or turning their backs on me for no apparent reason. I have always felt the need to do good, to not judge, a love for people that never seemed to be reciprocated. I have as they say "bent over backwards" to help people only to have them use me, or turn on me. I can't quite put it into words the disconnect I was feeling between myself and other people. I just could not understand it and it was causing me a lot of grief and loneliness. I have never thought I was better than anyone, in fact I have always put myself beneath others thinking I was less than they were. Which really made it hard for me to understand their actions (someone actually had to point out to me that people were jealous of me).
As I said I was praying before I went to bed asking why people acted the way they did to me. Why was it so hard for people to love me as I loved them. I had a dream that night that I will not share here unless people think I'm crazy, but that dream is what prompted me to get up the next day and research my blood type. Which I had NEVER before that time thought about at all other than at the times of the pregnancy problems. I will say the dream basically was telling me there was something in my blood inherited that was good and because of it others could not relate to me because most people resent it. I woke with a feeling of complete peace and understanding and belief because it seemed to make perfect sense. Then I wondered what proof there could be of such a thing and that is when I thought of my rare blood type and decided to look it up. I was blown away by a few things to say the least and disturbed by some of the theories also. There was one that seemed to connect to the dream though.
So I will say I do have a lot of the supposed Rh- traits. I don't talk to aliens or believe I am part reptile though. And I do not think it makes me better than others, just different on a level that is very deep. One of the traits for Rh- was an extra rib which really made me think because when I was younger I noticed my rib cage went down further on one side than the other. It always bothered me the way it looked. I have also had dreams that seemed to tell the future, but I have always thought that everyone had these from time to time. I have had very strong intuition about things and people. Again I thought everyone did. Looking back now I wonder if this isn't part of what puts people off. I have had people tell me they feel like I am looking into their souls. People have also told me they can easily figure out other people, but can never figure me out- that I am "hard to read." When I was in high school and found out my blood type I told my uncle that I had one of the rarest blood types and he said "If it was something different you were gonna have it." Ha! I still find him saying that funny. He always treated me as if he didn't understand me at all, but that was his admission.
As far as I know no one else in my family has Rh- blood, but I have never met my dad and I know nothing about him other than he was Italian.

Unknown said...

I have heard that a lot of O- work in healthcare. On something else that was said here I have also had butterflies land on me and birds light very close, watching me. I figure that is just because we live in the country. The butterfly thing does make me feel good though. The last time it happened I had been really down again and praying and it seemed to be a good omen to me. I haven't had any problems with electricity lately although I have before. I don't wear a watch so I don't know about that one, but in the past we have gone through a few microwaves and light bulbs. Our stove once blew up a burner when I was cooking on it, but it was really old too. When I say blew up I mean it melted and started shooting molten metal all over the kitchen. Thank goodness none of it hit me! I am sorry this is so long, but I haven't been able to tell this to anyone else. Not even on those Rh- websites. It seems to me that too many people on there want to say they are better than Rh+ people or that they are aliens. Although there is some good info and I like the maps they have showing blood types around the world. Very interesting that most of the Rh- seems to be in areas where there are specific important blood line origins and migrations.

Anonymous said...

I didn't write down all the common traits as I read them but wow. I am A- both my daughters are A+ and not sure about my granddaughter. I have always had low blood pressure/body temp/pulse and have never met my real father, the only thing I know is he was Italian and French Canadian. French seems to be a very very common trait for A- people posting here. I've always felt like I don't belong, or that I'm out of place. I've always drawn attention when I enter a room. I've been told by every psychic, paranormal, etc person they had no idea why I was visiting them, I knew much more than they did. I'm still unaware of this talent. I'm 46 years young and knew i stopped maturing around age 16. I'm outspoken, yet shy, want the fame without the limelight. Extremely intelligent, math has always been my favorite subject, as it only has one answer in every language. I can honestly say I became aware of my negative blood in 1989 and then started researching it online in 1995 till present date and can't find more than a handful of sites containing info on RH- Blood, the only blood they can NOT find an Eve or Adam for. Doesn't any besides me think this is odd? You can find all kinds of knowledge online but nothing really about our blood. I want to know percentage of male/female in the different blood types, etc. So much EASY info to obtain. yet there's none :( Sorry so long, ok I have a crap load of watches but never linked it to that till now. I electrify everyone in Winter months, I've had appliances blow up on me. I know there's more, and I know I'll find it soon. Peace and love.

Anonymous said...

hello i am o neg as a child i had alot of feelings that have scared me
a couple of times i would be awake but couldnt move and couldnt open my eyes and just recently i again felt awake but couldnt move this time could open my eyes but couldnt move i had something flooting above my body foggy body but had eyes looked at me and then left but was there for about five mins my dog was looking right a it and was wimpering ...and once i was driveing my aunt home and should of only took 30 mins she lived in next town some how we lost two hours and was heading back to my place! It scared both of us we told her dad my grandfather who is a cop he asked us if we had takin drugs !lol i swear it happened ! lately i have been feeeling like I HAVE SOMETHING IN MY RIGHT EAR BEEN CHECKED DOCTOR SAYS NOTHINGS THERE BUT CANT EXPLAIN I DO HAVE SOME HEARING LOSS!aslo been haveing weird rash showing up only on left thigh burns bad and im soar my bones are hurting bad anyone haveing these problems alot bloody noses also?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Blockage in left ear but the doctor said nothing there but insisted I had deafness and damage in my right ear. I left. As a teen I had terrifying sleep paralysis, A song played in my head but got fast and evil when opened my eyes a dark scary face was laughing. I couldn't move but felt like I was flying around the bed. I thought it was demonic. Up til about 7 I used to pretend I could fly like all kids, but at 7 was sure I did then it stopped. Something odd is happening I have concluded that I need to eliminate all toxins from my body in order to get understanding. In last year a multitude of weird things

Anonymous said...

