Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colin Andrews, Dr. Steven Greer and a mosquito

Colin Andrews in his element

While at the recent Open Minds UFO conference in Arizona, I was delighted to spend some time with Colin Andrews. He is a crop circle researcher who I respect enormously. I had exchanged a few emails with him in the previous weeks asking if he would be open to doing an audio interview. He said yes, but his schedule was too full to find a date, but we both agreed it will happen at some point in the near future.

At the conference I asked Colin if we could talk, he heartily agreed and we went outside and sat in a small garden area on a bench. I shared a set of experiences of my own while Colin ate his lunch. There were parts of my experience that seemed to resonate strongly with him, and he was a wonderful listener.

As I neared the end of my story, I saw a glimpse of a tiny bug near my mouth, and then I felt it tickling the back of my throat. I turned and coughed towards the tall plants near the bench.

Colin laughed, and in his beautiful English accent he said, "I saw that little fellow go in, it was a mosquito." The tiny tickle remained, but I finished my story as Colin finished his lunch.

Suddenly, Colin looked past me and said, "Well Hello Steven!"

Dr. Steven Greer

I turned and looked behind me and saw Dr. Steven Greer approach us, and we both stood up. Dr. Greer had a body guard along side him, decked out in dark sunglasses and a black military looking flack jacket. Dr. Greer and Colin knew each other from a previous set of conferences where they were speakers; they both smiled and shook hands.

Colin said, "Steven, I want you to meet Mike here, we've just been sharing some interesting stories."

I shook his hand and he said, "Hello, I'm Steven Greer."

I replied with a raspy voice, "Yes, I know who you are." At that point I felt that tiny mosquito in my throat position itself so I was absolutely incapable of speech. I was suddenly struck mute. So, all I could do is stand there in silence as Colin and Dr. Greer exchanged some pleasant small talk.

Now, let me add here that Dr. Greer is on of the very few people in this small pool of researchers that I find extremely challenging. He says things that I find very difficult to believe, and he will make conclusions that I simply find impossible to accept. I worry that his presence is having a negative impact on the direction of the UFO community, such as it is.

But, during the 5 minutes or so that I stood with him in that garden all I could do was listen. The chit-chat between him and Colin was entirely commonplace, and they both seemed genuinely happy to see each other.

Then Dr. Greer said, "Well, I should check into the hotel room." They said their good-byes, and I smiled politely and he and his bodyguard walked away.

As he left, I turned and faced the bushes and coughed. I saw a tiny speck shoot out, and I instantly knew I had liberated that mosquito from my throat. At that point my voice returned.

So, I had met a nemesis of sorts, and the universe had coerced me into silence.

Let me also add that in 2011 both Dr. Greer and Colin had been at a conference together and both of them, for the first time publicly, stood on a stage and shared their own UFO contact experiences. The term abduction might be used here interchangeably. Colin and I spoke about what it meant to speak one's truth, and what it might imply all of humanity. I found this both fascinating and emotional.




tinyjunco said...

"So, I had met a nemesis of sorts, and the universe had coerced me into silence."

a nemesis who openly admits that he strives toward physically manifesting his inner wishes.

helluva coincidence. steph

Lord Jim said...

Greer is a real Drama Queen. There are probably very pronounced reasons for that.

For what it's worth, I have experienced similar things -- where you are preparing to take, for example, a principled stand and something intervenes as if to sabotage you in a grossly obvious way. It leaves you frustrated and wondering: how could I be wrong for taking a stand? Is God a Buddhist? A nihilist?

Of course, people are always quick upon hearing a story like this to condemn the person getting ready to speak for not being nice, for being "negative", etc. But to the person interfered with it seems like frustrating nonsense. It always leaves you thinking: what in the hell is the meaning of all this?

Anyway, the story is quite a funny one. Greer with a secret service-style bodyguard. It makes perfect sense.

Mike Clelland! said...

Just so everyone knows, I wasn't going to try and let Dr. Greer have it or anything. I am far too polite for that in that context. He came over to say hello to Colin. I was planning on being on my best behavior.

I am not sure how to interpret the "forced" silence. It is more funny than meaningful.

Red Pill Junkie said...

It wasn't a mosquito. It was a fly... and Greer is their Lord! :P

Reminded of the movie Devil's Advocate, where that Voodoo sorcerer (Delroy Lindo) casts a spell on the attorney leading his trial by using a cow's tongue ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Maybe the mosquito was the universe's way of making sure you didn't get drawn into a conversation with Greer,only to be sucker punched by Greer later on in the conversation...or by his bodyguard for real?-)

To quote Wiki;
" A sucker punch is a blow made without warning, allowing no time for preparation or defense on the part of the recipient. The term is generally reserved for situations where the way in which the blow has been delivered is considered unfair or unethical. In practice this often includes blows delivered from close range or from behind.It can be used to show the antagonist's vileness, the low moral of an anti-hero, betrayal of a someone close to the protagonist, etc., but it also can be used as a weapon of the protagonist to deal against an unfair situation. "

In all fairness I don't know anything much about Greer,but I couldn't help bringing up a comment about "suckers" and Greer,when I saw the word mosquito for some reason.
And since I'm not in striking distance of his bodyguard,I feel quite safe doing so.-)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

...oh,and I'm looking forward to the conversation with Colin Andrews.
I love the crop circle phenomena,and I don't care who,or what is making them.They are great works of symbolic art and math combined to make truly great masterpieces,and deserve more attention than they get,I feel.

Kandinsky said...

'Dr. Greer is on of the very few people in this small pool of researchers that I find extremely challenging.'

Wonderful diplomacy!

Fortunately, his star is no longer rising and he's reduced to 'engaging contact protocols' in out of the way locations with those who can (hopefully!) afford it. I don't think he has any more influence on ufology and is mostly considered one of the lunatic fringe.

