Tuesday, March 6, 2012

audio conversation with Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Rosemary is one of the rare experts on wide range of paranormal phenomena. She's authored more than 50 books on wide range of occult, spiritual, and mystical topics. She has been a full-time researcher since 1983, and her present focus has been inter-dimensional entity contact experiences (including UFO abduction accounts), problem hauntings, Shadow People, the Djinn and portals or geographic areas of intense paranormal activity.

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During our conversation we attempt to avoid the tiny boxes that confine too much of the research, instead we speculate about the meta-phenomena that could be at the core of the many divergent experiences. We jump from the Djinn to UFO abduction to owls and faeries.

As I stepped into this interview I knew very little about Rosemary, and I ended up deeply impressed with her open mind and wide-ranging research.

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You can find out more at her two web-sites: Djinn Universe and Visionary Living.

Please NOTE:
I did a follow-up post (linked below) with extra insights and visuals that cover some of the details from this interview. Shadow people, synchronicities and Faeries.

Rosemary worked on a book with Phil Imbrogno titled THE VENGEFUL DJINN. Phil has since left the research field after some of his academic credentials came into question. I spoke with Rosemary about this in person and she was quite candid with me about her feelings. I chose not to ask about this during the interview because I found her own research much more interesting than talking about personalities.

At the very end I chime in and talk a little bit about my memories of Budd Hopkins. He is often accused of avoiding out-lying data that doesn't fit his conclusions. While there may be some truth to that, my personal interactions were with someone who was remarkably open-minded and aware of the conflicting reports within the abduction phenomena.

The short time spent with him left me deeply impressed at the thoughtful way he would share his insights. I am honored to have known him, and to call him a friend.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Re. the theory that shadow people can only be explained as Djinn, I remember that in one of Mysterious Universe's Plus weekend episodes the guys Ben & Aaron read a letter they received from one of their listeners. The guy claimed to be very proficient with OOBEs, but what was questionable about it was that he claimed to made use of those abilities to satisfy his sexual urges.

So yeah, the guy basically psy-raped women on their sleep :-/

Obviously there's no way to validate such a claim, but it does make you wonder if there are people out there who are either consciously or unconsciously traveling outside their bodies during what they believe to be just a very vivid dream.

Now, when I was listening to you telling the anecdote of how Budd tried to re-assure you by advising you not to pay too much stock into things like psychic abilities, synchronicities and the like, it occurs to me that instead of thinking him as a narrow-minded individual who tossed out the stuff that didn't fit inside his particular expectations about what the UFO abduction phenomenon is all about, we can look at his advise in another way.

I remembered how I once read that practitioners of advanced mental practices like Buddhist monks or Sufi mystics are alerted by their masters that they will encounter such kind of manifestations during their training, but are advised not to get too obsessed by them, as they are considered to be nothing more than interesting diversions in the path to true enlightenment.

I'm paraphrasing here, but I kind of remember this phrase that said "if you are planning to spend 40 years meditating just so you can walk on water, you'd better just pay the barger's fare and save you the trouble!" :)

I also remember how in CastaƱeda's 1st book Don Juan warned Carlos that in the path to Freedom, a 'man of knowledge' will always find 4 enemies:

*Fear. The first enemy met by practitioners when treading the path of the unknown.

*Clarity. The second enemy met once fear is eventually mastered. The new clarity found by the practitioner would often deviate him from the path to true knowledge.

*Power. The most difficult enemy to defeat, for the new abilities that are encountered by the practitioner would obsess him and turn him arrogant and manipulative, and make him forget that the path's goal is not power, but Freedom.

*Old Age. The last enemy; after all the others are vanquished, it is expected that the journey has consumed most of the practitioner's natural life, leaving him only with a few years to exercise his new freedom.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to RPJ:
Yes, I was aware that i was painting a picture of Budd as a wise sage delivering to me a mystical lesson. That seems partially true.

On another level, I truly think he replied to me unconsciously, just the normal flow of a conversation. He was simply sharing interesting stories form his research.

Whatever happened, I have been on a journey, and Budd played a VERY important role along that path.

Mike C!

Diana Manister said...

Wow ! I never heard an interview with Guiley that was so fascinating. She is one brave lady, and possesses hard-won wisdom. I'm going to her website right away. Thanks Mike for broadening and deepening the range of the discussion.

Different Mike said...

Overall, interesting. But it's hard to know what to think about it. She seems pretty convinced of her own extremely encompassing thesis regarding the Djinn, but she didn't go into any explanations that would bring the listener along.

She didn't really explain the hypothesis, in other words. And I know you want to avoid the personal stuff, but since her most popular book on the subject was written with a person who seems to have fabricated a tremendous amount of information, this seemed like an opportune time for her to clarify what she knows, via different sources, in a specific manner. Otherwise, the listener is left to wonder how much of her certainty is rooted in other people's lies, or in anything at all.