I'm O-RH Negative, try as I continually do, most of the time, I cannot get along with people outside my blood group, it's a very serious problem endlessly happening wherever I go.
If the negative feelings or emotional state against me are powerful enough I can immediately read such thoughts word for word if I select to do so.
Seemingly so, there's a well organized group i.e. dedicated effort of individuals who have some unknown means of detecting O-RH Negative people whenever they encounter them, at considerable distance or close proximity. This organization per say utilizes professional photography equipment to capture images & videos of their query, from moving vehicles and static positions alike.
Such activities never cease, ongoing for years on end at the most unsuspecting of places.
Paranoid delusions? I would prefer to think so, but I can absolutely guarantee you they're NOT.
IF you're O-RH Negative I strongly recommend that you keep what I have said at the forefront of your mind and be mindful of your immediate surroundings if you are to get anywhere with the suspicions you may have along the same lines. . Thank you

K. said...

Hi, I'm an A- mom of 4 (I've had to take Rhogam shots as my husband is Rh+). All of our children are Rh+.

I'm mixed race (On father's side: Unknown origin African-American, U.S. Creole, & Irish...On mother's side: Native American, Ashkenazi Jewish, Nigerian, & German)

Dad also had A - blood, Mom is B+.

As far as extra-weirdness: As a child, I'd have these visits from glowing orbs...I've always felt like an outcast, (granted that could be for many other reasons lolz!) I have a deep fascination with esoteric/occult, sci-fi subjects. I'm left-handed w/ black hair, dark brown eyes, caramel skin tone. ...I'm a lucid dreamer. Gosh, not sure what else to add so i'll be quiet. Take care! ~k

judith stover said...

i am also A-

Anonymous said...

Anonymous part 1---- I ended up on this website after researching my blood type, which is B negative, and the extraterrestrial/alien connection. I had no idea there was a correlation between negative blood and ETs, but as soon as I started reading it was like "holy shit, this is it."

Putting aside all the similar characteristics ( blue eyed, large head, light hair, extra vertebrae, heightened cognitive and analytical abilities, etc), I am here because of a "dream" that I had in November of 2013. I am here because I don't know where else to go...Because in November of 2013 I "woke up" and nothing has been the same since...and I don't know where else or who else to tell this to.

I'm just going to get down to it. It was night. i was asleep. Or at least I thought I was. And I have no idea how long I was in this "dream" because time didn't feel the same after a certain point. It started with me standing outside on like a small back porch area which opened up into an area that was like a huge empty field. No trees. I was looking up at the stars. I felt content and there really wasn't a defined mood like most of my dreams (my dreams are usually accompanied by an extreme emotion, if that makes sense). I just felt like normal. The way I usually feel when I'm casually looking up at the stars at night. So I'm looking up when this light just appears in the northeastern part of the sky. It's glowing a light gold with an almost orangey like hue and it's round, almost orb like. It was moving slowly and hovering, not really going anywhere and I feel this awe come over me but nothing like the way I think I would react if I saw it as if I was awake and rational. I'm just looking at it, admiring It when I feel it turn its attention on me. I'm looking at it and it's looking at me but it's far enough away that it doesn't feel threatening. Then, all of sudden, it comes directly at me at a speed that was faster than anything I can describe. It was like a microsecond. It was faster than my being able to think "that thing is coming at you" ...and it wasn't coming at me. It went into me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous part 2----And then I "woke up"...or at least it felt that way. I remember feeling awake (similar to sleep paralysis which I used to suffer from so often that I hated going to sleep a lot of the time) and being in darkness. It just felt like I was conscious without actually being awake. I can't explain this any clearer. In that darkness, I don't know what time was. It just wasn't something that I had or felt was there. And it is the most frustrating thing not being able to explain this because I have absolutely no knowledge or experience of that feeling or place. Anyway, when I woke up that next morning, I felt almost confused and disoriented. I remember thinking to myself "that really didn't feel right." Then I started feeling weird. I was obsessed with anything that seemed relevant to it (abductions, contact, UFO sightings, orbs, clairvoyance, spiritual presence, dream symbolism, reading blogs, journals, experiences, just whatever I could find). And nothing. I coudnt drive at night without paranoia and fear like I was being watched. I would stare at the sky at night for hours (which i still do but not as frequently). But as more time passed, I kind of just accepted it as something that happened that I would never have an answer for or be able to understand. Then when the initial shock wore off (like 4 or 5 months) I started noticing that I could feel energy, especially individual energy (in close contact during conversations and the like) or at least I started noting that I was sensing energy. And although I can say that I'm glad I can do this, I just want to know that I'm not crazy. That maybe I'm not the only one that has had this "dream" which has changed me for the rest of my life. It scares me because I feel alone in this. I don't like that when i talked about it I feel like "one of those weirdos" because I'm not.

