Sunday, October 4, 2009

more owl weirdness

my shamanic guru
Yesterday I had an onslaught of synchronicities involving an email exchange with a complete stranger. Lots of little threads that seem to connect up to everything.

Sharing this experience will require some patience, because there are a lot of details, and the story ends up being sorta long.

It started when I stumbled on a blog named, strangely enough, SYNCHRONICITY. The title seemed intriguing, and I scrolled down and read a posting titled The Owl and the Money Clip. The story was really curious, and well worth checking out. I figured I would leave a comment, partially to share my owl stories as a link to this blog (yes, an ego thing). I added a short comment, the thirteenth under that heading.

I read thru the other comments and this one catches my attention.

A woman named Stacey writes:
... a couple years ago I had the privilege to spend time in a giant owls "nest" for lack of a better word, with over thirty barn and horned owls watching was one of the most profound moments of my life!
Over thirty owls? Now this perked my interest!

This seemed curious because I had included a written request at the end of a a recent blog posting on my latest owl sightings.

Just a few days ago I asked:

"My question to anyone out there: Has anyone ever seen adult owls in groups of three (or five)?"

So - I ask a question, and I get a whollp of an answer. I click on Stacey's little picture, and I get sent to her profile page, I click on her contact info, and fire off an email.

I write:

Stacey, I gotta ask about that story. Here's why I’m asking. For reasons unknown, I have been awash in owls this summer (and in the last few years) and its been really strange. I'll add that I have my own blog dedicated to my own paranormal and synchronistic events ... I wrote about seeing a big crew of owls on my blog, and it’s dedicated to synchronicity. I am intrigued!

Later that same day she replies:
How nice to hear from you. I went to your post and it was lovely. Owls are amazing and I have spent time with a few of them ... LOL! I have just posted my story about the owls on my blog. Check it out ... I'd love to hear your thoughts.

So, I go to her blog and read her owls story, and the text is written in a way that's overtly mysterious. Here's a short excerpt:
Above me, I heard a flutter. I looked up. A shadow flew. I felt I was being watched. I looked around for what it was. What was watching me? Then I saw it. A geisha faced owl staring down at me. We contemplated each other until another rustle distracted me. I slowly turned in a circle staring up into the canopy of trees, baring witness to several owls camouflaged in the leaves keeping a watchful eye. There were too many to count. I had stumbled upon a holy shrine and I was the initiate.

[read the entire posting here]

The short little story was filled with mythic images (some real, some metaphorical) of a black beetle, an altar, divine guidance, a holy shrine, a friend named Christian, the longing for a first kiss and a baptism in mysticism. Now, I’m REALLY intrigued!

Here's the final line of the short essay:
It is said that owls are guardians of the after life and their nocturnal nature is a symbol of inner knowing. People are often called to their power animals because they share a mutual energy. With the doors of perception opened, perhaps I had been brought to the owls as a reminder of my intuitive powers and to be shown I was already riding the wave, I had just lost sight of it.
Immediately, I added a comment to HER blog:

Stacey, you said you saw a lot of owls in one spot. My request ... Please, tell me more. For some reason, my life has been inundated with owls lately. I can't quite understand it. There is something SO mystical about an owl, that I can't help but try and see the event as some sort of premonition - or divine message.

I'll also add, there is a scary alien abduction movie (due out soon) that features a lot of owls in the trailer, followed up with "Those aren't owls!" (The Fourth Kind).

Within minutes, I got this directly in my email in-box:
Hi Mike ... Later that night Christian and I saw a "UFO"... I left that part of the story out ... I can't believe your comment ... that is hilarious! Maybe they are connected!
I reply instantaneously:

What?!?!? You saw a UFO - the same night as the OWLS?????

Okay - My Blog is all about my UFO experiences! And the owls are intertwined with my experiences ... I will add this email to my long list of odd coincidences...

Just so you know, this has been EXACTLY the kind of stuff that has been happening to me. Especially this funny email meeting. Up to my reply, there was NOTHING about UFOs in any of our correspondence.

Now - You kinda need to fill me in on the UFO sighting (Pleeeeease) - this is really interesting.

Then Stacey replies with a short narrative explaining her UFO sighting:

So funny! You are so surprised and excited I love it. Nothing shocks me. I believe in EVERYTHING.

So to add to the story ... (after seeing the owls) Well into the night and with the veils of perception solidly back in place, we left. I drove. We were back on the two-way highway when I saw what looked like a streetlight up ahead but as we approached it, I realized the light wasn’t attached to anything and then it flew over our heads.

“It landed back there,” Christian said as his head snapped back around and his eyes lit up like he had just seen a ghost.

“What was it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you want to stop?”


I stopped the car and backed into a vacant lot that was used for selling produce during the harvest season. It was pitch black and we were out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by olive groves. As we got out of the car Christian asked, “If they want to take us would you go?”

“Yes, as long as time stood still,” I said not sure if it were true.

We walked down the middle of the two-lane highway cloaked in darkness when we heard a loud rumble like a semi-truck heading straight for us. We looked at each and ran for our lives back to the car. As I opened my car door whatever-it-was flew over our heads and then vanished into thin air.

We got back in the car and drove away, gazing out into the night sky where it had been. We were silent, not knowing what we had just seen and thinking it was too fantastical to be named. Naming it, owned it and we weren’t ready to own it. As we got back on the Interstate Five, Christian put his hand on my shoulder. It felt familiar like it had been there my entire life. I felt supported and loved beyond a first kiss like we had been married for years. Christian fell asleep and I wondered how many dragons he’d slain that day.