I was disappointed because I had high expectations, and don't personally know much about the Djinn. It was an Imbrogno interview that introduced me to the subject, and I found it fascinating. But I've had to extricate that information from my circuitry, and was very much hoping she would rebuild the ideas from the ground up, with history and stories, but alas, it was not to be.

I'm left not knowing anything more about the Djinn, other than that one person thinks they are the cause of a sweeping panorama of paranormal phenomena. If anything, this just further damages the credibility of the hypothesis.

I am in the end responsible for my own education. So be it. I guess I was just hoping that this would help me decide if learning more about Djinn is worth my time. I can see why you like talking with her, Mike. But I guess I would have liked to hear her explain her ideas a little more. That's all. You're too sweet to your guests :)

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Different Mike:

I was most impressed when Rosemary told the story of the Faery in her house. She said she saw it intuitively, she built an alter for it, she invited it to her new home.

I loved hearing that. This kind of first person story was better than the over riding generalizing she was doing about the djinn.

The interview was too short, and hour isn't enough time to REALLY dig deep.

And - I'm too sweet with everyone!

Mike C!

Different Mike said...

Agreed. I liked the story about the Faery too. For that matter, I appreciated her perspective on intuition in general.

I've seen "little people" myself, so I got a special kick out of it. I'm still at that stage of acceptance where, frankly, those little buggers scared me senseless when they got too close. They like to mess with you - playfully, but still.

I feel like a nut for saying it, but as time goes by, I get a little less embarrassed...

Thanks for opening up such a gentle space with that sweetness of yours. As I said the other day, encountering your blog has triggered something in me - a reawakening of sorts, beginning with a fresh embrace of sychronicities. My dreams are beginning to speak to me again, and it has been wonderful.

Be well! You are appreciated!

tinyjunco said...

I have to agree with Different Mike. However i've heard Ms. Guiley on other podcasts and that's how she seems to be.

The tipi story and Ms. Guiley's comments on meditation were v. interesting to me. During my Near Death Experience almost 30 years ago, some vast non-human beings guided me through the terror of the void while teaching me and implanting a huge amount of information in my being for future examination at my own instigation (like Robert Monroe's ROTEs).

They were big on me performing certain attention practices (years later i found it was basically mindfulness meditation) - they also taught me that if i kept at it this practice would develop a large amount of light/energy/intelligence in me.

The hitch was that this 'light' would attract a number of beings (they didn't specify) who would "drink it up" for themselves. So the teaching beings gave me a ROTE of a practice to avoid this by 'hiding my attention' in a particular part of the energy body. They also guided me through the practice, working with my attention the way a yoga teacher gently moves your body into position and helps you hold it there.

Ten years later, i sat with a meditation teacher who taught us a lot about the various chakras and the structure of the energy body. What the teaching beings had shown me was to move my attention into the shushumna, bringing all my attention to the neutral observer.

I've used this method countless times and it does work for keeping your energy to yourself, and avoiding unwanted attention. I'm not saying it's a panacea, bad things have happened to me and weird people have focused on me. But this practice really does cut that type of stuff way down. I've noticed that it doesn't seem to help avoid the attention of the confused recently dead, though.

I've always found it interesting that one of the main things i explicitly consciously remembered after my NDE was a move to keep my energy on the down low because of the many ravenous beings out there. I'm thinking it's a big problem.

So while i agree with Ms. Guiley that meditation can indeed 'shine up your aura', you might not like what's attracted to shiny objects....
thank you Mike! steph

Different Mike said...

Cool, tinyjunco.

I'm curious about the Monroe Institute. I had my second spontaneous OBE a couple of months ago.... Also, I looked up the man, and I was surprised to find out that I used to live very near to the center. I have personal and emotional connections to that specific part of the country. It's possible I might even be relocating in that neck of the woods in 6 months.

Anyhow. Just curious what you think of the place. I have apprehension about OBE's, but I feel as if it's something I am starting to do spontaneously... I could feel it nearly happen as I drifted off to sleep for a nap this afternoon. I feel like, this is the kind of thing I need to be smart about. Dunno. Maybe I'm paranoid.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Rosemary Ellen Guiley interview a few nights ago and did not want it to end - even though it was a long interview for her and Mike!

She's fascinating! Her investigations and personal experiences (the faery that took the form of leaves and entered her home) was just amazing. I never thought much about nature spirits or elementals actually manifesting (and I'm not even sure that's what a faery is, I have much to learn), but this gives me some insight on the topic.

Thankyou to Rosemary and Mike for such a fascinating interview! And Mike, you're always such a gentleman when you interview --truly that's appreciated considering some of the nasty, whining dips that pass as podcast interviewers.

~ Susan