Saturday, August 25, 2018

owl sighting in LA

My chocolate croissant at a coffee shop in LA.


Jason Doss said...

Did you eat it? LIke the lady who ate the owl feathers, hopefully you have been imbued with even more special insights if you did.

John Burke said...

Yeah ... Looks like someone couldn't resist eating owl brains before this picture was taken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike
I have just bought you book. A month or so ago I had an odd experience with a native new Zealand the daytime ..which was odd..right by the window.. and when I took photos of it there were a lot of orbs around it. I was going through a bit at the time and was meeting someone..who saw it too. I had moved put of this house where I saw it ..and I moved back after seeing this owl. There are other stories around this sighting..
Am looking forward to reading your book.
I also had a blog years ago..until odd things happened around it and I deleted it..two of them actually all documenting a lot of things.
Anyway.. Good to find your blog.

Anonymous said...

This croissant looks like ET ..from the movie �� me
Owl/ET interesting...

Anonymous said...

And the time ..2 0 2
Sounds like an owl calling ��

Anonymous said...

These did seen kind of
Odd dotted around Auckland..

Anonymous said...

Sorry.. typo