So funny, I thought I was abducted the other happens all the time.

My friend Marla (who interviews for Whitley Streiber on Unknowncountry) has great stories to tell ... she's tapped in.

I reply:

Okay - this is getting strange.

First - I am going to have a phone session with Marla Frees tomorrow! And you bring her up in this email!

On my blog, a few days ago, I posted an audio interview with an abductee (contactee? experiencer?) named Miriam and Marla calls in the background, you can hear her voice, I was on skype, and she called my land-line. I laughed and said, "Okay, this is another synchronicity"

Second - I wanna ask more about the UFO event, but email is a funny forum for that. I may bug you in the future. I'm having such intense deja vu that I am not sure what I'm trying to say. Did you ever post that text about Christian putting his hand on your shoulder anywhere on the net? I feel like I've read it before...

There are a lot of mythic details that make me so intrigued! Olive trees? Owls? Christian (a curious and fitting name), dragons slain, harvest season and time standing still.

Finally - You wrote - "So funny, I thought I was abducted the other happens all the time." So - This happens all the time? But why isn't it in you blog?

At this point I’m wigging out, and Stacy takes it in stride, here’s her response:
That is great ...You are going to love Marla. I don't blog about all this "stuff" because my audience isn't there yet ... My friend Christian is a great guy who is also on the leading edge of all this stuff. How strange we have met through here ... and that you’re speaking with Marla tomorrow.
We sent a few more back-and-forth emails where I encourage (chide?) her to write about her UFO experiences. For some reason, it feels really important that she share these stories. She says she’s thought about it, and I read between the lines and I get the impression that there has been a lot of paranormal activity in her life.

This entire email exchange was just too interesting. There is a long laundry list of mythic plot points that fascinate me - Owls, UFO's, Marla Frees, abduction, Whitley Strieber and her overt religious symbolism.

And ultimately, I am simply amazed at the funny happenstance of me contacting her from a tiny reply you made on another blog that I had never seen before - until I stumbled on it yesterday morning. One more experience with the internet to make me believe (even more strongly) that it has a mystical power all it’s own.

I encourage folks to read Stacey's blog ( ). I was pretty clear that I thought she should write more about her paranormal experiences. I hope my goading pays off!

A list of relevant links:
Marla Frees web-site
My postings about Owls
Regan Lee writing about Owls
Chris Knowles writing about Owls

Please note, some of the dialog in the back-and-forth emails has been edited slightly for clarity.

Okay, there's more. On Oct 6th Stacey wrote about these same experiences in her blog, Stacey's Respite. There is a little more to the story, and I'll let her tell it. Let me add that this whole event has be positively magical. The session with Marla was, well, overwhelming in it's intense divinity. (yes, I know that sounds corny, but it's true)

This story ain't over...


Follow up on Oct 27th.
This morning, I saw that the website SYNCHRONICITY did a posting on this nutty owl story. And, (adding to the coincidences) Stacey and I both added comments (pretty much) simultaneously. When I saw the posting, she hadn't commented yet, and I promptly wrote a (long winded) comment, and when I posted it, she had already added hers!


Anonymous said...

Wow. Very cool story, keep the synchronicities rolling, I'd love to see where it might lead!

I've had some strange experiences myself, and my strangest so far actually may be tied with both a UFO and an owl, so I am extra interested in this tale, above and beyond my normal interest in a compelling chain synchronicity ...

Peter Bernard said...

I'm doing this project spoofing old Halloween products they used to advertise in the backs of comic books and Famous Monsters. In the middle of it, I stuck an owl hooting completely out of context as a secret tribute to your blog, haha.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Intriguing stuff here, Mike. Stacey emailed us about it, so I went to her blog, then to yours. Am really curious to see how all of this plays out! We didn't mention UFOs & synchronicities in our synchronicity book, mainly because it could be a book unto itself. Perhaps that's all for another book. At any rate, most intriguing!

Red Pill Junkie said...

From her blog:

"Christian and I walked out into an open field speckled with blue flowered plants, a promise of life in an otherwise desert landscape."

I found this interesting because it reminded me of something I read on Communion: on one of Strieber's first hypnotic sessions he described a vision he had of his son standing in the middle of a meadow covered with blue flowers on a sunny day; it was a bucolically beautiful scene, yet it disturbed him tremendously, because it gave him the impression that his son was dead.

Truth be told, I found the rest of the post interesting; I'm not exactly sure if all this was experienced oneirically, on a different state of consciousness, or if it was a 'factual' account —maybe that Christian dude is the cousin of Jung's Philemon ;-)

PS: Talking about owl encounters, I too had one yesterday after reading your post.I was browsing an architecture supplement from my newspaper when I stumbled upon a very weird ad from a curtain company; the weird part is that they decided —for no apparent reason— to paste an owl (just like the ones Stacey described) on top of the curtain! It felt as if the owl was the guardian of the threshold between what's on this side and what lay beyond the curtain ;-)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Thank you for the links in this post but it's late here and I need to get some sleep tonight. I won't be checking out those links until tomorrow. I hope you understand why.

Nice to meet you, BTW!

Sakib said...

Since I started reading this blog, I keep experiencing owl based synchronicity but I still haven't seen an owl?!