Friday, March 5, 2010

vivid dream and blue orb (Laughlin 4)

Glowing orange dream imagery in a pine forest at night. Click on any of these illustrations for a HI-rez close-up view.

I had a weirdly vivid dream on the night of Feb 16th. The next morning I was going to start the long drive to Laughlin Nevada for the annual UFO conference. My sleep was restless, and I had my lap top near my bed, and I listened to an audio podcast to occupy my time. Shortly after starting the podcast, I ended up asleep.
This post has an accompanying audio file

audio download / recorded March 5th 2010 / 14 minutes long

The dream began in a nighttime environment, and I an standing in a gravel parking lot (or gravel road) in a very distinct forest. The pine trees are evenly spaced, and there are no branches down low. The forest floor is flat without any undergrowth. I looked to my left to see a very weird orange light shining through the trees. I moved a little to get a better view, and I see that it was a simple lampshade set on the ground (or, maybe floating a few inches off the ground) and it's giving off a vibrant orange glow. Instantly, I had the thought that this was NOT a lampshade, it was some sort of hallucination, and something else was there.

Even in my dream state I clearly think about an event in a book by Dr. Karla Turner titled: INTO THE FRINGE. There was a creepy scene in that book where a witness describes seeing a “satellite dish” in his yard, but he knows it’s NOT a satellite dish, something else was there.

I look at the lampshade for just a few seconds, and then I find myself floating up off the forest floor. I rise up slow and smooth, and I think to myself: “Oh, this again.” My perception is that the experience is quite familiar, and actually very pleasant. This comforting feeling fits a pattern of what I call my reassuring dreams.

Floating above a black shape.

Soon I am levitating above the tall trees, and I am looking down into the pine forest. My floating body is positioned with a slight tilt forward, so I am sort of forced to look downward. Below me is a huge round circle, inky black against the pale orange glow in among the trees. I am above something, that I perceive to be a large saucer shaped craft, and I smoothly descend downward into the center of the circle.

Floating downward in a weirdly vibrant tube full of colorful symbols

The next thing I realize is that I am floating in a shiny glowing blue tube, slowly descending. The walls of this tube is covered with a collection of brightly colored puzzle pieces, and these are inlaid into the wall. Each of these shapes look like some sort of Egyptian hieroglyph, they seem to be made of candy colored plastic and they are back lit in a sort of frame. I’m reminded of a brightly colored child’s toy.

I'm compelled to pick out one distinct shape

I reach forward and pick out one puzzle piece, it’s as if I am drawn to this one shape. I hold it in my hand and examine it closely, it is shaped like a stylized “W” and I’m filled with an intense compulsion to remember it, and I focused on the outline of the shape. (more about this here!)

I continue down into the tube, and then I’m walking around in a series of blue rooms crowded with people. The rest of the dream is a little bit frenetic in it’s imagery.

The dream seems to culminate with a meeting of some sort in a daylight street scene . I'm in among a crowd of people, and there is a discussion by a small team. They are carefully explaining that everything is alright, and that there will soon be a wonderful event where UFO occupants will join us here on earth. It sounds logical and nice, but it seems a little too perfect. I approach the woman sharing the story, and tell her that I don’t believe her, that my intuition senses some sort of deception. Suddenly her eyes get big and black, and the same happens with her teammates, and she stares at me in a very threatening way. She warns me NOT to tell anyone about my feelings.

Then I wake up.

The podcast is still playing on my laptop, and I was surprised that so little time had passed given the length and complexity of my dream. I was probably asleep for less than a half hour

The dream was so intensely vivid that I did something that surprises me as I type this. I got out of bed, went downstairs and found a little digital voice recorder, and carried it back up to my bed. I lay there, under the covers, and recorded the dream as best as I could. (audio from this recording posted here)

After, describing the weird narrative, I stopped the recorder and turned off the light. In the dark I saw a small blue orb, about the size of a grapefruit floating, centered in the ceiling above my bed. I could see it for probably less than 20 seconds, and then it was gone. It disappeared quickly and smoothly. Right after it faded away, I rolled over and promptly went to sleep, an unusual reaction to seeing something so strange.