If someone reads this and knows anything or even feels like you may know something please message me at

And thank you to whoever wrote this blog and allowed me to stumble upon it

Anonymous said...

My grandfather was AB-; he always never believe in Christianity. My grandmother was upset with mismanaged government hospital once lost her medical record. He love playing his harmonica. My intuition have been strong whether to trust the person or not at all. Yet I gave the the chance to prove they will change their bad attitude.
@ Anonymous March 4, 2014
I had sleep paralysis caused by demons . Once I experience OBE. Usually if you don't worry and be scared you will float above your body and look downward. When you speed up get back to your body.

@ April McBride September 14, 2013 at 6:39 AM
I really bottle up emotion all the time. Yet the strangest timing I knew every single person I know either relative or my grandmother friend died on the day I think about them. About my neighbor died I felt a week before he died some kind of black portal created sucking me in but I said in the name of LORD Jesus Christ I command you to stop and get out of here. Then it stop. I got a question do anyone hear silver bell ringing out of no where.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually Blood Type O+ where my dad was Blood Type O- and not sure about my mother Rh status only knew she Blood Type O. I some how felt strange electromagnetic released into the atmosphere when I met my friend possible Blood Type Rh-. I remember I was tune out and saw her strong white aura. Did you know most people who's famous printed in Newspaper are really Rh-.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So much of this is true for me. Female, RH-O, here. I cannot begin to relate my bizarre encounters with others. I have no idea how or why it feels like they are intrinsically drawn to and are obsessed by me. And not always in a good way, either. Often, I sense hostility and resentment on many occasions, just out of the blue! I hear this from Rh's on other forums, as well. Some look at me like I'm an alien! Seriously! I am above average looking, fit, well educated and truly endeavor to "go the extra mile" to gain people's approval. I can read their thoughts and for some odd reason they often seem jealous. No matter how much I purposely play down my looks and success, I feel targeted. I have few friend due to this strange phenomenon. The majority of people say things that defy human logic, are clearly contradictory and make no sense to me. Humans in general irritate me to no end. I have always felt "I don't fit in", even though I was smart and popular in school. I have seen several bright pulsating orbs at night and constantly gaze at the sky, feeling some type of obsessive attraction. No abductions I know of. Just a lot of deja vu. Knowing something's going to happen before it does, predicting someone's actions, etc. I have often thought of forming an RH- group in hopes of having acquaintances of my same mindset.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an rh ab- female. would agree with anonymous o- female considering forming a group. So much to share. contact me at

Anonymous said...

wow I read each and every one of the stories,and by that I do not mean that I think they are false, in fact I say stories because as I read them its played in my mind so I can get a better understanding of the events and feelings of the individual. Which I tend to be very accurate at reading people , tho people Almost always get me twisted, weird its like I cant get my point across easily, LOL .. Emotions cannot be escaped but can be talked about recognized and will help control the negativity and/or fears! (in my opinion,just another truth searcher :)) I am still amazed to find things come so easy to me on my search for related events. I have Many traits , very strong intuition,sense of more out there among us that is inescapable , See much of my own future in dreams but presented in slightly diff circumstances to which when it does , then i think oh ya thats what that dream was about. Now crazy coincidental things, n signs around me linked w people drawn to me , places I end up ,my life choices but mostly, lately CHANGE BIG CHANGES in my live now I see a cloudy picture of something more I hope to understand better, tho I refuse to be scared . also i believe a link in our o- blood is a link somehow to the explosive occurances of emotions, like RAGE , protectiveness. strong willpower . I feel im always ok even in very hard situations. that a solution will come often at last resort in many forms often un an usual person 'saves' me. I also feel in certain people maybe changes when under physical influences such as alchohol, or even certain minerals or just toxins, to o- blood type more untypical ? Anyone w info on that ? thanks for reading this long thing post... Hope it makes sense to some . Never posted on ANY other blog :)

Anonymous said...

I got different style ribs(lower ribs they end at same level with center point) than ordinary people have, I got 28 teeths(age 40) dentist never removed any teeths,never broke any bones, also blood type,I spent my childhood(before and after birth) near(300m) to one strange object (look link;

Unknown said...

I'm an ab neg mother of two b neg boys. I have dark green eyes and curly auburn hair. They have dark brown eyes and olive skin from their dads side. My mum is also ab neg and came over to canada from the uk in the 70s. From what I understand there is a higher population if rh neg persons there.
I don't talk about it much but once in a blue moon I'll read tarot cards. The accuracy usually freaks me out a bit and scares me off until someone convinces me to do it again. I have as a child seen a few ufos but since becoming an adult and mother I can't say for sure that I've seen anything definitive. I have heard that people with the rh neg factor have more unexplained things happen to them, but being one I'm half inclined to think it's more that they have a hither sense and understanding of their experience more than that they have more. Any thought on this? Interesting discussion for sure. Thanks for bringing it up. :)

Unknown said...

One of your parents is a Carrier.......

Unknown said...

I have that same longing. .I cry. .. but then I'm such an empath and so sensitive about alot of situations. ..

Unknown said...

I don't want to be related to these mischievous lizards. I can recall as a young girl ina dream I suppose I was looking at them from a lab table they were smirking and mixing blood. .I thought to myself I need to let the world know they are making trying to mix with our blood. ....

