Thursday, June 9, 2016

Jim Harold talks about owls

graphcis from Jim Harold's site
Jim Harold and I spoke about owls for about 40 minutes, and this conversation is posted on his subscription site. But, I have permission to link it here on my site, so you can hear it for free. Jim hadn't read my book, so I needed to try to convey the complex ideas within those pages in a short amount of time. By the end, I sense he was impressed at what I had worked to explain.

  audio podcast linked HERE  

These are challenging ideas, and it's been hard to sum up a nearly 400 page book without a lot of time. This went really well—recommended listening.


Anonymous said...

When will the "companion" book be coming out?

Culture Industry said...

Sync I was studying the US seal and noticed the all seeing eye like the picture of the owl Jim used have the left eye symbolizing individuality where as if you find the eye in religious iconography it is the right eye falling in the camp of individuality is illusion. I did some research and found a philosophy teacher who said...

"The illusion — the total hallucination — that sameness and commonality brings security and enhanced quality of life. In fact, the urgency for sameness functions most often as a deep deception to distract from genuine understanding and agreement. In fact, the distraction of difference is used as a foil for fear, death, and of the yet-unknown. Thus, it serves as a subterfuge and surrogate for human ignorance and superstition, for resisting change and uncovering new realities, for insisting on a narrow and reassuring mediocrity, and for its smug security and illusory superiority: a life dedicated to confinement and insulation, inducing a truly cultural and intellectual ghetto."

And I like this quote as well...

"The uniquely special worth of each person is the most realistic and the most just understanding of human capacities and talents."

Quotes from philosopher teacher JEROME BALMUTH The illusion of sameness. Colgate

I think this reflects the work Mike and Jim do and my own experiences and research.

Catherine LaSalle said...

Watched your video! Tried to friend you on FB, but new at it. Tried to buy your book today, but not available at store. Left store in middle of the city and saw the OWL I sensed I would see!!!! I am 61yrs old... Long family history of contacts and my middle name should be "Synchronicity"! I have always had a sense of knowing... As do my children, and ask any friend or family... They will tell you... Mostly my dreams. Would love to share my life experiences with you. I question myself like you... But less and less as I get older. I just accept now.

Catherine LaSalle said...

My email is Please disregard lasalle23@gmail. Old account, or maybe google account. Internet is confusing at my age!

Anonymous said...

Woah! Great interview, it's good to hear your voice again, Mike!

...Honestly, I was surprised far more than I was expecting. You see,when that last part of the show approached, and you've been asked to tell one story, I had this childish thought: "oh, I know! I know! It's going to be that story about a twin sister!!!" and then you tell the story with the ghost who lost his voice. And, I swear, I got like the worst shivers down my spine ever. Funny or not. I had my reasons to fear.

Back when I was a kid, I had a very vivid nightmare that still pops in my memory today, where I run away down the stairs from some entity (bcoz I am not sure how to call it now) which, as I painted it as a child, was a very CARTOONISH ghost -- that one that looks like a spook (white body and black eyes) and it was yelling at me with it's scary "BOO! Boo! BOO! Boo!" yet it was like monotone, very heavy voice. This alone gaves me the creeps for some reason, especially the fact that the image of this thing was very far disconnected from the surrounding of this dream which was very real (my actual stairs in actual building).

It seems that Mike Clelland speaking this story aloud somehow invoked that dream in me, and I was scared like at that night again. Not blaming! It wasn't this much scary when I read it in your book though, mr. Clelland, but this audioshow is now officially another one of the syncronicities I've had.


Culture Industry said...

Right after commenting I sat down to watch Masters of the Universe the 80's cartoon and there is an owl with one left eye glowing and it was being used by a great sorcerer to watch He-Man.