Monday, July 3, 2017


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This is a comic of self exploration. It is an attempt to deal with some strange memories as well as the questions that arise out of these experiences. The images and ideas point to something beyond just UFO contact.

I spoke with the artist and author back in February of 2016, his name is Sean Pryor and we share a similar set of life experiences.

  View Sean’s entire hi-rez comic UNIDENTIFIED  

It was the kind of conversation I’ve had many times. We have a lot in common and one thing stood out—we are both cartoonists! I had toyed with the idea of penning a graphic novel back in 2011. I even did some test pages. But that project got lost in the obsessive madness that was to become The Messengers.
Home of the Little People
Also, Shawn’s last name ties into the Pryor Mounains of Southern Montana. This is the traditional home of the little people in the lore of the Crow nation. I spent two nights alone in those mountains, the culmination of a tangled mess of events on a map, and that long story is linked HERE.

Sean told me that my podcast and blog have helped him along his path. There are times I want to give it all up and walk away, but his kind words are the kind of thing that keep me pressing onward.

December 13 2009
Sean has had three UFO sightings, the first when he was eight years old, and the other two when he was in his twenties. The sightings as an adult were seen with other witnesses. These accounts are all dramatized in a 21-page long comic titled UNIDENTIFIED. He did the inks on speckled brown paper, a surface I dearly love.

When we spoke last year, he said he had started an autobiographical comic about his UFO experiences. This is an elusive thing to try to rein in, something I know all to well. He described himself as one of the 'maybe people' I’ve written about. That term was coined to describe myself.
Imagery form a vivid dream
I asked him why he did all the hard work to create this personal journal. 

He replied:
I created it for several reasons. The main reason is to hopefully achieve a better understanding of what I've experienced. The second would be to get it off my chest, considering that these experiences play a huge role in my life. Yet the strangeness inherent in said experiences makes it difficult to talk about. The third would be that hopefully other people who’ve had these types of things happen to them can relate to my story, it's helped me in the past so maybe I can return the favor.
Mythic symbolism in the dream realm
I asked if he planned to try to sell it.
I'm not sure if I would want to sell it. At the moment you can view the whole thing on my blog. I've been drawing autobio-comix off and on for several years and would like to eventually compile them into a book, perhaps my UFO comic will go in there too.
Also of note, Sean worked with the late great Harvey Pekar, drawing for American Splendor.
Single frame from American Splendor


InI said...

What a nice and ordinary comic tbat was. Ty for sharing.

Reality is awesome; one time my brother and I, tired of sleeping inside the villa in Mallorca, tried sleeping on the roof of the garage under the stars. The sky was so clear and full of stars. We'd see something and then try to identify it. There that was a satellite. There that was a shooting star. A slightly fuzzy patch of light flew then stopped roughly above us then moved on again. A group of lights on the horizon moving in formation. Much fun stuff did we see.

Benjamin Jon said...

Awesome!! Thanks for putting this on the radar! Stay awesome Mike! ☄️

Alan Amsberg said...

Thanks for sharing this Mike. Very heartfelt. I feel his feelings about isolation on the whole thing. All this very weird stuff is difficult to deal with.

InI said...

Methinks that's what the "weird stuff" does: it helps you pay attention and help you get out of your own way so that you can see that yer never alone and that everything is weird?

uriah said...

After hearing a succession of wee folk tales and kundalini hallucination stories I listened to William Burroughs read his book Junky. It starts with him as a boy having a hallucination that came on like an illness and him seeing little people.

uriah said...

guess this is why you should/or shouldn't read article first. I swear I had zero idea the article had little people in it I was actually going to write little people but decided wee because little people has become a term to describe a dwarf or smaller person. I also notice Egypt and dreams came up 2 things I have been writing to you about. Double premonition. Those who discount dreams discount a whole part of the self.

uriah said...

