Monday, September 23, 2013

talkin' weirdness with Greg Bishop on Radio Mysterioso

Greg Bishop
It's always wonderful talking to Greg, he has a way of peering into these mysteries that forces me to contemplates the deeper aspects of the overall weirdness. We spent an hour on Sunday night wallowing through the strange stuff, including a lot of talk about owls.

  Radio Mysterioso site linked HERE  

We did an interview together in 2011 (where I interview him) on this site, HERE. And, he interviewed me on his show once before, also in 2011, linked HERE. Also, this interview took place right after me interviewing James Carman, so I felt a little bit talked out, but I think that actually helped. I didn't have the energy to play the role of a formal interviewee.


Chris Diablo said...

David Lynch is an avid proponent of using meditation as a springboard to artistic creativity. I haven't read it yet, but I think his book "Catching The Big Fish" is about his process. Therefore, I would hazard a guess that "The owls are not what they seem" is something intuitive on his part and not based on some sort of preconceived desire to communicate something about "screen memories" and such. Like a lot of art his seems to come more from the collective unconscious or whatever.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I like that idea, Chris. So, basically is letting the unconscious 'take the wheel' as it were :)

Which is significant to Greg (and Paul Kimball's) concept of the UFO phenomenon as an art form, because if something certain can be said about the phenomenon, is that it uses the SAME language our unconscious mind uses: Symbols.

geheron93 said...

For those who haven't seen them, Jasun Horsley has been posting a fascinating and challenging series of essays on UFOs/Abductions. The first one is here.