Sunday, August 2, 2009

thoughts on a documentary on hold

I've brought this up before in this blog, but I've been involved in a low-budget documentary on the UFO abduction phenomenon. I've tried to write about it, but the story is sorta long and complicated. I type slow and talk fast, so I recorded it as audio.

28 minutes long



Wildrote said...

It's fascinating journey, Mike, and a documentary that I'd love to see come to fruition.

In a way I feel lucky that I'm so far out that no one really seems interested in questioning my character.

Take the words of a shaman for what they are worth, I don't think you're on an ego trip. I don't think your experiences are a delusion either. Not common, but not crazy. Conversation with the universe is a heritage of the human race. I worry about what other races and beings have planned and how they'll influence the course of things, but don't stop talking to the universe.

By the way, it's good to hear a voice to go with the writing. You do both well.

Take care,


Red Pill Junkie said...

Well, right no the only thing I can think of saying, is that I hope you retake that documentary project, because I would love to watch it; and I think that right now we do need our society to start looking at this from a serious and honest perspective.

I think there's definitely something holding you back with all of your projects —the docu, re-establishing contact with that childhood friend, etc— it feels like there's something unresolved that's bothering you. That you need to find something that gives you a feeling of... I dunno... closure?

Whatever that thing could be, I think you're a good listener of the messages the Universe is sending you. I'm confident that eventually you'll find the answer.

PS: And if I may make a suggestion, I really think the docu could benefit from your artwork. Have you thought about creating some still images or animation clips that could illustrate the stories you'll cover in the film? I think that could be really neat.

Mike Clelland! said...

Thanks for the comments.

And - Yes - the illustration stuff has come up...

James said...

I keep coming back to your blog. I cant help it! I made the initial connection thru Stace's blog- and I find myself coming back to hers as well- but the name of your blog is by itself tantalizing. Hidden experience. How can experience be hidden?

Its nature is not a hidden thing but something- well experienced! So the name of your blog is a bit ironic, contradictory. On the other hand it’s a truism to say, when you say someone is experienced, or as Hendrix put it, are you experienced?, there is the implication you have been thru something, whatever that something is, and picked up something, and there is more in the experiencing than you can tell or demonstrate, the experience itself being the only marker, the only window on what has happened.

Just as some things are not right there in front of the window, so there are some things about experience not immediately apparent, but which must be inferred, and don’t mind if you take advantage of them anyway though you know nothing about them-in the ordinary sense of knowing.

This blog and the hours you have already spent on this documentary benefit from this hidden experience, without you knowing how- or why exactly. The recorded talk was fascinating, without a doubt you have cast yourself in the role of a sleuth, and now the entire project seems to have come to a complete standstill. After you have seemingly given your whole-hearted commitment to see that it happens! Why is that?

Your standstill reminds me of something from the teachings of Gurdjieff. That all processes are arranged in octaves but that in each one there are two places where the process can come to a halt. The intervals at these places need something more to continue to the next step- a third force. A third force in this context meaning something outside the interval. The progression was often compared to a musical scale.

So you are stuck in one of these intervals. Without the contribution of an outside force your project will not be resolved. What could be the nature of that force? Perhaps another contact thru facebook. A sighting, a contact, yet another synchronicity that will by its sheer force of meaning push the project to a conclusion. In other words I have no idea!

But I know without a doubt the documentary would be fascinating. It could be its waiting on the beam from that flashlight in your hand to land on something you haven’t seen yet. And of course there will always be more to see.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Interesting how James and I made the Gurdjeff connection using separate approaches —me, through the pic of the mountains which reminded me of his paintings; him through the extrapolation of his philosophy.

Anonymous said...

~Lucretia here.

I think its clear that the reason you were holding back on the documentary project once reaching a certain juncture (and why you're seriously able to consider going back to it now) has to do with your ability to embrace a new reality paradigm.

A couple of very strange remembered events don't HAVE to totally upset your previous definition of reality until and unless you really check into them. While they remain in your past, unofficial, you can continue to regard them as curious anomalies. They're not quite a part of the 'real world' just yet-- merely obscure events recalled with some abashment and discomfort, to be told late at night around a campfire.

You already know whether these things have happened or not. What's changed recently is your ability to admit the truth of your memories-- and what that may potentially mean on the larger scale of human existence. Finding someone who shared one event with you may mean that the part of your mind that stubbornly insists that MAYBE its all in your head, that MAYBE you really are crazy or simply mistaken-- will finally have to shut the fuck up.

I get it. You are standing at the "Y" juncture of life views. The before time is over, and before you stretches one way of looking at things versus another. Either this stuff is real (one path) or you can not trust your own mind and memory (the other path.) The documentary started off with you leaving the Old Way of looking at things, but when you came to the Y Juncture, you stalled because you couldn't quite deal with fundamentally shifting the way you view EVERYTHING.

But a simple witness who can verify your memory can change all that completely forever.

And DOWN into the rabbit hole you go! =^)

(If it seems intimidating, just remember there are plenty of other people already down there poking around... including me.)

Anonymous said...

~ Lucretia here:

I have a new entry about a recent dream that I think was about a memory--

Bright Garlick said...

Mike just an initial thought before I hear all of this recording - your journey is allready known by those who matter. The fact that you cannot sense a map is ok because the journey is shaped by every single step.

You are out of your comfort zone but that is the only way you will come to know your whole self and come to trust in the journey. Look at how many folks have joined you in some part of this journey !

As a parallel - all shaman initiate chosen ones who will follow them via a path that includes ingesting poison, expelling poison, experiencing great fear and darkness, withstanding significant physical and emotional pain before the initiate has seen his own darkness and passed through it and accepted it for what it is. He is then ready to practice as a shaman. One who is able to move in to the darkness within others and find what is broken and missing. Only by coming to peace with his own darkness and confusion, can the shaman help heal others.

I think Joseph Campbell would agree that now you have opened the flood gates, your initiation has begun. Others will be drawn to you because of your honesty and in time you will pass through the darkness and trust in who you have become.

I have no doubt our friends are guiding you on this path because they have seen what you are across all time and beyond time.

Mike, your honesty and humility make you shine like a luminous beacon, in the thick dark fog of contemporary alienology.