Thursday, February 7, 2013

UFOs, synchronicities and Aliens in the Backyard

Trish and Rob are a married couple who are both professional writers who have had long careers starting as newspaper reporters. They have published (together and separately) a long list of fiction and non-fiction books.

I interviewed them last year about their book The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity, posted HERE.

the interview with Trish and Rob begins at the 39:25 time count

I just listened to an excellent interview with Trish and Rob (linked above). They were on Coast to Coast earlier this week promoting a book they wrote together titled Aliens in the Backyard (also available on Kindle).

During the interview the detail a very unsettling UFO encounter involving a man from Quebec named Charles. This story was posted in several parts on their blog Synchro Secrets. I later posted their multi-part report as one essay in a PDF form. This is one of four extremely strange cases they explore in depth in the book.
Linked below is a 29 page report about this unsettling encounter.

This document is property of Trish and Rob MacGregor, copyright 2012.

Here is another odd event in this strange case linked HERE, Charles was confronted by someone who looked suspiciously like Mac Tonnies. More HERE.

(a personal anecdote) 

Here is a funny synchronicity involving this book. Trish and Rob sent me a PDF file of the book for me to review. When I opened the file I do what I do with any book when I first look at it, I open it at random and see what I find. I did this with the digital document, I just scrolled down randomly. My eye was drawn to some italic text on the page that read Into the Fringe. I thought to myself, I read that book. It has that weird part about her son seeing a satellite dish in the yard, but he knew it wasn't what it appeared to be.

I read the next sentence and it says:
“There was a creepy scene in that book where a witness describes seeing a ‘satellite dish’ in his yard, but he knows it’s not a satellite dish.”
Exactly the scene I just remembered.

Then I look at the rest of the page and it is a retelling of one of my own experiences! They used one of my blog posts as part of their chapter on dreams. It took me a few seconds to remember that a few months earlier Rob and I emailed each other about his book project. I sent him a few links to my blog with personal stories that I thought might fit into the book. I gave him and Trish permission to use whatever they wanted.

I open the book at random and I immediately zeroed in on my own story, just a few sentences long.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Thanks, Mike. Interesting synchro. You tuned right into your own story and, yes, you had sent it to me. A good one. Rob

Anonymous said...

Fascinating Noory interview with Rob and Trish! Thanks for linking to it, Mike!

I now have 'Aliens in my Backyard' on my reading list!

~ Susan