Saturday, March 1, 2014

Suzanne Chancellor / audio conversation

blogger and podcaster
My pal Suzanne and I finally get around to doing an interview—with each other!

Suzanne has had lifelong ongoing direct contact experiences with whatever might be behind the UFO mystery. Alas, no easy answers. She runs a blog where she shares her memories and challenges, linked HERE. She also has a podcast series where she interviews UFO experiencers as well as abduction researchers, linked HERE. (Does this remind you of anyone?)

  one-click audio download HERE  

I didn't wanna force Suzanne to tell the same set of experiences she's shared on other podcasts (as well as her own) so I'm linking you to the Peter Slattery Show, and his two part interview with Suzanne. Here is a link for Part ONE and Part TWO.

You can also "see" these interviews on youtube, by clicking HERE.

During our gab-fest, we mention an event involving a coyote in my yard, that story is linked HERE.

And, we talk about a Halloween photo during the 1970's, seen in a blog post linked HERE.



Red Pill Junkie said...

Another delightful conversation. Definitely NOT CNN-style ;)

And I like Suzanne's idea that maybe those 'supressed' memories in the lives of entanglers --yep, I'm pushing that term y'all-- need to be integrated into their everyday awareness organically. Or maybe I grok the idea because it reminds me of Castañeda's philosophy, who knows.

Also, I couldn't help noticing that the suggestion of 'meditating for 15 minutes' (rather specific indeed) was also mentioned during the chat, just like in the chat with Richard Dolan.

You need an owl coming down your door with a meditation brochure to make it more explicit, Mike?? :P

Unknown said...

This was a great conversation that brought up a lot of different things for me. First, I was born in 1956 and I found it very interesting that you have found commonality in birth years with the people you talk to . I think it could have to do with resonance, maybe a lot of people were born in a large group about the same time. I noticed when I was in my 20's that people born in 1956 tended to be apathetic to the status quo, first noticing in high school at the pep rallies that our year never cared about winning any of the cudos for being the 'peppiest' or going to the football games. There were people in our age that did but never enough to make a difference. When I was older I talked to people my age from around the country about it and found they had the same attitude. "Who cares about that crap, I want to learn real stuff, or get into my life." Kind of a recognition of what matters and what doesn't as well as knowing that everyone has a different path. As usual, it was something weird I noticed. Part of the experiencer's or 'entangled' mind is noticing or paying attention to what is defined as high strangeness.

Anonymous said...
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