Unknown said...

Your parents are carriers. Both my parents posies. My mom gave birth to 4 negs.... you sound so much like me. .I could sware I could fly down our stairs. .. I'm clairvoyant I sense things . I shock people and myself etc etc. ..I used to think this was cool. .I have every low immune diseases for a neg. Including breast cancer...I'm sad I'm lonely I used to care so much about humanity, I'm tired now. ....

Unknown said...

I used to think I wanted to save the world. . Wth. . Who thinks that at 3 yrs old. .I used to be very outdoorsy now I'm a recluse. But I still love the ocean and nature but I'm over people. ... I'm rh retired lol

Unknown said...

The butterflies are messengers of love . I see many white ones when I'm down. And then we have our crows caaing at us to get our attention they are our protectors.. yeah I used to think I was superior lol. . Labeling the others as ape people. . Now at 55 still not knowing where I belong I have to practice present moment living...I thought this expending energy around never cease... Om Shanti

Unknown said...

There is a shift going on. It's unsettling to alot of us. .. yes detoxifying can never hurt and staying close to nature. Go out in the moonlight. Blessed be

Unknown said...

My bones are always sore. I get bloody noses as well. Dry air or from smoking. My ears ring when I'm highly stressed.. like I said before I have every low immune disorder a negative can get. RA, HEP C. HYPER THYROID. AND NOW BREAST CANCER. OUR AVATARS ARE TOTAL LEMONS. .....

Unknown said...

We are known empaths.
We pick up on all kinds of energies . Our energy either scares peeps or they draw to us like magnets. We are deep thinkers as well. .these are the issues we learn to harness. Meditation lots of grounding will keep you mellowed and focused. Pay attention to these synchronicities there's a revelation on the rise. We are very highly evolved beings... of light. . Star borne. .I like to say. .. funny how everything just works out for us except for feeling at home here on this planet.. blessings

Anonymous said...

One possibility that You are Staarseeds to find out just test yourself,
I did that test and many things I found out what I didnt know about my self. I prefer more idea that I am Starseeds not relative any how to alien reptiles.

Unknown said...

I'm a female with O+ blood but my mother was Rh-. My granddaughter is also O- so I believe my son is as well. Can I be a carrier of the Rh negative factor? Although I am Rh positive I have almost all of the traits of an Rh negative person is it possible to inherit this from my mother even though I ended up Rh+? I have light eyes that change colors, lower blood pressure, lower temperature, empathic, healing abilities, psychic, I feel like I don't belong, deep thinker, higher IQ, etc., I remember questioning over and over when I was a child "Who am I? What are my morals? What are my values?" Adults would just laugh at me. I'm just curious to see if there are any other Rh positive people on this thread that have experienced typical rh- qualities possibly fom their parents rh- bloodline.

Unknown said...

Also electronics especially computers tend to stop working around me when I become angry or upset. I can't wear watches because they don't work right on me.

Unknown said...

Also electronics especially computers tend to stop working around me when I become angry or upset. I can't wear watches because they don't work right on me.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody. I am O -. I have always had the feeling of wanting to go home, but where is home? Every time I see pictures of the cosmos, it feels like home to me.

Anonymous said...

Im also A neg. And have always felt like i didn't. Belong here. I have strawberry hair and green eyes. Had paranormal. Experience,s seen a egg shaped disk .but as for being abducted.not that i know of. Have been trying to figure out.why i am like i am. None of my family understand me.they think im weird.the onley one i really talk to about it is my mom. She says when i was a child i had imaginary friends.and even one that hurt me alot. Ive had alot of promlems in my life with. Things i am 49 yrs tomorrow. Have been doing alot of study on rh neg. To me it makes alot of since .i had an experience one time that scared me really bad. And know one can tell me what happened.i had just let my daughter off to school and had layed down for a sec and then i couldn't move .i was wide awake.and then i felt really weird.and i watched something that looked like me come out of my body and it looked evil or something to that nature.stood stairing at me then all of a sudden went back inside me and then i could move again. Really scary..... Any thoughts i would really appreciate any feedback. Ty

JOYLOGO said...


Unknown said...

My name is Michael James Gleason I am in a negative blood type. I'm trying to make some connections . having to do with the Rh negative blood type . have any of you Rh negative blood types become more aware and let's say the last 5 years , or have any connections with the flat earth movement , the Mandela effect , or any connection to this number 222 . Namaste Michael

Anonymous said...

Hello, my english is not fluent because I'm french canadian, so I make some mistakes when I write in english. I'm a woman O- in my thirties. I have brown hairs with some natural redhair glow, lights green eyes, and very white skin intolerant to sun.

Many people find me "different" or "weird" and I don't know why, because I just try to be "normal", but maybe I lack some social skills. I really don't know what I do wrong. Women are often hostile and agressive against me for absolutely no reasons and it scare me, but the little girls are fascinated by me and come to me. I have the same feeling as many people described here to "not belonging to the human species" and to "looking for my home but I don't know where it is".