Add one more thing. This might be nothing? I bet if we all thought about it or could remember dreams they are full of initiation type experiences; anyway one film that became one of my experiences in a dream or influenced nightmares was A Nightmare on Elm st. 2. So after commenting here I decided to throw it on and at the beginning I notice there is a ufo. It appears first at 3:33. Note in the first elm st the addresses the school, Nancy's, and Depp's character when reduced to a single digit equal 6. 3939 school, 1428 nancy, 1419 Depp, when reducing as a short cut I found 9 cancels out so, 3939-3+3,1428-4+2,1419,4+2 all equal 6 so 666. Ufo appears hovering over left side(audience right)of bus looks like sparkling star yellow or gold appears to be special effect not light reflection. Then you see it again different shot at 3:41. There is no commentary it could be an effect from layering mat film but it looks deliberate like a sparkling light it dashes out in this shot after the bus crosses a plant in the foreground and it flies back behind the bus?

uriah said...

another thing just happened. looking up info on the movie brought me to the artwork for Elm St. 2 which has the main character examining himself in a mirror and in the mirror is a black crow the chinate of Carlos Castaneda's books the shape shifter, which happened to be what my dad always called me for a nickname.

uriah said...

I got brought to the imdb goof page for Elm Street 1 knowing the entire movie is a dream it could be argued Wes did it all intentionally. One of the goofs claims a bird of paradise is not potted and they can't grow in the soil? So can you see how the intentional can still be misunderstood by people told they are smart enough to be the critic? Every goof they name sounds completely intentional to a person who thinks. Freddy had the glove on the wrong hand so the whole crew are morons according to IMDB? Is the audience that stupid? So they made a left handed glove and England put it on and that is a continuity error? How could the deliberate production of two gloves used to create a dream feel be misinterpreted? You have to go to school to become that much an idiot. Unless England had the glove on backwards and upside down and his thumb in the pinky hole how could he put a glove on the wrong hand that is built to only operate the right way? Anyway my grandmother had a bird of paradise but I didn't know what they were called till looking this all up. This same plant is the plant the bus goes by at 3:41 in N.E.S. 2. So I guess oops the film idiots were so ignorant about birds of paradise that they decided to put one even bigger in the foreground just to show the audience how stupid they are. I know its not fair I went to film school, but talking to the average person about film theory shows how ignorant people are to film convention. Example. In every film shoes are used or swords, items, as metaphor for passing on because that item represents a fit. "Cinderella" if the shoe fits. People consciously are aware of this yet will watch Wizard of Oz and think Glenda is the good guy? If I showed up at the scene of a murder and knowing the victims relative was going to show up and I took the shoes off the dead body and put them on a little girl so she appeared to be the murderer when they a dangerous witch showed up, would you call me the good witch? I guess if I smiled and acted friendly and gave Mafioso threats like a house might fall on you in a high pitch queens English holding a little girl in front of me like a human shield. That's what the good guys do? Before you start a theory learn convention first at the least. I thought this would be good to post as example of how wrong people are even when given the right answer due to pre conceived notions and opinions and not doing any real research or experiencing. After you make a film you realize people don't know !@#$ about movies and how much thought goes into every detail. what do people think the credits are so long for? do you think they pay all those people to just stand around? They are all experts in a field, wardrobe, set design, lighting. Many artists working under rule of convention. Just watch ghost whisperer every time Love closes up she wears turtle neck neutral colored shirts. When she opens up she wears deep v cut exposing her cleavage. Watch As Good As it Gets. Diane Keton goes from wearing brown turtle neck sweaters to dressing revealing. its sad we spend how much of our life sitting in front of a book we can't even read. That reminds me after leaving rude comments on imdb about how stupid wes was I have to go to amazon and leave some bad reviews on books written in other languages that I don't understand. The Spanish dictionary. What udder drivel it doesn't make one lick of sense its pure trash no stars and the writer shouldn't be allowed to write another word.

uriah said...

