Monday, March 3, 2014

Richard Dolan / audio conversation

author and historian
Richard Dolan steps out of his role as academic historian, and gets down to the challenging task of trying to untangle the frenetic weirdness that permeates the UFO abduction lore. This was a really fun  and untethered back and forth conversation. We were all over the map at we attempted to dig into the stuff that too many want to ignore. We tried to examine the gulf between the Nuts and Bolts crowd and the Love and Lighters. Each divergent side of the UFO community is easily praised and ridiculed—and we do a little of both!

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Topics include, UFO abductions, meditation, mystical experiences, Kurt Vonnegut, time, consciousness, high strangeness, the "maybe" people, astrology, Elaine Douglass, Kim Carlsberg, Anya Briggs, UFO conferences, owls and MUFON.

Richard's website is HERE.

His just released new book, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind, is linked HERE.

His weekly radio show is HERE.

An, here's his 2011 interview about the book A.D. After Disclosure, co-authored with Bryce Zabel, is linked HERE.

At the very end you get to hear the beautiful voice of Jose Ferrer reading from Slaughterhouse Five (1969) by Kurt Vonnegut. This book was a defining right of passage in the 70's. This is an 11 minute excerpt where Billy Pilgrim tries to understand time as explained by the Trafalmadorians. This was part of what Richard and I spoke about as we tried to wrestle with the complexities of time.


White Falcon said...

What is the "Love Bite Phenomenon" ?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well Mike, I don't think I'm particularly psychic, yet I sense there's a hard chance you'll be invited back to another MUFON congress as a speaker! :P

What an amazing treat this was. I'm thrilled to hear Richard is practicing Kundalini Yoga, and I think you --and I!-- should quit our procrastination, and start learning how to meditate.

Richard has been discussed this idea of 'locally-grown' Avatars in other podcasts --something I must I say I've also considered, especially when thinking about the famous Joe Simonton 'space pancakes' encounter; I figured that if this guys like to travel so light then don't even bother to pack all the food & water they need for their trip, they might even go 1 step further & not even carry their own bodies-- but listening to him discuss the question of Consciousness & Channeling, it kinda reinforces the paradox of why we may never convince Orthodox Science on the validity of the UFO phenomenon, as long as the current Materialistic Paradigm is still present.

And don't even get me started with the whole 333 synchronicities!

It may be true that Slaughterhouse Five is a book you read when you're a teenager in America, yet being Mexican I got to read it until 2012, and it BLEW my mind away.

Speaking of things that can blow your mind away, this presentation given by comic-book writer Grant Morrison is also highly recommend it, because it touches upon some of the things you & Richard discusses: the concept of Time, Consciousness & Magic, etc.

I'm reading The Invisible right now, BTW. Many resonating elements there, too --"The soul is not inside the body. The body is inside the soul. Do you understand?"

And so it goes...

Mike Clelland! said...

The IUFOC is not a MFUON congress, Rich Speaks there amost every year.

Wanna hear some more talk from abductees about MUFON, listen to Suzanne C and Mike C below...

Mike C

Red Pill Junkie said...

I stand corrected.

Strange that while Rich was discussing how UFO organizations are eventually hijacked by intelligence agencies, that he didn't mention who in my mind is the latest 'infiltrator': Robert Bigelow.

Your conversation also made me think of how difficult it would be to interact with an entity who has a different perception of the passage of time. I love dogs & I remember once reading that dogs have a more 'in the moment' perception of Time, so if you hit the dog with a newspaper because you found a stain of urine on your living room carpet, it would be useless because the dog would have forgotten about it & would think you're punishing it for no reason.

Maybe something similar happens with abductees; and before I receive a lot of criticism for equating abductees with dogs, I kind of feel that would be a step forward from being treated like CATTLE, as the rest of us lowly humans :P

bill said...

Mike, Your description about the "dream Like" alien encounter, when the Mental chatter was turned down.. Exactly my experience in a "dream like" memory of three owls decending into my conciousness...if that makes any sense.
Great talk with Richard Dolan also!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red Pill,

What is this book you are talking about? I don't see it on Amazon.

"I'm reading The Invisible right now, BTW."



Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey Anon,

I'm referring to Grant Morrison's The Invisibles, a comic book series he wrote since the early 90s. I bought the Omnibus edition on Amazon last year --pricey & heavy, but worth it :)

John Burke said...

OK -- So I am willing to accept what Richard said about the current state of MUFON. But WTF about "Hangar One"? The premise of the show was that it was based on "secret MUFON files". Mr. Dolan was a key figure on that program.

Did he take a shower afterward?

Anonymous said...

Red Pill:

Thanks. Yeah. Realized the answer was in the vimeo. Good stuff.



Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I discovered your podcast about a year ago and have really been fascinated with your journey ,but this interview with Richard just blew my mind ! I have already listened to it twice and will no doubt listen to it again. I agree with RPJ's statement about learning to meditate ,its time for me to stop procrastinating and start to learn to meditate! I really cant thank you enough Mike for helping in my journey to "wake up" and see the world and its surroundings in a way that I never imagined in my wildest dreams. Speaking of RPJ have you ever considered him as a guest? I think it would be a great episode, or perhaps RPJ could suggest you as a guest on Grimerica, ? Thanks again for the fantastic episode with Richard!


Unknown said...

Thanks for this interview. You always have interesting interactions with your interveiwees and I enjoyed listening to all of it. I read Farenheit 451 in high school (I am a bit older than you) and I did not remember it at all, just that I have always loved Kurt Vonegut. Thanks for the excerpt read by Jose Ferrer.

As for the disparity between the 'love and lighters' and the 'nuts and bolters', some of us are both or straddle that. I have had experiences that caused me to change my thinking enough to be more comfortable, but I always want to know how things work and what is behind the curtain. I think you have come up with some interesting questions that may lead to more reasonable answers.

Thanks for the podcasts.

Unknown said...


I think you are on to something with this "Maybe something similar happens with abductees; and before I receive a lot of criticism for equating abductees with dogs, …"

As for the dog not remembering why you are beating him, it is true. The only way a dog knows what you are upset about is if you catch it in the act. As for the aliens or what ever the entities really are interacting with us, of course we won't understand since we do have such a linear perception of time and we think time and space are linked somehow.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Thanks, JaHaRa. Glad to find a new member in our ragtag band of truth searchers gathered around Mike's fireplace ;)