Thursday, August 19, 2010

Audio conversation with Walter Bosley

Walter Bosley has a history as a federal investigator for both the FBI and the Air Force office of special investigations. And now he’s writing and exploring extremely esoteric paranormal anomalies. Add to that a lifetime of weird phenomenon stating in his teens.

These divergent experiences make for a fascinating conversation.

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Topics include the his life as a federal investigator, books and movies, active periods of high strangeness, Don Ecker, Greg Bishop, Disneyland, profound life changes, UFOs, mythology, the Goddess Athena, Close Encounters, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the doey-eyed believers, his mentor, remote viewing, crows, owls, the author Sesh Heri, ley lines, the alchemical process, Gibbs Williams, synchronicities, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and lots of personal experiences.

Walter has been busy lately, and he wrote a very impressive book about the esoteric and occult roots of Disneyland titled LATITUDE 33: KEY TO THE KINGDOM, An Encounter with Arcane Science and Engineering at Disneyland.

And he’s been on a slew of on-line radio shows, including: Binnall of America (a great overview of the Disneyland book), The Paracast more than once (here and here), Dark Matter Radio with Don Ecker and Radio Mysterterio.

I was careful not to overlap too much information from these shows, there was no reason for Walter to repeat the same stories again. If I had an agenda, it was to delve into the deeply personal experiences and try to make sense of how they impact the direction of his life.
Also, today (August 20th 2010) would have been Mac Tonnies 35th birthday.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh Noes! The Mirage Men have found your blog. Run Mike, run like hell!! :-P

Great interview, you guys. Very interesting stuff. The mention of Athena made me think of how Whitley Strieber felt there was a link between his experiences and the Sumerian goddess Ishtar; maybe those names —Ishtar, Isis, Athena, Mary— are mere cultural veneers of a very real sentient manifestation emanating from... somewhere.

Also Walter's 1979 experience of feeling some sort of detachment from his familiar surroundings kinda feels like what one experience during a lucid dream. Often times have I wondered whether there are "dreams" that allow us to peer into the lives of our other Me existing in parallel dimensions or something —or maybe I'm just hoping there's another Me that's fared much better than I did ;)

PS: You might want to check what I wrote about a videogame that's coming out real soon: Bioshock Infinite, that seems to be using all sorts of cool Fortean memes. There's even one that hints at Sesh Heri's novel Wonder of the Worlds.

SheKnocks said...

Maybe more people listen than you know? I usually don't comment, but have had trouble, until recently, getting to hear the podcasts. Hey, maybe I wasn't supposed to hear until now? Mebbee, mebbee.

But I wanted to encourage your continued comments and podcasts simply because there ARE people who will find you when they need to do so. I did. And I did it through Walter's interview on the Paracast.

I understand where Walter is now, not needing to talk about the experiences because i find myself dithering between the two sides of that issue. I need to talk to make sure I'm sane, and I need to keep silent because experiences are personal and framed in a way that only I will experience.

But I don't think I would have come to that understanding without having shared or having heard others, such as yourself and Walter, sharing for my benefit.

So thank you for the blog and the podcasts. I intend to thank Walter too. I found your discussion fascinating as well as confirming, the latter having been very supportive.

The Secret Sun said...

Awesome- can't wait to listen.

Walter Bosley said...

Oh no! Red Pill Junkie! HE'S EVERYWHERE!!!

Mike Clelland! said...


Chris Knowles and Walter Bosley, side by side.

These two are gunna meet at ComicCon one day, of this - I fee certain.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"These two are gunna meet at ComicCon one day, of this - I fee certain."

Well, I always thought you & Chris should develop a comic or graphic novel together. Maybe the topic of the novel could be about the Roswell story Walter wrote for Fate magazine —under the pseudonym E.A. Guest; I've got the feeling the graphic format could be perfect to present such a fascinating tale.

Ok, guys, take care —and remember: I'm keeping my eye in ALL of you :-P

Psycube said...
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Psycube said...

" That's the emerging mythology right there ! "
super agreed.

Great interview Mike!