Friday, November 23, 2012

John Keel talks about UFOs in 1966

Keel and Mosely

John Keel talks about UFOs and Aliens during a public talk in 1966. He is interested by Jim Mosley. Sadly Jim died just a few days ago.

28 minutes long
What leaves me impressed is how little has changed. There is an illusion that UFO research is chugging along on a linear track, and we continually learn and expand our ideas about the phenomenon. This is just an illusion, there has been very little forward progress. This talk from 46 years ago seems just as relevant (if not more so) than so much of the dialog that we hear today. Keel addresses this subject with a clarity and depth that I find fascinating.

Here is the original link from The UFO Chronicles.

7 comments: said...

Mike, I agree - very little progress since 1966.
I am firmly convinced that UFO disclosure will not happen before we close down all nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons factories.
It does not look like that's going to happen very soon..

- Jimmy Bach

Anonymous said...

That's a gem of a talk by John Keel! Love his accent - a more subtle NYC one, not commonly heard today.

~ Susan

Trish said...

Have you read Nigel Kerner's Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls?
It's an eye popper.

Anonymous said...

Trish, I know you're asking Mike, but I just have to chime in to write that I've read both of Kerner's books. If his hypothesis is correct, it would explain the repetitive behavior of the alien entities. It also would explain why some people who've had NDEs describe a mechanical-like structure that is the "tunnel" they go through.

~ Susan

Red Pill Junkie said...

Re. the 'repetitive' behavior of alien entities, while I was chatting with our friend Nick Redfern at the Paradigm Symposium, he pointed out how the aliens never seem to change their discourse or MO, even after hundreds if not thousands of years.

I interjected by saying: why should the aliens change their message, when WE ourselves haven't really changed that much since we were painting doodles on the caves of France? Sure, we've grown a little more sophisticated, but we ares till driven by the same basic impulses --we want to eat, want to drink, want to fuck, etc.

Maybe the aliens are just REALLY patient teachers ;)

Nick laughed and conceded I had point.

Anonymous said...

RPJ wrote: "Maybe the aliens are just REALLY patient teachers ;)" - - -

Sadistic "patient teachers"...

~ Susan

Red Pill Junkie said...

La letra con sangre entra.

An old Mexican phrase, meaning you learn through pain ;)