I dream a lot in my sleep with many details, often premonitory and I'm hypersensitive. I saw a psychiatrist for my anxiety problems who told me that I have the empathy ability (empathy don't mean "sympathy". I often HATE and is disturbed by the bad energy I feel from others people). The psychiatrist told me that 85% of the people have few empathy or no empathy at all and that empathy ability is genetical and come from a part of the brain. I asked her how I could have empathy if nobody in my parents, brothers and sisters have it (they are selfish, rude and cruel. I was neglected, beaten and suffer of psychological violence by them). The psychiatrist told me that my empathy could come from an ANCESTOR who had the gene. I suspect that this ancestor was the same who had the rh negative blood.

In my close family, they are all O+, except my grand-father who was O- (and my little daugther). I suspect that our O- blood come from our ancestor who was from Brittany (Bretagne) in France, and became a Lord in New France near 1700, or someone in his blood line. My grand-father is descending of this Briton Lord and he was a very sensitive person and a daydreamer. He liked to play tradionals french canadians tunes on his violin (very similar to the Irish folklore).

The Britons of France came from Britain long time ago, and are related to the Irish and the Scotish (and these people are related to the Basques, who are know to have some neandertal DNA and the most Rh- rate in Europe.) Very few french canadians know their true history and roots because the school don't teach it here, but I did my own research about Brittany. Today in Brittany, a celtic langage is still alive and spoken. Many villages and cities have name about the celtic past. My ancestor come from a place who mean "Village of Stones". Our people may feel the energies of the stones and the nature.

Recently, a dream told me to do this research about my ancestors. I this dream I saw a medieval cathedral like those in the country of my ancestors, but she had been neglected many years in the modern age. The cathedral was all covered of black hard soil. There was full of sculptures and statues on the front but they were hidden by the soil. But now, the cathedral was in restoration work and a voice told me that when the restoration will be finished, we will discover one of the most beautiful city in the world and the cathedral will reveal all her wonderful history she kept during the centuries.

I had also some weird experiences. I never saw the UFO (I see them a lot in my dreams) but I had a weird form of somnambulism many years, the "night terrors". During my sleep I look awake, my eyes are open and I walk in the room, but I remember nothing or few things in the morning of what I did. If I wake up when it happen I keep a little bit memory. My ex boyfriend believed that I'm crazy. When it happen I panic, I scream of terror, I don't recognize where I am, and don't recognize the man in the bed (or my mother, friends or sister if I sleep at their home). I think that they are stranger who entered in the house. I look for the exit to escape from there. Sometime I debate myself violently if someone try to wake up me.

Anonymous said...

Hello it's me again, the french canadien. This is my most recent dream about the UFO:

I went on a mountain at night with two "normal" humans, a man and a woman, because we wanted to see a the visit of an UFO. There was many people who went there for the same motive. The moutain was a park inside a city and we where on a large terrace. The UFO came but I was the only one that could see him. He was a kind of little drone with colored lights, but he can create a camouflage by hypnosis on the humans brains, so the "normal" humans see only a bird. I saw the bird too, by fast flash, a flying white gull, but he was only an illusion and the UFO was revealed to me. The man and the woman with me can't see him, the woman was scared and prefered to go in the lodge. The man stayed with me and I told him to look at the bird, you have to concentrate very strong to see the UFO. With a lot of effort he saw him. In my dream, only the people who can't be hypnotised or mentally manipulated can see them. You need a brain wired differently than most normal people, like something neandertalian, a higher brainpower or I'm not certain what it is...

Unknown said...

You can find my email on Facebook the name is Michael James Gleeso

Unknown said...

You can find my email on Facebook the name is Michael James Gleeso

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am female age 43 I have red hair and blue eyes.. I am also O-. People find me weird, I don't have or want friends.. Ever since I was 13 I've longed to go home.. I say it all the time.. The longing to go home. Where is home? I have no idea but it's not here on this planet. I'm a natural healer and I also have a lot of psychic abilities.. I can communicate with spirit.. I love nature and being outside in the woods or near water.. Like many who have commented electrical things break easy around me. Watches, light bulbs, cars and computers never last around me.. I've read these comments and I'm floored by the similarities. I literally have goose bumps.

Eva said...

Thanks Mike for helping me finding this post. I have read your blog for a long time now, but I somehow missed this one.

I am a RH neg 0 swedish woman. My father had the same blood type. We both love the nature. And I also love staying by the sea.

I don't know much about my fathers family background, but my mother has told me that her realitives left France during the french revolution (1789–1799).

I have seen UFOs 3 times, first with my brother, then with my teenage daughter.

I have had many strange experiences during my life;
paralysis, dreams about the future, strange body marks, noose bleed, the ability to read other peoples thoughts. I have also brooken computers, my teve and light bulbs. I get strange ear tones, that seems to be some kind of signal (tracker). I also think I have some healing skills.

I have felt that I not belong here. My family is separated, without any contact. Me and my father very empathic persons, the others the opposite. For a long time I have felt that I am ment to be alone and that I have some kind of mission. Don't know what it's all about. Yet.

I am a very curious, creative and outgoing person with many ideas. A researcher. I can notice small details that noone else can see. Notice connections.

