Friday, February 3, 2012

Kenneth Arnold's daughter talks about her father

Outspoken daughter of Kenneth Arnold, Kim Arnold.

Kim Arnold is the daughter of Idaho pilot Kenneth Arnold, who reported a series of chevron shaped flying objects in 1947. He plays an important role in modern UFO history because this sighting created a media frenzy, and it was the genesis of the term Flying Saucer.

UFO history just keeps getting stranger. Kim is speaking out now, over 60 years since the event, and the story is much stranger than just a respected pilot seeing something odd in the sky. Seems like there was more going on, he saw multiple UFOs on three occasions, he was fascinated by synchronicities, he thought that UFOs were probably living organic entities - and - he even witnessed orbs in his home!

There is even a curious detail about a great gray owl (listen for it)!

one hour long

This is an excerpt from a podcast posted on the Eye Witness Radio Network. And Kim has created a website to share her memories and research about her father, Kenneth Arnold.

Idaho pilot and respected buisnessman, Kenneth Arnold

video clip from James Fox featuring Kim Arnold


Trish said...

Love these interviews! Will be back to listen to the latest.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Fascinating. Throws a whole new light to Ufology's most famous witness of all time.

Which is probably the reason why researchers should try to keep tabs with witnesses, and see how their views on life might evolve throughout the years due to their encounters with the unknown.

But maybe the reason Arnold's views are so unknown, is because they do little to help the case for nuts-and-bolts craft. It makes one wonder if another person in his position would have been able to view anything at all on that fateful day.

Anonymous said...

I would like to contact Kim Arnold. I worked with her brother Kenny back
in 1987 at Grumman Aircraft Company, Bethpage, NY. Kenny was a great person
to know and I never knew he had a Sister.