The orb was a soft focus sphere, not the flat looking image that show up on digital flash photos. It was three dimensional and glowing softly. It gave off light, but it didn't seem to light up the ceiling the way, say, a glow stick might. Could it have been something in my retina from my bedside light? Maybe, but I've slept in that room for over 16 years and I've never seen anything like that before. In the follow up to the experience, I tried to recreate the experience by looking into lights in the room (including the tiny red light on the voice recorder) and then shut the lights off, these attempts didn't come close to what I saw that night. 

This orb image is from a the homepage of a person I met during the final hours of the Laughlin conference. Her name is Jill and she is a channel. I found it on her web page, minutes after posting this essay.

NOTE: This post has an accompanying audio file, found HERE.


Natascha said...

Mike, what was the podcast about? And what was said in about the time you fell asleep?

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

What amazing detail! And rather synchronous. We have been discussing doing as post on orbs.

Anonymous said...

~~Larissa here:

The blue orb you saw was grapefruit size. Cool. You're right about the "soft focus" aspect, though-- now that you point it out. Every lit orb I've seen has a very fuzzy outline. Almost furry looking...

HEY! I just remembered! I HAVE seen red orbs-- they're BIG. 6 feet across! They usually carry beings in them (or take you somewhere!) Huh. I totally forgot about that, and then just now I remembered seeing giant red orbs at least twice. Once when I was very little, and once as a child of about 11 I think.


Well-- moving on...

There's a little weirdness about the apparently self-illuminated orbs. If you ever see another one, pay attention to this ONE thing, and see if you notice it too.

The orbs, which seem made of light-- CAST SHADOWS! It's the wickedest thing! It's harder to tell with the small ones obviously. But if you're lucky and one goes through a room that already has a light source, you'll notice that the orb does NOT add more light to the room, and in fact casts a shadow. Likewise, in a dark room, try to see if the "light" orb casts a radiance around itself. Is there a blue light to the room when there's a blue orb? Bet you dollars to donuts there isn't!

Oh, shit! I just told my husband about your orb and the other orbs, and he reminded me we've seen blue orbs exactly grapefruit size... in 1994 or so. Our dog was barking frantically and woke us up. We went downstairs to see what had him so riled up-- and he was chasing a blue orb around the living room! Then it darted into a painting of a doorway (that my husband painted) and seemingly disappeared. The same doorway painting we saw a figure come out of once-- like they turned it into some sort of dimensional portal.

Jeeez! The more I go over this stuff, the crazier it sounds. Sigh.

Anya Is A Channel said...

Did anything happen in Laughlin with you and Natascha while driving? They said they would visit you both in Laughlin! I've had pre-visits like that- weird disturbing dream, though. Maybe they were testing your response to being told not to talk, and in actuality they wanted you to talk about it! Reverse psychology! I have seen orbs like that outside my window at night. I thought they were the moon until I realized that the moon wasn't supposed to be only two hundred feet from me and telepathically communicating. It was scanning your reaction, by the way (that's what my guides are saying). They do this with all contactees. I know the feeling.

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to Anya,

Did anything happen with me and Natascha?

I am not sure how to answer that. I think YES would be the right answer (in all caps on purpose) There was so much weird stuff happening that it achieved a sort of ridiculous quality. (whew!)

Fodder for a blog posts galore.


Anonymous said...

I have seen a small blue orb. We were staying at my mothers after Hurricane Ike destroyed our house, I was sleeping with my daughter. It was a year to the day that her grandmother had died and about 2 in the morning a bright light shining in my eye woke me up. When I opened my eyes it was floating about 3 inches above my daughters head. It was actually about the size of a carat diamond but put off a radiant light around it to the size of a basketball. After a few seconds it just went out like a candle burning out. I had never seen anything like that before or since. What is your take on it????