I have gone through some tough things, but I think that my positive thinking and sense of humour has saved me :-)

Well, that was a little about me. I really enjoyed reading all your stories. Looking forward to more comments about this interesting topic!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog! Need to chime in and advise that actually, the negative or positive after your blood type is NOT indicative of RH factor. RH factor is a separate test altogether and costs more money because it is very specific. It is one you get if female and pregnant or if woman is negative and ie needs to determine compatibility of male partner. So, again.... it is FALSE information that the negative after your blood type determines RH factor... Yes, there is a lot of misinformation on the web and 'common' knowledge that is wrong. Again, it is a separate and more costly test, sorry! But, again, you need to have a different blood test and perhaps you will still find you may be RH negative but you can not know for sure with the test you had done. You probably won't publish my comment (?) but perhaps it would serve your readers positively with correct info if you do. Peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I was told I was Rh neg when I gave birth to my first daughter and was given the anti body jab (both my daughters are Rh neg) Years later I became a blood donor,told again I am Rh neg. I stopped giving blood for about 16 yrs and when then when I went to start giving blood again I was told my blood group had changed to Rh pos. No explanation has been given to me only that the diner sessions are seeing more blood group changes from neg to pos. My doctor just shrugs. This is so weird. I have all the traits of someone with Rh neg especially heightened psychic powers. Also yrs and yrs ago a very straight white scar appeared on the inside of my right wrist,an inch long and is like a laser cut doc told me. What are your thoughts pls.

daisyq31 said...


Unknown said...

HELLO PEOPLE!!!!! I have some information to share with all of you that may help some of you find the answers you are looking for. Basically rh negatives come from the mighty elohim (plural gods) they are creator gods and where the holy grail bloodline came from, it goes back to Atlantis and beyond, and can be traced off planet. you all came here for a reason. you incarnated because you answered the call to raise the vibrational frequencies on this planet and help everyone ascend into the light, out of the darkness.

if you haven't experienced a DNA transformation yet, then watch this video it will activate the starseeds in you.

we are being watched over and protected by our cosmic families. soon they will land.

HERE IS SOME MORE INFO, that might put things into perspective

12 tribes of Israel
12 constellations
12 months in solar calendar aligned with the sun

ISRAEL- ISIS + RA=Elohim (elohim is plural gods) (annunaki elohim)

the 12 tribes of israel are actually annunaki tribes/bloodlines. genesis story is a repeat ten times over with the bible being the most recent repeat

annunaki came here 400,000 years ago from their home planet Nibiru (came from HIBIRU-HEBREW)

Anunnaki - Royal Bloodline - Creators "Those who from Heaven to Earth came"

there have been 4 different "adams" and "eves" throughout history. their names weren't in english. adapa & tiamat is one. adamu & titi etc

there were not 12 tribes/bloodlines, THERE WERE 13. the 13th took over the rest and rewrote history to their benefit

there is also a 13th constellation that was hidden, the dragon...that's the 13th bloodline THEY ARE NOT HUMAN..that's the archon bloodline

mayan calendar was 13 months luna aligned with the moon
13 colonies in the US
13 stripes on the flat
13th amendment supposedly abolished slavery (however we were all turned into debt slaves in the 1930's your birth certificate is your slave certificate)

the flood was not caused on purpose. it was caused by the planet Nibiru that comes into earth's orbit every 3600 years. HOWEVER they knew it was coming and did'nt want humanity to survive so Enlil the sumerian God is actually Yahweh-Jehovah. he was angry that his half brother Enki (they have different mothers) warned NOah (he was noah's biological father) and some survived

ENlil & Anu were angry that Enki disobeyed orders to let humanity all die so he became their enemy. Satan means enemy/adversary.

he would only allow humanity to survive after that if our DNA was genetically altered. so it was about 5723 years ago that the human DNA was disabled by 97% only leaving 3% active so we could be easily mind controlled slaves. they created all of us a a slave race. Enki loved humanity and didn't want us to be slaves or have our DNA altered. depending on the time in history of who was in power Satan could be a number of different people/Gods. there were numerous gods of saturn but Enki wasn't one. he was falsely labeled in the english bible

yeshua never started a religion. he came to free us from this religious dogma. he was taught the red pill to escape this saturn moon matrix we have been held hostage in. he rebelled against Enlil (Yahweh) his teachings were twisted and there is hardly any truth about him at all in the bible, all of them. his lifetime is 100 years off from biblical jesus


Unknown said...

the rh factor just means that we have something that doesn't add up with all other life on this planet. they use the rhesus monkey to cause racial division. no one evolved from any kind of monkeys. Rh neg blood just lacks things that other life forms on this planet have, which means it did not originate on earth. 250 out of our 25,000 genes have no known origin.

Unknown said...

Creepy but maybe the shots turn people back to + 😟 which is scary because I only got my shot so my baby would be safe

Unknown said...

Creepy but maybe the shots turn people back to + 😟 which is scary because I only got my shot so my baby would be safe

Anonymous said...

maybe your docs are lying as a lot of rh negs are targeted individuals, and i have read about docs lying about blood in the gangstalking community

Anonymous said...

I am A+, but i am in the same boat as you and have had experiences. Cant explain it!

Susan henderson said...

I am rh o negative and I know we are different I feel like this is not my home

Unknown said...








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Anonymous said...

Cynthia, I'm just running across this thread for the first time. I'm 43 and have O- blood green eyes, dishwater blonde, lefty...and a Capricorn. I was and still am a loner, I can read people very quickly. I have a ton of things similar to others on here but I'm curious about sleep paralysis and being sensitive to the shadow people. I really was in a dark place as a preteen and was haunted by a 3 1/2 foot one that really jacked up a few years of my life. I don't believe it's the old hag syndrome, I think it can be seen it many ways. For my parents they believed it was a friendly ghost that scooted pans. I know it was a demon and it would try to suffocate me, sometimes I was awake. After we moved from that house I never had that paralysis again. I can feel when other houses have a shadow dweller. It's a buzz in my ear with chills on my arms. I find your view on this interesting. I always felt I was a spirit sensitive and semi psychic.

faraasha said...

