Monday, June 27, 2016

two books with owl eyes

screen grab from the Amazon page
The amazon page for The Messengers show what books are being bought together through their site. I have been humbled to see that The Super Natural has been side by side with my book since its debut back in February. This book was written by Whitley Strieber and Jeffery Kripal, two people I respect enormously.

  More info on The Super Natural HERE  

Curiously, both books feature vivid golden owl eyes. Well, there is just one eye on The Super Natural.

required reading
I have had the honor of interviewing both these important authors. Each of these men wrestle with ideas that are barely touched upon within the small pool of UFO researchers. Both conversations are posted below. 


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Regan Lee said...

Cool, and congratulations. And here's a bit of synchrony for you Mike -- earlier today, I was trying to find a source for a mothman image on a tarot card (The Tower) and the only link that came up was one I followed, which was …. yes, it's true: Supernatural!

Agreed, big fan of both authors and am looking forward to reading Supernatural.