Friday, November 16, 2012

audio conversation with Nadine Lalich

 author and contactee

Nadine has had a lifetime of direct contact with non-human entities. She is a strong voice for the  people who are having these direct experiences. This is a very serious subject and there are people out there who are suffering with profound challenges because of what they have experienced. Nadine is remarkably even-keeled given the intensity of what she's lived through, and that makes her testimony all the more compelling.

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She wrote a book along with her therapist, Barbara Lamb, titled Alien Experiences. She shares her own first hand experiences as well as a series of other accounts from Barbra's files.

She did an hour long podcast shortly after the publication of the book where she shares some of her experiences (linked HERE). There are aspects of the contact memories on that audio interview that aren't covered in this more recent conversation.

You can find more at her website, Alien Experiences.

Near the end of the interview I asked Nadine if she ever experiences synchronicity, here is a transcript of her reply:
Definitely more synchronicity in my life, more than ever before. They have escalated in the last 5 or 6 years, definitely escalated. Now, I don't know that I can attribute it to these events [UFO contact] in my life, but I do see it in my life.

It's as though, in general my life is escalating somehow, moving forward in an invisible way, elevating internally and externally.

I feel very deeply that something is in the works.
She gives a time frame she of 5 or 6 years where the synchronicities have escalated. This very closely matches the time that she began to deeply examine these events in her life, and later to come forward publicly with her experiences. The year of 2006 seems to be pivotal, it shows up in my research. I have heard this same thing from too many people and I am forced to conclude that this is not merely coincidence. I also get the sense that something is in the works.  

This video is from a presentation done in 2009 at MUFON-LA



Bright Garlick said...

Hi Mike - Really enjoyed this conversation - you were very balanced in your approach and asked Nadine some tough questions that I thought she answered really well. I like the way you just get out of the way and let the person just share. You did that well in this chat.

I liked Nadine's level headed approach to the phenomenon and her reluctance to label it precisely as others have done. Of course I probably see things very different to both of you (as you know by now) and would probably fall into that small percentage that Nadine described. That for me is not because I have not encountered apparently cold ET's but because I have grown and changed my point of view over time. Also because I have done a lot deep spiritual work (I liked that part of the conversation too - life is spirituality, nothing is separate - life is a spiritual process). I find it difficult to see anything wrong with our alien friends - just our projections. All that being said I like your questioning approach and you undecidedness about the whole thing. But maybe one day you will have conscious encounters and feel less threatened or uncertain. Keep up the great work, Bright.

PS. I reckon you are fulfilling your 'mission'well !

Anonymous said...

This was one of the best audio conversation you've done.
I realized the scope of the work
done by Barbara Lamb.

Chris R said...

Mike, I have no clue why but this audio conversation gave me the chills several times. In fact I was so spooked during her discription of the beings hand I had to take a break from listening. I think it possibly has to do with her even keel way if speaking-- she sounded very credible and as such made me listen much more vigorously.

As per usual amazing show! I am on the last legs of my dissertation and I have developed a habit of listening to your show whenever I write. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next interview.

-Chris R

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Chris R:

Nadine calm clear voice is exactly what drew me to her. So yes, I feel the same way.

She is a very credible person sharing a very INCREDIBLE experience.

Mike C!

God Loves Ugly said...

Very solid interview. Impressive lady. Clear recollections, balanced tone. And you did a great job creating space for her to tell her story, with just the right questions to keep the story rolling, like a minimalist conductor, but with enough to make it personal and warm.

Like Chris said - a little spooky even. But it seems like the speakers with the most 'oomph' tend to have this effect. Why shouldn't they, right? I could just about picture myself in that van with her, and it's enough to make me imagine, I would certainly soil my knickers.

Thanks for another gem.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I too found this conversation incredibly rewarding. I look forward to hearing more about Nadine's experiences, but MORE importantly: her take on them.

I specially enjoyed the part where she mentioned that the 'others' told her about God --"God expands as we expand" "God expands through us as us"-- since I find those assertions incredibly resonant with my own personal musings, and my findings along my own spiritual path.

IMHO There's no better joy for a sentient being than feeling like a valuable instrument in God's plan.

Bright Garlick said...

Mike when I spoke with the Teal'hia they explained 'we are god incarnate' and later during discussions with them and the Tall Aliens and in previous discussions about God with other races - a similar theme to what Nadine hinted at was suggested to me - albeit sometimes in a different way. Many races see all as god and when consciousness arises in a new life form, god expands, albeit into a new form of awareness. This is one reason why many of them have universal compassion.