Im AB negative. I guess I was most interested in what one of you said about blood results suddenly going missing. Thats happened to me numerous times. It always irritated me, because I hate needle and then having to have my blood drawn again. I share many of the traits mentioned, except the light colour eyes. There is something I experience that nobody here mentions. I experience quantum time change, such as the mandela affect. I also have the same affect within my own life, such as memories of conversations or events or even objects which noone else recalls existed or happened.

carolh780 said...

This is now 2017 and after reading this thread I had to respond to an eye opener now occurring.
I'm A-, David Wilcock ha recently come out with lots of disclosure. The info on Atlantis...which they found is under Antarctica may have some connection to rh negs.

carolh780 said...

I'd like to add that out of 4 kids my two sons are rh neg, and my dad is.
Also, I thought this to be interesting...I was born 5 miles from Point Pleasant, WV where "Mothman" was supposedly sighted and written about. The strange part is I've been hearing lately that Mothmen have been seen lately as a part of these events happening with a raise in consciousness. I know there was a movie put out called "Mothman Prophecies" based on the true events. Ive also had major life occurances involving hardships and life lessons that I feel have made me open my mind to the bigger picture. I've never had any UFO sightings or happenings though. The most major tragedy was losing my 22 year old daughter in a tragic car accident in 2004. I found the DVD "Mothman Prophecy" in her small pile of DVD's later while going through her things. She didn't typically watch these kind of movies which made me curious.
Since her accident my life has been a roller coaster but I've grown tremendously as a person and awakened to what's going on around us.

Unknown said...

B - here , hazel eyes , fair ish hair (greying now as am 52) ...always felt "different" , many experiences right from a child , most prominent being one night found myself standing at the bedroom window staring at , what I could only describe at the time an was the colour of the moon and humanoid in shape , have no idea if I had been abducted but I know I was stood there looking straight at it and my bedroom was on the first floor.....can remember feeling happy and not at all scared , my Mum was doubtful but my Dad a few years later gave me some Erich von Daniken books to read and it kind of explained a few things...
Continued through life to have similar experiences , can tell if a person is rh- , seem to get a vibe off them and people either love me or hate me straight away - no grey areas !!
Couple of years ago was driving home and I saw a light in the sky , my boy was 7/8 at the time and asleep in the back of the car , so I pulled into a quiet road and got out of the car to look at this was a circular disc with orange lights , the disc was going round and round and also moving straight , I stood and watched for a while then just got into the car and drove home......
My son is A- , is Aspergers (13 nearly 14) , he has a very complex knowledge of Greek mythology and was obssessed with this from age 6 , out of my three kids he is the only one to watch TV programmes like Anciant Aliens or show interest in ancient history.....
Really enjoyed reading all the comments , and hope you enjoy reading my story .

Anonymous said...

I am O-. I frequently feel alone even when in the company of many. I too want to go home. I do not know where that is either but I am lonely here. I have had many strange dreams that come true or that are spiritual in nature. The last 5 years or so, however, they have ceased. I feel better in nature or around animals. I don't understand why I always find information about O- being an evil bloodline as I have very deep feeling and empathy. Although it is difficult for me to express verbally. When I was a child my mom would get frustrated with me because I didn't speak much and always expected her to read my mind. I feel uncomfortable around a lot of people and enjoy spending time alone as being around people is draining of my energy. I don't like the blood type diets and I am vegan. I have a lot of food intolerances and allergies. I had rhogam shots with each of my children and they are all positive blood types. I feel like I should have had children with my own blood type and was not informed enough about my blood type when I was young. I am constantly searching for a deep truth and knowledge understanding of something and have not found it.

H said...

The shots do not turn people back. I have 2 children am A- and have lost some children too. Have had many shots and have proven my blood type to many people on the blood typing test you can buy on ebay. I have never changed.

Unknown said...

