Tuesday, September 29, 2009

audio conversation with Miriam Delicado

Miriam and I spoke yesterday, and the conversation was a sincere sharing of life experiences. She spoke about a series of first-hand contact incidents, and she articulated some deep insights from her memories. What emerged from our discussion was something deeply personal and heartfelt. The informal dialog is posted below.

I met Miriam at the Laughlin UFO congress in February of 2009. At that point I was awash in insecurities and anxiety, and at the same time I felt this very real urgency to try and make sense of my memories. We sat together for a short time, and she patiently listened to my story. The advice she gave me was that I should come forward with my experiences, and in a very real way, this blog is the result of her guidance.

Her presentation was simply a heartfelt re-telling of the events in the book, ans well as a sincere plea that we, all of us, need to make a collective choice on how we will proceed in the upcoming years. I was impressed, and she made quite a splash at the conference.

In 2007 she published a book about her experiences titled BLUE STAR. I read the book when I returned from Nevada, and I found it immensely engaging. It struck a chord in me that I would find hard to articulate. She tells about a life of intermittent contact with alien beings.

There is an extremely dramatic event when she was just 22 years old. It took place along a lonely Canadian highway in 1988. She was stopped by a giant saucer shaped craft and she was escorted on-board. For the next three hours the tall beings shared important insights about the upcoming chapter of humanity.

She was told that when the time was right, she would be asked to come forward and share her story. And in 2007 she had that message, and from that point on she was unwittingly thrust into the role of prophet.

Miriam has a web site, www.bluestarprophecy.com

During our conversation, a lot comes up. Including a reference to a web-site with a collection of of UFO related illustrations by actual witnesses called Out There Zone.

Also, during the conversation I got a phone call from Marla Frees, and I thought that was strangely synchronistic. She is a gifted psychic, more on her soon.


Red Pill Junkie said...

An interesting chat; made me want to grab a copy of her book.

But in the mean time, could you please post a link to where one can find the illustrations you mentioned at her website?

Christopher Darren Horn said...

OH WoW!! Thanks for this post and info. I am going to her site and WoW!! This really syncs with a series of events that happened to me! I wrote a post on an old blog of mine and reposted it on my new blog. You can read it, if you're interested, here: http://www.nightghost.ws/2009/06/old-post-strange-happenings.html

Mike Clelland! said...

I just received this via email:

Hello Mike,

I listened to your podcast discussion with Miriam and enjoyed it throughly. I hosted Miriam at her Bryce Canyon Lodge event in Utah on August 14, 2008. I've listened to and viewed most of the videos and podcasts on her, and I keep in touch with her by email and occasionally by phone. I'd like to ask a favor, even though we haven't met.

... I'm trying to get Miriam back on the show and I'm asking as many people as possible if they will please send an email to C2C requesting her return as a guest. The message doesn't have to be long. You've spoken to her personally and had her on your podcast, and that could be a good place to start.

Here are the key people at C2C. I'd prefer that you send the message to all of them (better odds), but that is your choices:

George Noory - Host george@coasttocoastam.com
Ian Punnett - Host ian@coasttocoastam.com
George Knapp - Host georgeknapp@coasttocoastam.com
Lisa Lyon - Producer lisa@coasttocoastam.com
Tom Danheiser - Producer tom@coasttocoastam.com

If you happen to know someone else who may be willing to help, please consider forwarding this email to them.

Thank you for coming forward, starting the podcast and helping Miriam by having her on your program.

David Hatch

James said...

Well I havent been able to listen to all of this interview yet and it may or may not be some time yet before I can listen to the rest but the conversation is fascinating.

Your reference to the puzzle it is still to you and her comment that aspect never completely disappears reminds me of something one of our pastors said this past Sunday.

He quoted that story about Robert Louis Stevenson, when he was a boy and watching a lamplighter lighting the lamps, and he had been asked by his governess what he was doing.

His reply was quite poetic, but straight to the point, "I'm watching someone cut holes in the night."

This process reminds me of that. It seems there is a picture of something but it is not yet clear and each of us seems to be doing that, cutting that hole, and something is emerging that doesnt seem to jive with anything familiar. What is it a picture of... what is it still to be revealed?

Natascha said...

Wonderful, thank you so much M&M! I had a good laugh at the point where you mentioned March 10th, because it's my birthday, too.
I feel soooo inspired by this conversation, there is an underlying whispered message: come foreward, too, share, speak as open as possible of what is going on (although I have no clue what's really going on). I have already started doing that (yes in 2007) and with your encouragement I can sense that I could do a lot more.