Friday, March 5, 2010

audio describing the vivid lampshade dream (Laughlin 5)

Right after I had the weirdly vivid dream (from the previous post) I documented my immediate impressions into a small digital voice recorder. I'm sharing that audio, along with a little bit extra where I try and clarify some of the details.

I have no idea why this dream seems so significant.
audio download / recorded March 5th 2010 / 14 minutes long


imascatterbrain said...

I can't remember WHAT I intended to say, the terms "offensive or excessively harsh," have over-written my first thoughts... yes, now I am trying to really fast think up some offensive or excessively harsh comments....

Frankly, my own silly day has me pretty unraveled.

(long pause, maybe the kind that are called "pregnant pause?")

(no, that seems like it would imply something important to come)

ah HA > > >
yes, about the reassuring dreams! I have had dreams like this since I was a child, about all sorts of things. Drive a car?!?! Oh, that is pretty easy after all.

no... that's wasn't it. Something related to that, but I'm out of the habit of editing my thoughts on paper, so I won't delete any of this.

- Lorraine

imascatterbrain said...

... something about my "science fiction dreams," maybe???

BAH, ms is not always fun...