Tuesday, June 28, 2016

an owl dream with Robert Moss

author and dream teacher Robert Moss

I get a lot of emails about owl experiences. A woman recently sent me a message where she described a dream—and it's wonderful.
A big owl flies towards her and plops face first into the snow, and the next thing that happens is Robert Moss runs into the scene. He points to the owl and shouts, "It's an owl! It's an owl! It's an owl!"
The email then explained that Robert Moss is an author who writes about dreams and they role in living a deeper life. So a guy who analyzes dream imagery shows up in a dream; he's shouting and pointing to a symbolic owl! (I love this stuff!)

I had never heard of him so I did some quick on-line searching. I found this tidy video (above) that seems to give a good overview of his ideas on dreaming.

I also googled Robert Moss and UFOs, and my own site came up! It was a post from 2014 where a real owl wakes me from a nightmare. More than one of the comments on that post offer up info on Robert Moss. I read these at the time, but I didn't remember the reference to Moss. I have amazing readers and their insights were wonderful.
When strangers ask me what I do, I often respond, "I am a storyteller and I help people to find and live their bigger and braver stories..." 
—Robert Moss 
I've watched a few videos, and read some things from his website, and I sure like the guy and his message. Here's a good podcast where Whitley Strieber talks dreams with Robert.


Knocker said...

Here's a good sync. I'm on vacation and reading your book, Mike. (Kudos on it, btw. Fascinating bringing together your experiences and thoughts.). So today I was sorry to come to the end, just after thinking you might enjoy Robert Moss' take on the archetypal bear in shamanic lore; that maybe I should mention him to you. My tablet finally gets over its vacation connectivity problems today and the first thing I find online is your mention of Moss.

He's truly a dream shaman I've studied and dreamed with a bit online after reading his books. He's suffered three NDEs himself and has studied shamanism across the world. He's adept at classical mythology and his synchronicities are the most impressive I've read. The red tailed hawk seems to be his totem animal, but many animals show him the way through his stupendous dream recall. I think he's worth investigating for anyone who looks for answers to large and small questions about life. I do and trust his methods for dream recall as well as being presented with answers I need.

Mike Clelland! said...

Well, that is how it all seems to work. I am very impressed with Robert Moss.