Tuesday, September 24, 2013

audio conversation with James Carman

The Hidden Hand: Marc Brinkerhoff Scene

The Hidden Hand is a feature length documentary directed by James Carman. The subject is the UFO phenomenon and all it’s complexities. A few years back I got to hang out with James in my old neighborhood in New York City. Since then I’ve seen him a bunch more times at UFO conferences where he was hard at work on this documentary.

James is a really sensitive and thoughtful guy, and this film reflects the way he looks at the challenges that are running through the overall UFO phenomenon.

 one-click audio download HERE 

Here's the homepage for the documentary - Hidden Hand The Movie.

filmmaker James Carman
I did a Q&A with James a few weeks ago during the run up to this film's premier, and I’m super honored to sing it’s praises and also to help get the word out. 

This doesn't have any of the trappings or the exploitation found on late night cable TV documentaries. This is coming from a singular vision.

The feature-length documentary is now available through a bunch of online platforms including iTunesiTunes CanadaAmazon InstantGoogle Play and Xbox.

preview for The Hidden Hand


Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, James could try to release small snippets of all that discarded material that couldn't be included on the DVD through his Youtube channel. Paul Kimball's been doing that on Google+ with stuff from his past documentaries.

Who's this Japanese princess you guys mentioned?

I like that idea of 'stretching our being-ness', or maybe expanding our perceptions to make us realize we're more than mere tridimensional beings --even if that expansion requires something as traumatic as being kicked into the air so we can see our Flatland realm from above ;)

Chris Diablo said...
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Chris Diablo said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Re. The Hidden Hand Trailer....

One of the participants (in the yellow shirt & dark shorts) is now calling his fellow participants "mentally ill".

Jeremy Vaeni: "To be in a documentary featuring the likes of David Jacobs, mentally ill folks, and channelers."

Geesh...if there was ever a 'pot meet kettle' analogy.

~ Susan

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Susan,

I too have been called "mentally ill" by Jeremy Vaeni. And a lot of other things, much worse than that.

I don't really think I my experiences, or what I've shared, matches his rather harsh verdict on my mental health. Vaeni has come down strongly on more than just me...

I wrote about it here:

What it implies to me is that if Vaeni says something crappy about someone else in this little community of UFO experiencers and researchers, he's probably wrong. I say that from my own experiences in dealing with him.

Mike C

Anonymous said...

Mike - Yes, I commented on that older thread back then too. I'd experienced (as have others) some of those personal attacks as well.

It's too bad, regarding this, that Vaeni just didn't state something like he changed his viewpoint or interpretation of what he experienced and can't relate to the documentary [The Hidden Hand] he was in. But, he chose to use a baseless and sweeping ad hominem.

~ Susan