Wednesday, May 19, 2021

two articles feature my ideas about owls and UFOs

Illustration By Natsumi Chikayasu

My research was recently featured in the online magazine VICE. I had an excellent conversation with journalist Tamlin Magee, and from his questions I knew he had read my book, and took my ideas seriously. 

This lead to a follow up article in THE STAR, a rather dubious UK tabloid. All they did was pick the most sensationalistic bits from VICE, and then post these in a way that got nearly everything wrong. Oh well. 

The VICE article is recommended, and pretty much every sentence in THE STAR made me cringe.

Excerpt from Tamlin Magee’s article:
It all began after Clelland saw owls circling overhead for an entire hour during a 2006 camping trip. Familiar with a supposed UFO-owl link, Clelland intuitively felt there was something mystical, otherworldly, or even alien to the animals above. Moved by the events, Clelland eventually connected owl sightings to disturbing alien abduction experiences of his own, spurring him to post a call for any strange owl anecdotes on his website. 

To his surprise, the stories streamed in, tying the birds to UFOs, abductions, "missing time," and other strange phenomena. Meanwhile, owls began to manifest themselves to Clelland "in a flurry of weirdness," for instance, appearing to hover at eye-level before fluttering away as he rode his bike through his small Idaho town. Now, he's collected thousands of accounts, with at least one landing in his inbox every day. 

"That people are actually having experiences that imply contact with some sort of non-human intelligence is strange enough," Clelland writes in his book. "Adding owls into the mix makes it all the more bizarre. Like a performance on a stage, the owl is playing a small role in the grand drama. The part it plays is a riddle begging to be solved." 



Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I wouldn't worry about those wankers at THE STAR running VICE's story basically backwards, because STAR spelled backwards is RATS, so no wonder they wouldn't like OWL stories painted in a good, or mysterious light :-P

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Chris said...

Hi Mike- very interesting. I predict the mass media will wake from its long slumber and you shall sell many books...but also lose things like privacy and peace. Mike - we still need to talk - I have things to say that you need to hear. Maybe Bledsoe's woman / parcel / bull shall manifest on Thursday... or maybe not... who knows... there is great mystery. Mike, you've been important to my journey. Time for me to be important to yours.