Saturday, June 22, 2013

audio conversation with Jim Moroney

I first heard Jim interviewed on the Open Minds audio series with Alejandro Rojas (linked HERE). During that show he spoke at length about a 1987 abduction event that happened in the parking lot of a truck stop along the Trans-Canadian Highway. I was very impressed and I later read his book, or more correctly, listened to it. At the end of this interview I include an excerpt from his book.

Jim walks the fine line between being analytical as well as open bout the spiritual and optimistic aspects of the overall encounter phenomenon. It was this contrast that I wanted to explore, as well as his own experience as he worked to integrate these challenging life events.

one-click audio download HERE

The book is titled; The Extraterrestrial Answer Book with the sub-title; UFOs, Alien Abductions and the Coming ET Presence

Jim Moroney is an occupational hygiene professional and health and safety inspector. His job requirements play a role in his insights and conclusions. He lives in Calgary, Canada. Jim’s web page linked HERE. Jim was also interviewed on Coast to Coast (linked HERE).


Anonymous said...

I listened to both your interview Mike and the Open Minds Radio interview and i have a question concerning the incident that happened to Jim when he pulled off at the truck stop.

On this interview Jim said concerning these beings "they expressed some deep feelings of love and concern that i knew where absolutely genuine"

yet in the Open Minds Radio interview Jim described these beings being able to change his emotions "what they have the ability to do is to project some means of controlling your emotions and controlling the individual that is with them."

How can Jim trust any of his emotions, since his emotions can be instantly manipulated by these beings?

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Ward:


This whole phenomenon is confusing and hard to fully understand because of the emotional control that is described by the abductees.

Mike C

lhl said...

Here's a recent talk by an abduction researcher I hadn't heard about before: Natasha Acimovic.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I think that sense of entering a 'distorted reality' should be explored & discussed more deeply within the context of the abduction experience.

I think most folks think of that 'dream-like' quality as the typical 'Oz factor' Jenny Randles coined, but IMO that just doesn't cut it. It's not just the weirdness of being in front of something your mind doesn't have a previous point of reference; I think what you guys discussed is something much more profound.

I like Jim's idea of perceiving the close encounter phenomenon as an 'intervention' rather than a contact experience. The problem with those though, is that if the addict didn't seek out help voluntarily in the 1st place, then he will react violently to any form of external aid.

Anonymous said...

Today's Wall Street Journal(6/25/13), in the Personal Journal section, has an article on the use of an eye scanning device by a doctor in Pittsburgh.

Just fyi, in case you are interested.

happytobe said...

Excellent Interview!

Joanne said...

I recently got very interested in UFO's after watching the syndicated TV program, "Unsealed Alien Files," and have read several books, so far.

One was Moroney's book. And I am trying to contact him with questions but cannot find a website for him, or email address...but I found this site.

My question is: If aliens are experimenting on us, and mean us no harm, then why don't they reveal themselves (since as Moroney says) they can change our emotions at will, to make sure that the human race did not react with panic. Why are the aliens being secretive, with their own agenda?

I think the whole human race is being experimented on, and people are being given false reassurance by the aliens. If this is happening, this undermines all religions and human beliefs.

Also, if the aliens are changing our CNS, this really seems like an experiment, and not for human benefit.

And, lastly, I agree with the question posed by Ward, because if aliens can change out emotions at will, and have decided to present themselves to us in a more human like form, or any way they wish, Moroney could be brainwashed with his sense of “love” emotions emanating from them.

I believe the scientific quotes and believe the government is covering this up, because it would change the whole world view of everyone and cause severe panic. I never believed in religion, or our modern society. (It makes us stop living off the land, and is polluting the environment….) so this is not something that will unnerve me, unless the aliens decide to experiment on me. (Is Moroney working with the aliens?) There have always been traitors throughout history.