Thursday, January 31, 2013

audio conversation with Bridget Nielsen

public video diary

Bridget runs a website titled Hybrid Children Community. In less than a year she has had an awakening experience where she is in telepathic connection with more than one of her children. These are off-world alien human hybrid children. After starting her website she has been contacted by lots of men and women who have their own hybrid children.

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two hours / 16 minutes 

Yes, I am fully aware that this is far out stuff. But it fits a very real pattern of reported experiences. What is most fascinating is Bridget's public conviction and the her lightning fast emergence onto the public stage.

This interview references a series of other posts on this site: Barbara Lamb's interview, Darryl Anka's interview, Jason's video testimony and Bridget and her father.

Below is a video featuring one of the parents from this community. I found this woman's presence absolutely heartwarming. The voice from behind the camera is Kirk Nielsen, Bridget's father.

heartfelt first person experience

audio conversation with Bridget Nielsen


Red Pill Junkie said...

Consider me among the challenged as well...

Bridget's art in this page does look interesting, though.

Are you really thinking about moving to Sedona, Mike?

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I am really thinking about (in the near future) spending a lot of time in Sedona just to see if I can handle it.

Unknown said...

Going public with my experiences was a huge decision that still brings some anxiety within me (as may be evident in the video, lol), so I appreciate your kind words. :) Thank you for sharing the info on the hybrid kids & community!

Anonymous said...


You are the first one who has described the blue guys very similarly to what I have experienced. Thanks for doing this video.

Mr.Owl said...

Dear Michaela,
Thank you for sharing your story, it took incredible courage to do so. As absurd as your story may sound to some people, based on my own experiences, I am in no position to judge. Not that I would. I know too well the look most people get in their eyes when you try in vain to relate some of your experiences. You must know that of which I speak. It's like you have leprosy! But seriously, my ears really pricked up when you mentioned the blue color of these beings. Please tell me: what shade of blue? Light, dark, medium or anything else. The answer to this question would be of a great service to me, to help me clarify aspects of a certain 'experience'. Thank you very much

Unknown said...

Yes to hybrids but no to another Real and his give me money for galactic embassy. So many years latter ..he has happiness academy . ? what is that ...? so collecting money for club of happy reunion with hybrids - kind a sci- fi idea . Whith headquarter in Sedona ? I live there and is the most controlled place . If there would be intention for such place it would be very private place .

Unknown said...

Hello everyone I meant RAEL .Intention of creating new hybrid race is very real and in progress . what turn me off Bridget is way to cheerful and as matter of effect about it .