Sunday, June 17, 2012

audio conversation with Robert Stanley

 Robert Stanley

I feel crummy admitting this, but haven’t read either of Robert’s books. That said, I have listened to a lot of his audio interviews. I feel like I had a pretty good insight into key episodes of his life, and I really wanted to hear more because I thought he had a lot to offer. Our conversation strays well beyond the boundaries of just UFOs in the skies and alien entities in our lives. There is something far more complex going on; there is an overall richness to this phenomenon that gives me hope.

two hours / 31 minutes

Near the end we both reflect on the intensity and the deeper meanings hidden within these experiences. You start out talking about UFOs and you end up wresting with the meaning of existence. Here is an tiny excerpt of what we said.
Mike: I feel like I can’t fully live to match my identity.
Robert: That’s a sin Mike. In my opinion, that really is a sin.
That little back-and-forth might seem hasrsh, but it was no such thing, it was profoundly hopeful. I repeatedly say that these audio interviews are selfish, they are therapy, and this conversation culminates with Robert playing the role of therapist.

Formerly a corporate journalist, Robert is currently the editor of UNICUS magazine.

He is the author of two books on the UFO phenomenon; CLOSE ENCOUNTERS ON CAPITOL HILL (2006) and COVERT ENCOUNTERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. (2011).

Together these two book total up to over 800 pages and they paint a very clear picture that Washington, D.C. is an unrivaled UFO hot-spot. Robert’s tireless investigation led him to dig deep and uncover the amazing covert history of UFOs and ETs in Washington, D.C. The research shows an unprecedented increase UFO activity from the years 2000 to 2010.

Robert is also the host of a weekly audio interview series, The UNICUS Radio Hour. (More audio HERE).

There are two audio interviews I need to recommend. The first is a conversation between Robert and his friend Jerry Wills. I reference both this interview and Jerry during the podcast (linked HERE).

The other recommended interview is with James Horak and it is part of Robert’s UNICUS Radio Hour (linked HERE).

The UNICUS site has a rich collection of UFO photographs, and some are extremely compelling (linked HERE and HERE)



Brizdaz (Darren) said...
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Tim Brosnan said...

I just want to say what a distinct pleasure it is to hear two people discuss such topics as these so calmly, respectfully, intelligently and articulately. You're making the world a better place, Mike. Thank you.

Bright Garlick said...

Hi Mike - great interview and you held your end very well. I totally disagree with Robert's view of the ET presence - he's believing what certain groups want people to believe - bad aliens ! 1 planet among trillions - controlled by dark forces - just plain naive and stupid !!! If people knew how aliens are really connected with government, they would have a totally different attitude.

All these folks who see only the negative - don't see humanity as it really is. They ought to Demonify humans, not aliens ! That is our projection !!!

Sorry Mike - people with myopic views about bad aliens, rub me up the wrong way ! A lot of what Robert said is reasonable but all the negative stuff about aliens and the dark side is just dork dumb ! Human secrecy and projection is the problem.

I hope you are healing ok Mike - it's been a tough couple of weeks for you.

Cheers, Bright.

Bright Garlick said...

Incidently Lucifer is linked to Lucan - both relate to the light bearer - a historical character from the middle east. Lucan is related to an ancient form of magic. There may well be an alien link as some of these practitioners have alien contacts. But it has nothing to do with the dark side. Perhaps the church originaly gave Lucifer a bad rap post Roman Empire to conceal our ET origins.

Mike Clelland! said...

Bright Garlick - I am not kidding when I say that I am totally agnostic about what might be going on behind this grand curtain.

I have no idea what is really happening.

I say this a lot --- I listen to peoples conclusions, but I listen MUCH MORE CLOSELY to peoples experiences.

I find Robert's story so compelling less for his conclusions, and more for the intensely dramatic set of personal experiences. And not just his, the others involved in this story too. To me, the involvement of so many experiencers tells me that *something* is going on.

Whatever is going on - I am cautious to anthropomorphize the source. It might be dark ETs controlling the political process, or it might be a mythology playing out with theatrics so vivid that we mistake them for reality.

I don't have the answer. But I do find this journey fascinating - and at the same time - there is a feeling of urgency.

Mike C!

Bright Garlick said...

Hey Mike - sorry if I sounded hostile - that wasn't my intention. I just get frustrated with the mounting wall of bias against ET's and the division between good and bad ET's.

You do what you do very well and I didn't mean to sound like I was criticizing you !

Your're right - the journey is fascinating and I too feel the same urgency. I would like to speak more about what I know - but it's the humans of the lower arms of TPTB that stop me doing so and the ET demonizers.

Keep up the great work Mike !

Lord Jim said...

Had to force myself to listen to this one all the way through. What a load of nonsense!

Thardiust said...

This is my first comment here but, I agree with what Brizdaz said and would add that we should learn better ways of rooting out bad habits in every institution we come across as well as any within ourselves.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Very interesting.

This idea of the Roman empire never dying and merely morphing sounds exactly like the kind of things that drove Philip K. Dick to the edge of insanity —just a little cautionary note there?

