Friday, May 11, 2012

did Mac Tonnies visit a UFO contactee?

In answer to the headline, I don't think so. But...

I am posting a forwarded email from Rob MacGregor (of Synchro-Secrets). This is correspondence he received from Charles, the French Canadian who shared the extremely disturbing events surrounding his UFO sighting and follow-up experiences. This was posted as a detailed first-person report (linked HERE).

Charles from Quebec wrote: 
Rob - l want to tell you something strange that happened to me this past Thursday evenings around 21:15.
This guy's photo is in the Hidden Experience blog... and I saw someone looking exactly like him acting very strange walking towards my car with sunglasses at night with very white skin... he or she did not walk like a human or somehow he or she was handicapped... he or she came over my windshield and stared at me while making strange noises like screaming... ever since then, I am scared of seeing him again...

Image included in the email from Charles.

More was posted on the Synchro-Secrets site, linked HERE.

The photo in question was of Mac Tonnies, it's seen in the left side-bar. This was an image that (I think) he took himself. This photo makes him seem a little more dramatic than he actually was. He was, well, cuter than that.

Mac had a wonderfully charismatic demeanor, so I don't think he would materialize as any kind of frightening ghost. If it was a ghost of Mac, I am quite certain it would be a very nice ghost.

All that said, a tall pale bald man with chiseled cheek bones is certainly a striking image, and not uncommon in these kinds of paranormal reports.

I'll also add that in this photo, the shadow from Mac's glasses creates an eerie mothman or Phoenix form. This was noted in a previous post (linked HERE).



Red Pill Junkie said...

I think that Mac wanted to cultivate a somewhat enigmatic appearance, taking advantage of his slim physique and the fact that he was going bald.

That doesn't mean he's now trolling people in a new ectoplasmic form ;)

Trish and Rob said...

Thanks for posting, Mike. I sent you an email, but don't know if it went through. - Trish

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Charles sounds like he is descrbing the guy out of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Dark City",more than somebody like Mac.
I couldn't see Mac scaring anyone.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for Charles and his family! He's still being badgered by whatever entered his life that weird night of the columns from the sky.

Reading his description of this strange man walking as if handicapped, I thought of Dan Mitchell's essays on his Luminosity blog when he'd describe some post-mortem humans that did not walk the way we living humans walk. Also the mysterious Harlequin in Dan's life had an odd, disconcerting gait.

~ Susan

Anonymous said...
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