Monday, December 20, 2010

owl on a cold winter's night

Last week I saw an owl on a telephone post. I was walking to my car on a cold winter night, after leaving a friends house. At the time I was in a somber emotional mood. It felt like I was in confusing point in my life. I stood directly under the owl for a minute or so, and it watched me from above but never flew off.

The next afternoon my friend (who's house I left the previous night) saw a Great Gray Owl on a post right outside her window. Earlier that day, she had received an emotional email from an old boyfriend, and when they were dating they both had lots of curious owl sightings, including owl dreams!

I'm not sure what any of this means, but I feel obligated to pay attention.

Text added Dec. 30th:
Just found this, more collected owl weirdness (LINK).


Red Pill Junkie said...

Hmm... the minute I end up writing a comment for your blog post, i find a new one! Oh well...

Maybe the focal point of the "owl" remark (that seems to be a key for you to "pay attention") was the telephone or communication aspect. Like the Universe saying "all you need to do, is know the number you wanna dial, man".

Well, do you?

Mike Clelland! said...

This was the night before I interviewed Andy Colvin.

Mike Clelland! said...

Last spring, my friend had an dream where she saw 17 owls outside her bedroom window, and they were perched on 3 logs that were jutting out of the cabin.

I asked her: "How did you know there were 17 of them? Did you count them in your dream?"

She replied, "I just knew."

And, there isn't any jutting los from her cabin, that was strictly dream imagery.

But, 3-17 shows up in this blog recently.

Listen to the Jake Kotze interview for a curious synchronicity to Saint Patricks Day.

The director of the 2002 movie THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES was born on 3-17-1962 (same year as my birth).

I feel like I'm channeling Christopher Knowles.

Red Pill Junkie said...

And of course, in that movie the telephone plays an important role. With the character of Richard Gere receiving phone calls from Indrid Cold; and also he turns obsessed with the idea of being home in time to receive a final telephone call from her dead wife.

And then he realizes he shouldn't obsess over the issue and let "her" go, as the first step in a long-delayed closure. But that causes him to be present during the Silver Bridge collapse. The viewer is left wandering whether Gere's decision changes the future, or he just fell into his pre-ordained fate.

I'm not really going anywhere useful with this diatribe. I just think that's a very cool movie; something of an acquired taste, though ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm getting some weird "dark horse" synchs right now. Posted on it recently, and it made me reevaluate your owl sightings and synchs.


Mike Clelland! said...

Cold winter's night?

Indrid Cold?

Owls seen on posts?

Owl posts on my blog?

Telephone pole?

Indrid called Keel on the telephone?

? ? ?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I've always liked the movie "The Mothman Prophecies" and I haven't seen it for sometime,so I decided to order a copy from an Australian DVD site that I always shop at;

and what do you know it's on special for $9.97 from $39.97 ...bargain!

Thanks for that little sync,Mike.
Cheers / Darren

P.S. I'm listening to the Cynthia Crawford interview...interesting, in so many ways.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

This is the first time I have read your blog and I find it truly fascinating,so I've decided to start right at the beginning and work my way through (lucky I'm now on holidays).
The first post I read on this blog was "Owl on a Cold Winter's Night"
(love that photo BTW,it's like peering at the subconscious peering back at the would make a great poster)
then I started scrolling down,and thought,where do I start...the the beginning,of course.
So I went right back and started scrolling up.
So far,I'm as far as the
"Owls at Sunset" post,and a thought entered my head that maybe owls are some sort of alien/hybrid cross also,and maybe they can work as a type of alien messenger or drone type creature for aliens to watch from us from afar?
They do appear otherworldly compared to most birds.

Just a thought,and love the blog.

Cheers / Darren

Traci A said...

Remember last week I posted asking what was that owl thing was in the picture of Andy? The answer was---wait for it---wait for it---- "an old owl telephone"!

Is there someone you should be calling? A call you've been putting off making? Seems like the owls and telephones and telephone polls are trying to make a statement.......

Mike Clelland! said...

Want more?

Lat night I had a really weird owl dream. I can't remember much, but there were two owls and they were HUGE.

This was a daylight environment, outside, and the owls were vivid and kept coming closer to me. I can't remember much more than that.

Also -

The title of this post uses the word COLD - a link to Indrid Cold???

Red Pill Junkie said...

Maybe the owls weren't "huge".

Maybe *you* were an owl yourself...

Mike Clelland! said...

This morning in the pre dawn drive to the Idaho falls airport I saw two owls. Neither crossed my path, and both flew off from posts on the side of the road as my car passed them. The first one looked enormous.

Mike Clelland!

Anonymous said...

Mike, You may get a chuckle or a a shiver-up-your-back when you check this link out! I find the owl men disconcerting! I love how one of the commentators mentions Streiber's Communion. And this is a perfume blog at that! ~ Susan

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

More owls! These guys seem to be your personal messengers, Mike!

Regan Lee said...

another interesting owl post, mike. I'm posting about it right now, -- more synchronicity, since you mentioned Andy Colvin, in my post I'm including an email I received from Nick Redfern who shared with me his photo of an owl painted on a rock at Giant Rock, California, from about 3 weeks ago. And, he was there with, among others, Andy Colvin :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Presently - I'm composing a long post in my head. I need to factor in some deeper stuff about owls and the way they seem to interact with the UFO phenomenon - and the paranormal in general.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Don't rush it. Let it "flow" on its own accord.