Are politicians susceptible to demonic possession once they enter the Washington scene? I myself ascribe it to something much more simple: Greed + Unaccountability —same way Anonymity turns many otherwise decent folks into total fuckwads on the Web :P

Oh, and the Matrix Reloaded scene when the Architect reveals to Neo the history of previous Matrix versions? He never says that in the original version people were told the truth about why they were there. It goes back to the original movie when Agent Smith confesses to Morpheus that the 1st Matrix was designed to be the perfect human world, and that's why people instinctively rejected the program. We define reality in terms of suffering.

But I don't want to leave the impression that I'm totally against what Stanley said. There were many valuable things during the discussion. Specially in the final part.

PS: That episode when you almost fainted? In his last podcast Micah Hanks told how when he was on a conference in California he was suffering from a terrible migraine, which was something unusual for him. What's more, there were other people suffering from migraines too —might be interesting to check the dates between the two events. Just sayin'... ;)

Oh, and he says he also saw a UFO when his plane was flying over Colorado! :)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"This idea of the Roman empire never dying and merely morphing sounds exactly like the kind of things that drove Philip K. Dick to the edge of insanity —just a little cautionary note there?"

I hope you're not implying that I'm a Dick ?-)

Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, I dunno Darren.

Do you dream with electric sheep? :P

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"Do you dream with electric sheep?"

I'm from Australia,
not New Zealand.-)

Culture Industry said...

This is a beautiful sync for me and goes right with what I have been studying. The story of the Garden of Eden which I know goes back to Inanna and possibly further but for my point I'll use Eve. Basically Eve is told by god that if she eats from the tree of knowledge she will die Lucifer appears and tells her you will not die. Eve eats the apple and has the experience that proves god is a liar. Inanna/Eve goes to the underworld so standing under the foundation they understand and become ashamed of the lie they had been lead to believe was their history and start to seek the truth through experience rather than faith. This story form is found in most Lucas films Star Wars, Leia is the first to become a rebel and is the one who ends up taken to the dark side first. Indiana Jones Indy goes to Nepal the true origin of an ark where Mary Ann/Inanna/Eve has the key to finding the ark in Egypt these stories both tell us of a people who have been living a lie and become rebels to fight the Roman Empire. Luke who is a Jew/Jedi and Indy who is a Christian American. This best sums it up the scripture That which doesn't come from faith is a sin" Translation those who experience truth and find out they are being lied to are the enemy of the empire. This is why as Robert and Mike have stated that experience is demonized and both science and religion offer media/books in place of experience and attack anyone who tries to have a personal experience. Thanks hope this make sense I didn't want to make it too long. Jordan Maxwell has a great presentation on Indiana Jones if you want to know more.

culture Industry said...

After visiting Roberts site I have to say he and I do not agree on as much as I thought. He sees Lucifer as evil and the apple as evil. I do not. I see Lucifer as anyone who goes against the lies/faith towards enlightenment and the apple as the personal experience religion wishes to demonize. Also I do not agree with his belief in Christ I believe Christ is pure myth on one side and his real life story was stolen directly from Socrates. Socrates taught people to (think not love) leading us to realizing consciousness is fundamental this is why he was put to death. Christ teaches love the one thing that keeps people from thinking logically and doesn't have a direct meaning but is interpreted by each person differently/division. I still really enjoy the work he has done but as a natural born rebel and a person who studies luciferian lore I can not agree with any ufo/paranormal researchers about Lucifer which is literally Light Bringer meaning enemy of darkness, who obviously have not studied it and instead choose to demonize it by taking the Christian opinion of it as a stance and never seeking for them self to experience what the left hand path is really about. To me this is kind of an oxymoron seeing as they all, just like Alex Jones, claim religion is evil yet still follow Jesus??? At least I disagree with the prejudice view of the left hand path that doesn't mean I don't totally agree with their other points as I realize we are brought up in a Christian society and most people will never fully break free of the indoctrination and won't realize Jesus is a rubber ducky scene. In film that is where you throw in a scenario that makes an other wise loathsome character seem good. I will give an example: In the movie Scarface Al Pacino in one scene doesn't blow up a car because the target has his wife and child with him. I have always hated that movie and found nothing Al Pacino did as justifiable and that scene to me did not humanize the monster Tony Montana but to most people it did and is a lot of people favorite movie. Jesus is a huge rubber ducky scene tacked onto the old testament vile, hateful, vengeful god, and you will notice people who claim god is all good and loving will never quote the word of god they will always quote Jesus the rubber ducky put on the end to excuse what came before him. Anybody who studies the left hand path finds the main difference is left believes in individuality and that you are to become divine and eternal as that individual. The right believes you are not an individual it is an illusion and that you must sacrifice the self to return to the source. The left doesn't result in mass destruction or mass hysterical false bonds, as it believes each individual follows their own path. The right has resulted in loss of identity causing individuals to seek a connection in mass groups that will never happen and causes great suffering, wars, cults, and makes people feel(left)out and wrong for being different. People on the right will go so far as to join groups like church that pretend to experience a mass connection to spirituality and exile any persons who questions or points out that they are not experiencing anything spiritual but more like mass hysteria. As an 8 yr old boy I realized this and questioned the pastor of our church saying why can't I speak in tongues? I knew something was wrong and now understand they were all faking the spirit so as not to be left out or accused of not being a true follower of god. I totally agree with Robert about our history being distorted and lost and the negative effects of this. This is why those who eat of the tree of knowledge become ashamed. They can no longer live a lie.