Saturday, June 17, 2017

Curious orb moves through a photo

short video loop with a curious orb!

Andrea and I took this picture for author Ryan Sprague, he requested that people send him photos with his recently published book. I have it on my Kindle and Andrea has a paper copy.
Andrea, Spazzy (the cat) and myself are all featured in the book we are holding.
A few things about this picture. Ryan has sat on that very couch.

The book features this about Spazzy: "Her eyes were as deep as the night.” This photo shows Spazzy with crazy lit up eyes, unlike what Ryan wrote about her.

Click on imagefor a larger view
But more than anything, there is an orb in this photo, something Andrea and I noticed right away. It is positioned so it partially overlaps my bald head. We posted the image on Facebook and made sure to point out the orb. It’s sort of a blurry and poorly exposed picture, but gee-whiz, there’s an orb in it!

This picture was taken six months ago in January with my new iPhone. I didn’t know it at the time, but each photo comes with a few seconds of video. It was only recently that I saw that the orb was moving in the short video clip. Not sure what to make of this, January in the Adirondacks isn’t a time for little bugs flying around. Could be nothing at all, but there is a lot going on in this image. I am cautious to ring the “paranormal” bell, yet somethings in there!

Addendum as of June 25th 2017
Some comments have pointed out that this is merely lens flare or dust. To that I say: Quite probably! Actually, I am well versed in camera lenses so I feel that lens flare is unlikely, But a dust particle, perhaps. All I can say is that the image itself is "highly charged" — The living room itself is featured in the book! I am at the point where I factor these kinds of things in, yet I am making no grand declarations. 
More about Ryan’s book SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES, can be found HERE.

My interview with him HERE.

The opening chapter from Somewhere in the Skies, read by the author.


Wendy Garrett said...

Great capture. Maybe you have more info on what else was happening in the moment but it would seem that the cat is aware of the object - not in the sighting but in the presence. In the timing of the squirm and disengagement, your cat chooses to depart.

Red Pill Junkie said...

What's interesting is Spazzy's reaction just as the 'orb' passes right behind you. Like he wants to bail out as fast as he can...

Fin Handley said...

This is a piece of dust. This is exactly how dust looks. And people wonder why the subject attracts so much ridicule!

Lance said...


A light source right behind (and partially obscured by a moving subject). Have you never seen a light flare?

In reframing the debate, must every goddamn simple thing that you somehow don't understand be paranormal? Where does that low standard get anyone?

InI said...

Love the expressions there; you two (and cat) obviously have much elan vital and hilaritas