Sunday, October 27, 2013

audio conversation with Colin Andrews

Author, researcher and experiencer
Colin Andrews brought us the term crop circle. He was one of the initial team of investigators that were looking into the unusual formations that were emerging each year around the world, but with a particularly flurry in southern England.

Along with is wife and co-author, Synthia Andrews, they've just published On the Edge of Reality. This book has the lengthy sub-title: Hidden technology, Powers of the Mind, Quantum Physics, Paranormal Phenomenon, Orbs, UFOs, Harmonic Transmissions and Crop Circles. They could have added this: A bunch of really weird personal experiences too!

  one-click audio download HERE  

We dig into a lot of extremely interesting stuff. I tried to keep the focus on personal stories, either his or my own. We cover the list below (and lots more) but these are linked for more follow-up info.
Colin's recent interview with Mel Fabregas on Veritas
Stace's Doug story
Dr. Steven Greer and the mosquito
Teton Crop Circle report
Stace's weird experience in the Teton circle
The initial crop circle event from 2002
All the posts revolving around the two Byrons and the giant triangle
Stace's line on a map across Kansas
* And, Colin's own web-site.

Presentation from the 2009 X-Conference


tinyjunco said...

ah, Mike, what a perfect time for you to publish this from my own selfish perspective :) forget consecutive numbers, i'm hitting a rough spot with a chronic pain condition and new, fascinating listening material is such a welcome distraction. I'd never have the nerve to ask for a new Clelland podcast just for me, but boy am i glad to see it here. Thank you and happy week! steph

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"Weirdly enough my friends Rob and Trish MacGregor had launched their book about Aliens and synchronicity on the day Reg passed away - February 4th 2013 ."

Chuck said...

Mike. Really great podcast. I was really interested by the musician aspect and that contemporary artists might be inspired to bring these messages into the culture. That is very much something that is described at different points in the 5 novel series of "space fiction" by Doris Lessing called Canopus in Argos. If you haven't read them, I think you might find the series fascinating. The novels describe, each from a widely different perspective, the guidance from an advanced civilization on Earth and some other related planets. Not really science fiction as much as a study in something much larger. Something more about being human, or greater than human. She was heavily influenced by Indries Shah and sufism at the time when she wrote these novels.

tinyjunco said...

Hi Mike, just excellent. Quick note - in esoteric thinking hummingbirds are considered as one mirror image or flip side of the owl (and vice versa). Both herald the opening of the veil, owls to the 'darker' or death (literal as well as metaphorical), the underworld; hummies to the 'lighter', the fae, opening of the higher chakras. Obviously this is just a summary and the symbolism goes much deeper, but it gives you a key to one way of looking at these matters.

What do the Blackfoot and Crow Nations have to say about Raven, i wonder? Happy Day!!! steph

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

The MacGregor's earlier book "Synchronicity and the Other Side: Your Guide to Meaningful Connections with the Afterlife" features a hummingbird on the front cover and the book also featured my own first true personal weird synchronicity of when I was burring my cat in the forest and Peter Gabriel's song "Digging in the Dirt" came on my car radio just as I was shoveling the dirt over his corpse.I've been a Gabriel fan ever since,as that synchronicity really shook my mind like a blow from a "Sledgehammer" would.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Well,here's another weird sync on many levels,I guess.Soon as I had written the above comment I did a search to see the latest news on Peter Gabriel and found this one day old story of a band Peter signed to his "Real World" recording label after a ride in a taxi being driven by one of the band members.The story features a Marilyn Manson lookalike swinging a sledgehammer.Another personal sync for me is my father was a cab driver and I often have profound syncs with his old cab number 424 and he is still alive,so it has nothing to do with a message from him.Here's a link to the band's story as they tell their personal Gabriel sync -

You might want to checkout Pete's "Sledgehammer" clip from the 80's too,as it seems to contain a homage to aliens with the stop/start dreamlike qualities,not to mention the blue face he dons at one part of the clip and his exit into space as a star-man(literally)at the end of the clip.

gheron93 said...

The band Owl in the Sun, photographed on Solsbury Hill.


Cindy Clark said...

One of the most inspiring interviews ever. Thank you!

Red Pill Junkie said...

This was a great one, Mike. I can tell you enjoyed it too, because you decided to include some music in it ;)

I'm particularly grateful for the level of honesty Mr. Andrews had during the conversation. To hear him speak of the heavy price he had to pay when he decided to 'fulfill his mission,' I'm sure will give a lot of comfort to people who, right now, might be feeling despair over similar circumstances.

Looking forward to having him back on Hidden Experience ^_^

Anonymous said...

This was such a good interview, I'm pressing you for another, Mike. Soon! Colin is a complete delight and I felt each of you was in sync with the other. Rather than an interview, it was as though I got to sit in on one heck of a special conversation.

I've often had dreams of geometric symbols coming into being from a void and eventually had one where the symbols told the story of each member of my family having superpowers. We performed feats, but it might have well have been told to me in German, a language I don't understand. As I dreamed, I understood what each of us was, but upon trying to explain the dream later, I'd lost all but the gist of the dream, that humans are more powerful than they realize. I could see us as powerful beings, but couldn't relate the story as it was presented, in symbol.

Several nights back, my son was sitting on our back porch and was startled when an owl in one of our trees called whooooo. I walked outside and sat with him and heard the owl a couple of times as my son hooted back to him. He was easy to see and ruffled his wings each time my son made the hoots and he answered in more and more plaintive tones. They sounded human and very, very sad. I have no reference for the owl other than an uncommon occurrence, but I mention it because it is uncommon in my life.

BrianCShort said...

This story about Peter Gabriel at the end really struck me. I used to work at his Real World Studios in the mid-'90s and had some passing acquaintance with him. We never talked about the subject of UFOs – I was swung at the time to the side of incredulity and denial about them, so wouldn't have brought it up. But he struck me as a very gentle and modest sort of person, uncomfortable with fame, with his head very much in the deeper issues, and it wouldn't surprise me a bit that he'd had contact experiences.

Anonymous said...

Excellent interview!!

Anonymous said...

Colin Andrews' remarks regarding Mike Pinder, an original founder and former member of the Moody Blues, a British rock band, caused me to perk up. Won't really go into it here but the MB was very instrumental in my awakening process. This blog article I wrote was the most heavily viewed posting in the forum section of the official MB web site:

Moody Blues As Soul-Manifesting Music