Thursday, February 27, 2014

streetlight weirdness

Suburbia USA
On the final night of the recent UFO conference I took my friend Cynthia to the Phoenix airport in my car. It was nighttime as we drove. At some point we got a little mixed up and I needed to use a parking lot of some fast food place to check the map. When we pulled in to a parking spot, the street light above us went off, and she casually said, "That happens to me all the time."

We checked the directions, pulled out and kept driving.

I had my hands on the steering wheel as we traveled down a typical suburban highway lined with streetlights. With my hands on the steering wheel, I would point up with my index finger at a the approaching streetlight. At that instant, the light would go out. I did this twice, and each time it went out at the exact moment I pointed. I stopped after the second time and didn't try again. I commented to Cynthia that this kinda thing felt normal.


Cynthia remembers that two street lights turned off on the initial highway right as we were leaving the site of the conference. This seems correct. So, add two more, for a total of five streetlights blinking out as we travelled under them.

The animation clip (below) from Fantasia came from Red Pill Junkie.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1940)


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Street lights ?
Have you seen this Superbowl ad ?

Derek said...

I assume you are familiar with the term SLIders? SLI reports are more common than one would think...

Red Pill Junkie said...

Have you experienced problems with electrical appliances and/or electronic hardware?

Anonymous said...


This is something that gets reported all the time re: the abduction scenario. Once, when I was driving at night with our son, literally ALL the street lamps in an entire block went out - at the same time.

I cannot wear watches, unless they are bracelet watches, because the batteries go bad on me almost immediately (even new ones). I have the same issues with electrical appliances, computers, etc.

So yeah...this sort of thing is not at ALL unusual for those of us who experience; goes with the territory.


brownie said...

LOL! Like you're a conductor in an orchestra, Mike! :-)

Lightbulbs blink on and off around me, my son and it would happen to my late father too.

~ Susan

silverbuttons said...

I wish I could do that. I'd make lights go on and off all the time just to freak out my friends. :o]

Red Pill Junkie said...



brownie said...

RPJ - Haha!...Conducting the universe! ;-) ~ S.

J.T. said...

Mine is far less under control, but I remember this happening ever since I was a child riding in the back of our car at night. I looked up from the rear window, and saw lights flicker off at some regularity. In the following couple of decades, I remember this happening with some frequency. Only when I took a specific job at a specific place, and had to cross a bridge going to coming from work, often after dark, in the early 90s, did I start paying close attention to this. A specific streetlight was always more prone to react to my proximity. Out of the 10 times I would pass it every week, it would go off 3-4 times. I'm in my 40s now, moved from Finland to midwest USA, and while I'm out far less frequently at night, this still happens to me with enough regularity that I managed to convince my wife of the phenomenon. I don't -- in my case -- attribute it to anything but a weird natural phenomenon (of course I don't know), and I have little control over it (ignoring it is more likely to cause a result than focus), but in a situation like yours, it becomes far more interesting.

Anyway, a long-winded way of saying kudos and thanks for your always interesting blog. JT