Conclusion they missed the whole point that Wes was showing them this is not reality it is a dream and doing it in many creative ways that shows he is an intelligent person with vast knowledge. It sucks that one hit wonders like Nolan and Shamalan are awed over. The sixth sense is literally unwatchable more than a couple times every shot is motivated to shove down the audience throat Bruce is dead. It is a intellectually barren ode to cleverness and the fact the audience will never get it. Inception which is a rip off of what dreams may come has been labeled genius and over rated while movies like naked lunch with substance oozing from every detail and meaning leaping from every corner are called @#$% I mean you will notice the second person introduced is always the bad guy yet every who done it introduces the antagonist this way and over and over they don't see it coming. Myself included. Otherwise I never would have made these observations. Its very douche-y the way stupid people get to play smart in our country and how our thinking we are right has destroyed any real future growth for our species. How ignorant that Wes was smart enough to know a plant can't grow in soil in Ohio and put it on film to send a message to plant specific people only so they could go Wes is an idiot he don't know how plants work. Maybe you don't know how art works. You ever think about that one anybody? Yeah what would a culture that has reduced art to assembly line production, stringing string through beads, and pressing buttons on tuned tools call artistry. A painter sits in one spot painting a scenery for hours and I can just walk up with my scarf and camera and with the click of a button I'm an artist too.

Red Pill Junkie said...

You know what I'm going to suggest, don't you? ;)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Fine, I'll go out and write it:

Maybe it's time for you to retake that graphic novel project? Obviously the pressure to have The Messengers published and out of your chest is over >:)

The Baron Barracuda said...

I unsuccessfully tried to post this comment below the comic but it's worth sharing-

The reason I laughed, strange response, there was no fear in my relaxed ,editative state, was that' his response to my asking him his name was MY spiritual name that I adopted in the work I'd been doing since the 1980's. That goes back to the author's idea that this phenomena is coming from another part of his own consciousness. There was some more interaction with this entity, again while meditating in that area, but I sent it away when i became fearful. I'd never seen anyone draw anything so close to my 'passenger' and the green speckled skin took it into another level. Thanks, Mike, for posting this, I will be following his work.

Vagchandra said...

'Maybe people'. Interesting term. I didn't read that yet in Mike's writing, but it reminds me of the Sanskrit word kiMnara. KiMnara means something like 'WTF? Is that human?!' (kim='what kind' , nara='man'). I know the feeling of wondering, just how human am I?

Here is where cultural comparison helps, that is, to address the sense of being alien. In Tibet, it is commonly assumed that many human beings are descended from some combinations of humans, monkeys, 'monsters' (rakshasas or cannibalistic yeti-like creatures), gods with light-bodies, dwarf-trolls (the'u rang, the "little people" obsessed with gold, money and games of chance), and reptilians (terrestrial Nagas or interplanetary nagas, klu-bza'). Furthermore Tibetan legend claims all Tibetans are the offspring of monkey and a yeti. Amongst Tibetans themselves, when people have encounters with such beings, or report such encounters, it is often dismissed as childish fantasy or insanity, but it if happens enough, it will be chalked up to possession. "Alien" abductions have been reported throughout their history and many famous lamas, especially the miracle workers, are the subjects of legends regarding humans being seduced by gods, literally "beamed up" in some cases, partying heavily, them getting "beamed down". In other words, not a few of Tibet's miracle-working saints reported being the offspring of alien abductions of their mothers, or have reported abduction-like experiences themselves.

I've been reading Tibetan hagiographies in the original language for more than thirty years. As you know, the phenomena we experience and report in forums like this are legion. I just thought you'd like to know that such matters are legion in the *mainstream* of Tibetan historical literature, though much less so than in Tibetan biographies or hagiographies. In other words, if we were taught in school that George Washington's mother descended from a magical space-vimana on a beam of light and married George's father, or that Martha Washington was a magical faerie taking human birth for the benefit of humanity by producing hybrid spawn with George, that would be about the same as what TIbetan schoolchildren learn about ancient Tibetan kings and other cultural heroes.

The 'alien' hybridization of humanity, if one draws literal conclusions from Tibetan literature, is an ancient, ongoing matter. For them it's no less bizarre, but also no less common, than farmers f***ing sheep and pigs. It's hidden but it happens.