Anonymous said...

I have seen a small blue orb. We were staying at my mothers after Hurricane Ike destroyed our house, I was sleeping with my daughter. It was a year to the day that her grandmother had died and about 2 in the morning a bright light shining in my eye woke me up. When I opened my eyes it was floating about 3 inches above my daughters head. It was actually about the size of a carat diamond but put off a radiant light around it to the size of a basketball. After a few seconds it just went out like a candle burning out. I had never seen anything like that before or since. What is your take on it????

chris said...

Hi everyone I happened to stumble on to this website by serching google on mysterious blue orbs. I see what everyone posted so I figured I wouldnt be seen as crazy by posting mine. But first let me say this I have some sort of compolsive disorder when ever I start somthing I cant stop. I seen somthing on the history channel that just made me want to serch for more. I have serched so much that I came up with my own theory that ties christianity, evelution, the missing link, and ufo's together If your intested in it email after my expeirence with the blu orb I thought I had just became paranoid until I read your post's I was fast asleep in my bed I woke up from a tugging feeling on my head at first I thought I just jerked really hard in my sleep But I noticed a low frequency motor hum comming from out side unlike anything I have ever heard. At the same time I noticed that about every 10 seconds a yellowish light would shine in my window for about 2 seconds I knew it wasnt coming from the road because of the angle I wanted to go outside but somthing in the back of my head said no instead I just laid there waiting the only thing I felt compelled to do was say jesus please protect us I kept this playing in my head and about 12:45 the noise and the light quit I then got up walked over to the window and I saw a navy blue orb that did not make a sound as it streaked across from that corner of the house. The orb I saw was about 4 feet in diameter and was first seen at eye level. Then I remebered the motor hum that sounded like it was right over the house. So I can't help but to wonder if that blue orb was there for my protection.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I saw a blue orb above my bed a few years ago, in 2013 or 2014.
I woke up during the night, a static fluorescent blue orb the size of a grapefruit, looked so beautiful. Don't know why but I raised my hand to touch it... as I did my fingers felt electric shock. About 75 watts (I had voltage shock experience in school electronics class so I know roughly how strong). As a reflex, I retracted my hand back down quickly, remember fingers pulsating in pain. Within seconds I felt asleep. Normally I would have been freaked out and would not just fall asleep. Orb never moved even during the shock. This was an isolated event, never happened again. At the time, there were no health issues, my eyesight was fine and was not taking any medication. No issues in my life any different than before or after. Woke up in the morning, feeling the same. After the event, have read a few similar accounts in other forums of large blue orb visiting but no explanation that makes sense. Could not have dreamt this, remember it vividly and dozens of people could not have had the same dream! I am just an ordinary person so do not believe UFO would be studying me. And I am sure that my ancestors would chose a more simple way to communicate.

Unknown said...

Last night I had a dream of an blue orb, so I was searching google for an image to show my friend & wound up on this webpage.

The weird thing is that the blue orb looked identical to the pic, AND those symbols were around it! They were translucent & they didn't look like any earthly symbols or languages I know.

The Orb telepathically communicated it's name & it also taught me a few things by the way it behaved.

By the way, the background to this event was that I've reached a point in my meditation, happiness, love, peace, that I've started to see translucent shapes & lights. At first, I was doubting that I was really witnessing things, but then some good friends that are into Reiki, Shamanism, Yoga & other forms of spirituality told me to start believing in it & just ask that the "guide(s)" start to reveal themself to me. So last night, I stood on the shore & prayed & then this "object" came to me in a dream.

In reality, as much as I enjoy having these experiences, my greatest enjoyment in life has been that I have managed to come out of depression & have now lived the last 2 years in a rather consistent state of love, appreciation, peace, unity & all those good feelings inside of me....the translucent objects are just cherries on top.

JMullings said...

I saw this orb last night, then reached out to grab it! The next day I've been experiencing static shocks when close to metals..!