I have a great deal of sympathy for his customers, yet at the same time, some people are like Teflon when it comes to being resistant to all reason and experience.

I once did a little maths to gain a ball-park figure for the CSETI annual income stream. It was safely into low 6-figures with few costly overheads. Perhaps his male friend is there to protect his wallet rather than preserve his life from the black-ops guys.

Surreality said...

Too funny! I love when the universe intervenes with these comical, yet poignant nudges to pay attention to something.

I can't wait for your interview with Colin! My experience with him at the conference was one of the best! It really spurred my recent desire to start exploring my spiritual side again. Which I believe is somehow connected to all the phenomena we call paranormal. Whether it is simply a way to awaken our awareness to the mystery of life and the unknown or something else, I don't know. But I do feel it is connected.

I have noticed that over the past 18 yrs or so my obsession with ufology will at times peak and I will be consumed with reading and researching the subject. Then, the urge will wane somewhat as it seems I need some time to absorb and integrate what I've learned. During the interim, my desire to explore and connect to my spirituality will take on a similar obsessive need. And the two seem to alternate in this manner. Although, right now I am exploring both at the same time for the first time.

Presently, I'm reading a book called, "Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibration" by Penney Peirce which talks about how all of humanity (whether they realize it or not) is preparing for a shift into a higher vibration of being and how much of the turmoil we experience in our lives is just part of the process of adjusting for this shift. She lists many symptoms of this awakening process that I relate to and find very intriguing. Part of living in the new higher vibration will be the ability to perceive and communicate with beings most of us now do not or cannot actively acknowledge.

I find Whitley Streiber's theory that trauma or being faced with unanswerable questions in some way opens us up to realms we might not otherwise perceive fascinating. This idea is one way to look at or explain the possible reason for all the “evil” in the world; maybe it’s necessary in order to propel our spiritual evolution…

Surreality said...

Ps. This also reminds me that I still haven't watched the dvd I bought of Steven Greer's presentation at the conference. I skipped his presentation purposely but was curious about what he had to say after hearing Colin Andrews mention him. I couldn't imagine what this cute, sweet, sincere man had in common with Dr. Greer. I was viscerally repulsed by Dr. Greer's demeanor during a discussion panel he participated in at the conference with Whitley Streiber and Peter Robbins. Greer and Colins seem like polar opposite personality types to me and my reaction to them both matched this. I'm interested to see how I feel about what he says on the dvd (assuming I can sit through it.) But I will attempt to keep an open mind and see if there is anything I feel I can gain from it. I am focusing on and practicing using my intuition to guide me in discerning what is truth and what is BS. Especially, since the field of ufology is full of both!

Mike Clelland! said...

About my opinions of Greer.

I know he was a forceful presence with the disclosure project, and I respect what he put together in 2001.

I know of several researchers who will say that I shouldn't dismiss Greer completely. Fred Burks is an example. He tells of his own experiences with him.


In that interview Fred talks of how Greer was struck with cancer (and survived) while two of his colleagues died of similar cancers within months of each other. One was a congressman.

I researched this and it is EXTREMELY strange, and it sure points to something done on purpose.

I try not to write off Greer entirely, but his presence is just too outrageous sometimes. He makes me cringe.

Regan Lee said...

A very Zen moment in UFO Land. :)

Anonymous said...

When Secretary of State Clinton steps down from her post (which she's said she will after President Obama is re-elected),....if I had my way - Mike Clelland would be our next Secretary of State!

Mike you are truly a diplomat!

~ Susan

Bright Garlick said...

At the risk of irritating you Mike - maybe the universe was trying to challenge your pre-conceptions of Steven and making sure you saw the human side of the man who everybody loves to hate.

Behind everything he does - making money, having celebrity, being a know it all - he does have a family he loves very much and he is advocating peace and understanding towards ET's. That's very confronting for a lot of people.

Anyway, regardless, I like the way you told this story and your honesty about what happened. It shows what a humble, conscientious person you are !

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more at odds with you. After many months of research into ET reports and uncovering the MASSIVE amount of Disinformation on the topic, Steven Greer was the ONLY voice of sanity I could find. He's the only one to actually get out there, risk his life, and interview the people whose testimony is reliable. Attacking this great man personally is weak and cowardly and nothing to be proud of. Some of you are shills some of you are sheep some of you sincerely don't know.. As for Greer, ask yourself this: When you've finished bitching and moaning what have YOU done for raising awareness on the ET subject?? Very little I suspect.

Keep up the bad work.

Mike Clelland! said...

to anonymous:

What have I done? I am posting on this blog, using my real name. I am trying to honestly address the complex issues of the UFO abduction phenomenon.

Mike Clelland

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Sounds like Steven Greer is posting under the name Anonymous to me .-)

Ryan B said...

I'm amazed anyone still takes Greer seriously. He's the complete self-debunking package. A small amount of research will reveal what he is, nothing more than a con man preying on the gullible. It's sickening, but quite amusing at the same time. He's been going for what, 15 years? No disclosure. No free energy. Just bulging bank accounts and property portfolios for Greer. Oh, and Mothra :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Greer is an easy target, he is just so arrogant. Even people who like and follow him can agree on that.

I pay attention to him for a few reasons, mostly because I am fascinated by how he presents himself. ANd he has is a cult like following of devoted fans, i am not exaggerating.

I also feel that he is telling the truth when he says he has had contact (abduction) experiences in his life. I sense that here is something going on below the waterline that is influencing his persona.

Mike C

Joe Rybicki said...

He is very friendly with some of the Rockefellers. That, for me, is extremely suspicious. Why would someone who claims to support disclosure and free energy be so closely associated with some if the most powerful players in black-world secrecy and the oil-energy paradigm?