Saturday, February 2, 2013

HANGAR 18 and a secret adgenda

Conspiratorial weirdness abounds in a cheezy movie

Robbie Graham (left) and Linda Moulton Howe team up to dig into the 1980 movie HANGAR 18 and it's CIA influence. The audio interview is played out in two parts. The movie is a heavy handed conspiracy story that premiered at the same time the Roswell crashed saucer story emerged into the public consciousness. Robbie's excellent research makes a compelling argument that something very strange happened involving the CIA, Sunn Classic Pictures, Schick Razors, NASA, The Mormons and The Knights of Malta.

Part ONE and Part TWO of the report, both audio and transcripts of Robbie's interview.

curious excerpt from Hangar 18 / two minutes

The audio clip (above) seems to be part of some sort of agenda. Ham-bone actor Darren McGavin reads from a document that sounds suspiciously like something Linda Moulton Howe was asked to read in 1983.

Lots more on Hangar 18 HERE


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Here's another essay from Robbie about what is notably the very first UFO "A" Picture. This three page essay (below) sheds some light on what everybody in the UFO research community has suspected.



tinyjunco said...

umm....not to be rude and maybe there is some obvious answer around this but - if the military/intell community never intended to help LMH with any documentary, but instead intended to jerk her chain/make her look like a fool, then wouldn't having her read/evaluate a 'secret document' which was based on some cheesy tv movie make perfect sense? The mil/intel guys would get a better feel for LMH's approach to these matters by watching her reaction (to put this delicately.....). If LMH doesn't call it as a hoax and it comes out later it only makes her look completely gullible at best. If she had called it out as a hoax at the time, then the mil/intel guys stroke her for spotting their 'test', and have her wrapped even further around their finger.....

i can't see what the downside for the mil/intel is in this scenario. They don't even have to bother to make anything up. It seems pretty apparent to me that the mil/intel folks LMH was dealing with around that doc never dealt with her in good faith. Anyhoo, fwiw, steph

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Tiny Junco,

Well, i am not sure if LMH and Darrin McGavin read the same report. It was just a funny thing to see as curiously similar.

LMH fully realizes her chain was being pulled. The implication seems to be that there was an agenda to get certain information floated out into the public sphere. But why?

I haven't heard it from her lips, but I suspect LMH is treating the secret report as disinformation. Any researcher will tell you, some information needs to be true in order for dis-info to work. So, some of that info (in both documents) is probably true, and some is most definitely not true.

But, the ultimate question is what is what???

tinyjunco said...

Hi Mike! thanks for the thoughtful reply. re: ". Any researcher will tell you, some information needs to be true in order for dis-info to work. So, some of that info (in both documents) is probably true, and some is most definitely not true.

But, the ultimate question is what is what???"

well i hope this doesn't come across as rude, again, but my answer to that is who cares?

i've been following the UFO scene since the mid 1970's, and since at leeast teh early 1980's many many researcher's have been obsessed with 'what does the govt know?', 'when will they tell us what they know/have', and the whole idea of the acclimation project - the idea that the govt is leaking out certain info bit by bit so that 'the people can handle it.'

Well, in all that time i have learned exactly NOTHING of any interest at all about UFOs, abductions, etc. from any government source. Greg Bishop's excellent "Project Beta" is the best one-stop primer on this. What the govt did to Paul Bennewitz and the rest of the community had NOTHING to do with UFOs - all they wanted to do was to stop Bennewitz from interest in a secret signal (which had nothing to do with aliens). They didn't care if they drove Bennewitz literally out of his mind, and frankly the more outlandish and with basis in reality the lies they planted the more it would discredit Bennewitz and anyone else involved in the whole fiasco. Really in that scenario the less 'actual fact' they put into the mix the better for them.

Vallee puts it well in Confrontations - anything that is labeled super uber secret by 'the govt' had to be knowable BEFORE it got classified. It's like this whole drone assassination project. It's all super secret and classified, but everyone knows it's going on because of all the reports from Yemen, etc.

In other words, sure the govt pry has a certain amount of info, photos, radiation readings, etc. from various ufo cases. Which i am sure is fascinating if you're interested in the government.

But i am interested in ufos, contact experiences, the paranormal, etc. from the viewpoint of who are they, why do they make contact, how can we initiate contact, what are the meanings and patterns behind these events,and so on. How do i put this - i'd be shocked beyond imagining if the govt gave a baby rat's bottom about any of this. I am sure they would love to find out how to make their planes disappear, or how to paralyze 'enemy combatants'. But a) i haven't seen any evidence that the gov't has anything like this type of tech, so i don't think they have this type of evidence/tech from 'the aliens' & b) like i'd give a shit if they did. It's not what i care about.

Which is why i basically ignore all this "OMG! THE GOVT!!" stuff, and have since the early 1980s. And, as i said earlier, i've yet to regret my decision to do so. My plate is full with trying to study first hand contact reports, physical trace cases, shamanic techniques and traditions, OBE techniques and reports, and the western magickal/occult tradition and experiences.

Thank you for letting me get this off of my chest! And i don't disrespect people who investigate the govt' angle, lord knows we need watchdogs. I just haven't seen that pursuit yield anything interesting regarding the "ufo question" over the past 30+ years. Happy Weekend All! steph

Mike Clelland! said...


I think that trying to look into the government angle concerning UFOs is a hall of mirrors. But, I am glad that someone out there is doing it.

I will often say - The best job at the pentagon would be trying to mess with the UFO community. It would be SO easy (and probably fun).

A different gripe (though sorta connected) is this whiny plea that the government "disclose" --- This will NOT happen! If it does, there will be some other hidden agenda.

The government is a giant machine built on lies. I would no more expect them to answer any question honestly as I would expect a shark to eat a salad at a restaurant.

I am reminded of sad kids who say "If only my parents would just CHANGE, then I would be happy!"

Parents rarely change, and the US government is the same. (actually, the government is changing, it is lying more and more boldly, and ignoring citizens more and with more contempt)

The change will happen from the grass roots UP, not from some press conference DOWN.

And the folks who lobby the government should be doing other kinds of research that will change the grass roots.

so there!

Mike C!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Yes, it's hard not to consider how people in the govt sought to deceive LMH by creating a fake report based on a movie that was released 3 years earlier. If the chain of events had been reversed --i.e. LMH being shown the report by Doty *before* the release of Hangar 18-- that would have been much more tantalizing.

Having said that, I wonder if a way to keep searching the connections between the Sunn Films tdusio, the Mormon church, the CIA & UFOs would be by way of following the trail of the Urantia Book. The Urantia book is a channeled text which describes a cosmological view in which Jesus & UFOs are mixed.

I always found the Urantia content to be oddly reminiscent of some elements of the Mormon dogma. Perhaps Robbie could find some answers there...

Mike Clelland! said...

Hey - Please know - I am NOT saying that the report Linda read in 1983 was based on the HANGAR 18 script.

I was just saying it was funny that what she was allowed to see sure *seemed* similar.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

I fond this picture today and i felt i had to share it. Adds a masonic sync to the hanger 18 store