Monday, March 5, 2012

follow-up info from the Rosemary Ellen Guiley interview

I am adding this post as a compendium to the audio interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley. We touched on a LOT of divergent subjects, and it felt important to include some visuals and extra info as a follow-up to that interview.

audio player with the full interview

Shadow People from the creative pen of Jack Kirby. This image was forwarded to me from Christoph Knowles of THE SECRET SUN. Mr. Knowles has made quite a case that Kirby was a kind of modern mystic and foretold deep truths within the pages of his comics. Click HERE and be prepared to have you mind re-wired.

The pulp crime fighting anti-hero, THE SHADOW has a costume and linage that matches the Shadow People, as well as The Djinn.

He is a practitioner of an ancient form of ritual magic from the orient. He has psychic powers that cast a shadow in the mind of people - and he can hide in plane sight because of it. His super hero power is terrorizing his foe. His costume was a long draping cape like coat and a over-sized fedora. I am amazed at how closely this matched the shadow lore.

Christophe Knowles points out that creator of The Shadow, Walter Gibson, was deeply immersed in mysticism and the occult. This is covered in the book: Our Gods Wear Spandex.

Robert Monroe, of THE MONROE INSTITUTE produced the early radio shows of THE SHADOW. Monroe explored the edge of human consciousness, and wrote the book Journeys Out of the Body. (this from Jeffery Kripal's book MUTANTS AN MYSTICS)

This video is a first person encounter with a Faery. This is curiously similar to the description given by Rosemary during our interview. The woman in the video says it had "wings that looked like autumn leaves." Please note, she was also thinking about faeries right before having her sighting. This was also one of the things Rosemary and I discussed together.


Christopher Knowles said...

The creator of the Shadow, Walter Gibson, was deeply immersed in mysticism and the occult. I touched a bit on that in Our Gods Wear Spandex.

Mike Clelland! said...

I am continually amazed at the web of weirdness that connects all this stuff...

Red Pill Junkie said...

Fairies as sentient vegetable humanoids is part of pop culture.

I dunno. Maybe the entities use our expectations of what they are supposed to look like according to the folklore. But then, what originated the folklore to begin with?

Mike Clelland! said...

I read an account of a guy who took iauaska (sp?) in the jungles of Brazil, and all he saw were prancing gnomes and faeries out of a corny DIsney movie.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Prancing gnomes out of a Disney movie...

I once woke up my mom and dad because I told them there were duendes (gnomes) dancing on my bedroom's ceiling. My mom sent me back to bed telling me it was just a dream.

I look at this memory and explain it as an entoptic phenomenon, which has been fairly present during my later life. But darn it, they LOOKED like weird flat little gnomes dancing around making a big circle up my ceiling!