Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who is Wendy Krissy Aliens UFOs?

Golly, I sure wanna chat about UFOs with her!

Sock Puppets is a term used to define a totally fake on-line identity. Want an example? Please see the facebook page for Wendy Krissy Aliens Ufos.

I am reminded of a scene repeated in two different movies, where the tough-guy hero searches his car and finds a bunch of sticks of dynamite all taped together, complete with wires and a timer.  In THE SPECIALIST (1994) James Woods looks at the dynamite and says, "Who is this supposed to fool?" And in KISS ME DEADLY (1955) Ralph Meeker looks at the dynamite and says, "This is the one I was supposed to find."

I look at Wendy Krissy Aliens Ufos facebook page and I say to myself, "Who is this supposed to fool?" And then I realize, "This is the one I was supposed to find."

What is the purpose of this obviously fake identity? The photo was easily searched to be Janette U from the Czech Republic (another fake identity). Somebody somewhere took some time to photoshop her eye color.

The mysterious "Wendy" has a collection of facebook friends that all seem to be individuals in the UFO research community (or direct experiencers) who accept anyone to as a friend. I seem to have 42 mutual friends, most of them are UFO authors who are promoting their books or radio shows.

You click on her "about" listing and there isn't much there, but it all takes you to this very odd site called ONE MILLION UFO RESEARCHERS PROJECT. There is no real info on this site, but lots of links to equally vapid sites. Why? What's the reason?

There is no "about" or "contact" page on this site. But, there is the BEST LIVE UFO CHAT.

How paranoid should we be? A fake identity is guiding us to a really vacuous site about UFOs, but why? The literature is full of stories about the government data-mining the personal information of, well, everyone. Are people with an interest in UFOs on the big board?

The implication is that the NSA is capable presently of intercepting EVERY cell phone call, email, twitter, chat-room and facebook comment. What does that really mean? And are they doing it already?

If there are agencies with deep pockets they can obviously do better than the very curvy Wendy Krissy. There obviously must be more sophisticated "sock puppets" out there, but what should we watch out for? And what is the motive?

Here's Wendy Krissy in her holiday get-up.

Pat says things like: 
hello everyone..How is your day going my FB friends?

Text added June 24th: Here's another one! The wholesome smiling Pat Davids. But why so low-rez? In the modern era of digital photography, has anyone ever seen a profile picture this blurry? Check out her facebook page HERE. And here's an example (below) of her wall and it's perky dialog. And Dolly Smith is fake too.


satire as reality.


Red Pill Junkie said...


A viral marketing campaign for some UFO-related movie or TV program?

In any case, it seems kind of frustrating to think people in UFOlogy behave just like any other sexually-frustrated High-school teen --just flash some nice eyes and they'll fall like flies :-/

Mike Clelland! said...

I don't get it.

I think this is example above is so sloppy that I doubt it was done as by the government controllers as a way to glean information on UFO researchers and experiencers.

You would recognize a lot of the name of people who have "her" as facebook friends.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Yeah well, I'm not on Facebook so I wouldn't know --I'm still trying to make those NSA boys work for they paycheck :P

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That's a funny You Tube Mike,but remember that old saying about many a true word is said in jest.
I'm with RPJ on the Facebook thing.

Anonymous said...

It's just gathering e-mail adresses and contactinfo which can be used/sold for spam/marketing purposes, and/or ways to try and make revenue out of hits/webadvertisements without interest/bother to actuallly come up with interesting content. There are lots of sites like that for every kind of subject you can think of, most of it probably automatically generated by scripts. Same reason why i now have to prove i''m not a robot.

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I suspect that my example (Krissy) is something that is simple in the grand scheme of internet tracking.

But, the scary part is what is happening with the sophisticated tracking programs. ( ? )

Anonymous said...

Lol, I love The Onion.

James said...

Spam spam and more spam... weird without a doubt. When you first stumble across some of the spam sites... well some of them are purest nonsense.

But its out there for a buck... and you put enuf of it out there your are gonna make a few cents here and there and if you have a 'million' of those ... now we are talking.

Anonymous hit the nail on the head... still this is an aspect of the net you have to see the variety of its forms to believe...

Bill said...

This is a mind bender. For one, it could simply be some joker looking for personal data that SO many people post on their private pages. Simplist explanation is usually the correct one... but why does it bother me so much? It seems too perfect, too simple, too adolescent. This urks me something fierce.

Lucretia Heart said...

Marketing types are doing it for sure-- but the intelligence agencies are as well. I have several Facebook friends (anarchist/Occupy types) who have been brought in for questioning IN PERSON by FBI for possible connections to criminal activities. But they were just bored suburban 20-somethings looking for excitement and enjoying looking tough online.

I myself had an actual mole (newbie, I figured out what she was from our first interview) to investigate the organized pagan circle I was running. This was right before 9-11, but I was amazed that anyone would take the time, trouble, and money to send a real live person to infiltrate my very small and no-big-deal group of people.

Now I know its not just paranoia, there are people in 'secret government' fumbling around trying to figure stuff out like the rest of us, apparently!

Peter Jones said...

The profile was set up by a guy in the UK who is supposed to be a serious animal mutilations researcher called Phil Hoyle who runs this website
He got the hump because he got found out for faking crop circles in Wiltshire and Wales last month an has can shall we say rogue against all ufologist to vent his anger or jealousy. The guy is a loin and openly admitted to setting up this profile with his colleague David Cayton who is in league wih Richard Hall in the UK. They are wasting their time they must think we are stupid...

Trish said...

I always wonder why they bother. Wouldn't it just be easier and less costly to just admit the alien boys are here? Yup, we're doing biz with them and have for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

His name is Jim . He is from new Zealand . He is a well known con man who gets by with donations

Anonymous said... This is the culprit of the con

Anonymous said...