The thoughts of Dadaji (and his miraculous actions and presence) , Time Freke / & , Genpo Roshi and many others, appear to echo these same sentiments. Realized human beings seem to echo the same thing. Which is one reason some humans can perform seemingly miraculous feats and why many aliens are capable of transforming reality.

I'm with RPJ on this one - this is perhaps the greatest joy there can be. We are the All, All is us. God and self are ONE.

This is the real gift that People from elsewhere have to offer us. Whether we are willing to listen is another question.

Thanks Mike !

Lucretia Heart said...

~ Regarding her presentation on the video-- she mentions the mantis-like one as being more warm, dynamic, sensitive, and relate-able and says that its her favorite one to be with, even though its looks are perhaps more frightening. Very similar to my own feelings there regarding the mantids.

~ Regarding "obsessions" that come about due to contact experiences. When it comes to moving-- husband and myself have always had compulsions, but we've actually remembered a couple of times, after being in Ohio, of being told outright to go back to Oregon. One might well wonder what difference it could possibly make...

~ Nadine's comments about sharing her experiences as "healing" resonates for me. As I've been step by step recording my memories on At Spiral's End, I've found that though it takes some effort to just get those memories out in full, it also takes me further along in accepting these intrusive realities as a part of my life.

~ What's strangest about this is that I recognize both her face and her voice. I've seen a lot of people on your site for your interviews and almost never seen or heard anyone that made me go, "Oh yeah! That person! I know that person!" I remembered her as gesturing with her hands a lot, and I could have sworn someone told me about a nickname or something of hers as "Cat" or "Kitty"??? Maybe I'm mixing it up with someone else, I don't know. Anyways, I haven't read her book or visited her website yet, so maybe I'll find something there. Just wanted to mention the familiarity up front. Also, if I have seen her, it wasn't as a child or in my youth, it was later-- my 30s onward. I found it interesting that she didn't really get into exploring her experiences until fairly recently (in the last decade) as well.

(Synch wink! the "prove you're not a robot" reads: 9 mcllnd)

Lucretia Heart said...

~ About the other experiencers who write to her who say, "I can't tell my wife," or "I can't tell my children." Yeah, I'm thinking its not ethical NOT to tell people you live with that things could happen to you, or around you (because sometimes they DO take spouses, lovers, friends, etc.) And to not tell your children? I understand for young kids-- but older children are almost 100% guaranteed to be involved, and not to tell them is extremely wrong.

~ Nadine's way of trying to gather information as accurately as possible is EXACTLY how I approach my own experiences. I take notes of details as I go along as a habit for over 20 years now. It makes a difference in how much and how well I remember. I've definitely moved on from that stage, however. I don't get too much shock anymore when I come across similar or even identical information. But for a good 15 years or so I certainly did!

~ Regarding reactions to what aliens do to make people fall asleep: I've found a solution, but it takes some stamina. When the "heavy sleep" thing hits abruptly and I know its THEM, I have learned that if I put on fast-tempo dance music (on headphones) stand up and actively dance, I will NOT fall asleep. However, once, when I was in my early 20s with some friends and my husband and everyone fell asleep suddenly at only 6 pm. I got angry when the sleep wave hit, put on my headphones, and started dancing in place to fight it. 2 hours later, I was still at it when a taller grey walked up to our sliding glass door in back and looked in at me. I could see it thru the sheer drapes that covered the doors. The rec room where my friends and (then fiance) had all passed out ON THE FLOOR (no drinking going on, either) was a weird scene. I was scared to death, but defiant, and kept dancing and started yelling "I'm not going anywhere! Fuck you!" It turned around and left and nothing more happened that night. Usually they can sneak up on me to some extent, but when people just almost keeled over in exhaustion on the floor in early evening, I knew what was coming and was determined to stay awake. But, again, in my early 20s, I was often angry and defiant.

~ I've been having the "other than reproductive" experiences off and on since childhood, and I have yet to hit full menopause. I think that the purely "lab-rat" encounters fall off once you fully integrate the reality of the aliens (or whatever) into your life. I seemed to have more interactions (more contact and communication) with sympathetic types once I hit a certain place psychologically. Perhaps its coincidence, perhaps not. After menopause I'll have to get back to you on that aspect! I'm paying attention to this aspect of things for sure.

~ Again we see the pattern of wanting to become more self-sufficient and not being able to trust that the system we've grown up with will last too much further into the future. Seeking to get "off-grid" as much as possible as soon as possible.

~ Finally, the "feeling of mission" question! Yes! The sensation of preparing and moving towards and waiting for a "final conclusion"... yes, yes, yes! The idea that perhaps part of that mission could involve helping others deal with alien reality after some sort of massive and dramatic "great revealing" rings some bells for sure.

Thanks for another amazing interview!