Hello I am A negitive
Like most on here I have had many experiences from ghost entities and the expecting my mom to read my mind hit home for me!!! I have many of the traits I hear sounds levels most can't hear. dog whistles make me nuts.I had been in special ed classes for most my schooling and I was a honor roll student when I asked why I was in there they prolonged answer for many years.even to the point of telling my parents I had a learning disability and that they where the reason I was an honor student.but that only half of it when I hit high school there where 5 other normals besides me in my "special ed" class and only 3 actual students you would expect in that kind of class. We got to talking us 6 found out all of us where negative types.I got even weirder we could communicate with each other with out talking. We could move things if we all where touching I know it sounds like cult sh7t we always knew when the others where sick.then they brought in one more girl we looked so much alike we could have been twins. We even shared a bday with in mins of each other. After she got there we started noticing that the teachers spent alot more time in the " office" we being teenagers found this very odd and wanted to know what he'll they where doing .they had cameras set up the we never noticed in the room they where watching us a recording after we found it we went to the school about it they made up some crazy story about how we where stealing from the teachers we all got transferred off to the bad kid schools in different areas some of the kids even moved to a different town it was one of the strangest things. I have always been gangstalked.non of this includes thing like hearing my dad call me home when he wasn't there.ghost and many other kinds of thing I never had the ufo stuff that I can remember I always now what's going to happen before it does.I seen thing like what my kids looked like before they where born and if they where boy or girl. And lots of other things that I experience that even I would say that sh7t sound crazy but they did happen and I know they did. My father was a negitive to and I can talk to him without words. But not my mother and she never really knew what to do with or how to be around me.and I always felt sad for her for as long as I can remember. I always know who is a negative when they are near. I have never belonged with the humans��i have 4 children had the shot each time. But unlike most I have 3 that are negative and one positive and my one positive has stronger negative traits then my negatives that got me doing deep research on the Basques and Berbers and there is even a small tribe in turkey ( oh no Neanderthal DNA in the first two not sure about the last very little info on them) after doing so I found out that just because u are not a negative u are a carrier of that DNA strain. I think that's why I was able to have 3 negative kids my husband is o + but when family research was done on his family they came for the area of the Berbers I think he is a carrier of the a neg DNA. That's why I was able to have 4 beautiful babes. Thank u to u all for sharing. Nice to know I am not the only crazy one��

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow RH Negatives! A- female here..Can relate to most everyone here. It's no accident that we all feel this way it's because we are different. Please take the time to go and check out this mans extensive teachings on the blood types....If you scroll through to the older ones you can find specific videos on each blood type and it's placement..Its endlessly interesting and might I add if you are RH negative it's important that you don't drink, smoke or eat meat. Call our to the creator and you will find the truth. Time is short.

judy said...

I am also A RH negative. My mother is negative, so is her father. Funnily enough, my fathers mother was AB negative. My first two children are O positive but when I left their father and met my now partner, we had a little boy. After birth I found out my son is A negative and after finding this out I found out my partners mother is O negative. It seems we are drawn to each other.. I have rh neg running on both side of my family. Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with electrics, bulbs pop alot when im in the room, and my wifi plays up when im sat clots to the hub, and mobile phones... I cant have one for more than a few moths without it starting to play up, crashing freezing and generally not working like it should. The tv we have Netflix streaming too seems to freeze alot while im around. Id never though much of it that just bad luck with faulty electricals till I started looking into my blood type and isn't says its common for us to interfere with electrical transitions.

judy said...

I am also A RH negative. My mother is negative, so is her father. Funnily enough, my fathers mother was AB negative. My first two children are O positive but when I left their father and met my now partner, we had a little boy. After birth I found out my son is A negative and after finding this out I found out my partners mother is O negative. It seems we are drawn to each other.. I have rh neg running on both side of my family. Just wondering if anyone else has a problem with electrics, bulbs pop alot when im in the room, and my wifi plays up when im sat close to the hub, and mobile phones... I cant have one for more than a few moths without it starting to play up, crashing freezing and generally not working like it should. The tv we have Netflix streaming too seems to freeze alot while im around. Id never though much of it that just bad luck with faulty electricals till I started looking into my blood type and isn't says its common for us to interfere with electrical transmissions. Im also pagan, and I find alot of fellow pagans I meet have the negative factor. I find my blood type incredibility interesting but I would love more knowledge... The internet seems to supply the same information written differently by different people and I've read that much Im getting frustrated with the seemingly limited knowledge and information. Id love to hear other peoples insights, experiences and knowledge.

Jo said...

I'm a neg and have had missing time. Sleep paralysis involving a small reptilian.obe's and have seen a UFO once. I've been told I'm a Chanel and have dreams or thoughts that come true. Add to this numerous black or dark helicopter sightings over buildings where I am, means I'm very confused and sometimes frightened.

Unknown said...

I also fry electronics. Since I was a kid I noticed I could not touch them.

Unknown said...

You will be fine. :)

Shit just got real said...

I am o-

Shit just got real said...

Can i ask everyone a quick question: is any of your mom's or dads even grandma and grandpa in the vietnam war

Shit just got real said...

Was they in the vietnam war

Shit just got real said...

My mom was Rh negative I'm Rh negative my daughter is Rh negative my daughter's 2 daughter's are also Rh negative my son in laws also got Rh negative to

Belinda said...

I’m Rh negative B. I’m also a nurse. I’ve been researching so much about the history of its origin (especially after I found out I was born with 2 extra ribs and one frontal lobe sinus cavity). As I read the list of common characteristics of Rh negative people, my heart began to race! I fit almost every characteristic listed. I have green eyes, my eyes are very sensitive to light (I attempted to have eye lasiks done to correct my vision, but it wouldn’t take... even after 5 visits). I was born with auburn colored hair. My blood pressure runs very low (in nursing school they used me as a practice patient whenever the students were learning how to take manual bp readings because obtaining a manual reading was such a challenge). I stay on the abnormally cold side dressing in layers. I’ve always been very intuitive (and I’m usually right in my perceptions). I’m a truth and justice seeker (I have a strong passion for research). I’ve always been overly sympathetic towards people, there were certain contagious illness that I was directly exposed to, but never caught (which confused my mother and doctor) etc etc the list goes on and on....All of the research that I’ve done has freaked me out!
Who the hell are we???

Ryan said...

I am also A-. Fascinating stuff regarding the rh- blood and alien encounters.

Mr James Caver said...

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