Friday, May 21, 2021

THE MESSENGERS now as an audiobook


THE MESSENGERS, my first book on owls and UFOs, is now available as an audiobook. A lot of people have been asking me if there's an audio version, and I can now say YES!

  audiobook linked HERE  

 I'll be adding some audio samples here on my blog, and this’ll happen very soon.

The book was read beautifully by Michael Hacker. He has read a long list of other books by such luminaries as John Keel and Brad Steiger. I loved his story telling skills, and sought him out to read my book. We worked closely on the project, and he captured the eerie mystery in the many accounts that make up over 15 hours of narration. I am immensely proud of this audiobook.

Please know, I plan on actively promoting this audiobook heavily in the upcoming weeks. You’ve been forewarned.

For a short while, I’m offering my blog readers a free audiobook—and this is part of my promotional push. The only catch is that you’ll need to have a membership to So, you get a FREE audiobook by simply contacting me! My email linked above by clicking the “contact” button. Limited time offer!

It’s a wonderful book… because it's a book that advances us in consciousness—it advances us—it takes us from where we were before we started reading it to a new place in terms of understanding the close encounter experience. I can name, just on the fingers of one hand, the number of books that actually do that.

     —Whitley Strieber, author of Communion
~        ~        ~ 
“I would characterize very few UFO books as beautiful, but this one is.”

    —Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State

 ~        ~        ~

 I get a strong sense that Mike Clelland was guided to write this by the UFO intelligences and I think the reader will get that. This is the first time I have seen this level of both a book and its author being inextricably linked to the phenomenon itself since Strieber and Communion. Communion was clearly more than just a book; I believe the phenomenon intended it to be written, published, and read on a large scale. I think Mike’s book is another example of this.

    —Nick Redfern, author of Men In Black


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