Friday, March 5, 2010

meeting Joseph Mark (Laughlin 2)

Joseph Mark Cohen and myself during a rare rainy day in Sedona Arizona. Photo by Natascha.

While in Sedona on Friday February 19th, Natascha and I went for coffee in the morning. We were in a typical american strip mall, with (what looked like) a nice health food store next to the coffee shop. Natascha strikes up a conversation with a rather eccentric looking gentleman named Joseph Mark Cohen. He was looking for a ride to the Laughlin UFO conference, and we told him that he could join us because we were planning on leaving later in the day.

It turns out that Joseph is a guide in the Sedona area, and we had a wonderful day as he showed us around. This day could be it’s own blog posting, but for now all I can say is that the silly caricature that I have of Sedona is real. (and I say that in a nice way!) Joseph is a quite the mystical fellow, and he does astrological readings and he had just completed an oracle deck of cards with high quality crop circle images.

We ate dinner together at an absolutely amazing vegetarian restaurant called The ChocolaTree. While at the table, Joseph did some oracle readings using his deck. Joseph seemed well versed in mythology, hebrew mysticism, astronomy and number codes. It was delightful and interesting.

While at the table I drew the curious puzzle piece from my dream on a napkin. I asked Joseph if he knew anything about this shape. He looked at the funny “W” shape, and he turned the napkin upside down and said, “Well, it’s my initials!”

True enough, when the image was upside down, it made a very tidy JM.

This image was drawn the morning right after I woke up from my vivid dream. The top sketch is the way I saw it in the dream, and the one below is the same thing, but turned upside-down.


Natascha said...

Can you believe me? - I had sooo much fun with these guys in Sedona. We had insightul conversations and it was always uplifting and light. Very good cure for a serious German Woman.
So I wanna say "thank you" for the time we spent together.

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - It was a perfectly delightful time together. That guy Joseph is an Mench!

Red Pill Junkie said...

And if you rotate both of the symbols 90°, they both resemble the UMMO symbol.