Monday, August 10, 2009

David says what I’m feeling

David Biedny spoke words that I could have very easily said myself. He (as usual) spoke his truth with a better clarity that I ever could have.

The excerpt below is from last nights PARACAST at about the 1:45:00 time mark on the 2 hour podcast (Aug 9, 2009). David shared some stuff that I found really moving. He’s said as much before on other episodes, so don’t ask me why, but this time it really got to me.

Below is a slightly edited (for clarity) transcript from David. I added the dot-dot-dot thing (...) to show where I took out some extraneous dialogue. Italics are all mine. Let me make this clear, he was saying exactly what I’m feeling.

David said:
When this kind of stuff has intersected with your life you - I mean - for so many years I didn’t think about this stuff - for so many years...

But it’s not an experience, it’s a whole framework. It’s really really odd stuff. Really weird.

So, the point is, when this stuff intersects with your reality at a certain point it kinda reaches an overflow point where you can’t ignore it anymore. So I guess for me, I reached a point where, y’know, I had been bottling this stuff up - suppressing it - all of it...

I’m bringing this up so that people can have some appreciation for the fact that I’m grappling with this stuff in my life. I mean, this is stuff that I don’t have answers for - I have so many questions - and I don’t have a lot of understanding for a lot of this stuff - and - It’s almost as if when Gene was saying to me “Hey, why don’t we do a show about this stuff?”

And, at first I was really hesitant, and then I thought: Maybe it’ll feel good to talk about this some of this... And I wanna talk about these things. Look, maybe at some point I’ll end up regretting all of this, there are times now when I regret it...

But - What are y’gunna do? I’m in my mid-40’s, do I wanna suppress this stuff anymore? No.

I think these things have happened to me for some sort of a reason. Now, I could be wrong about that, but I sorta know I’m not. This is where things get murky and complicated...

But when you’ve interacted with the unknown in the ways I have, there seems to be some sort of purpose to it. And I don’t pretend to know what the purpose is. I don’t know. We’re talking about ongoing things, so - I don’t know - I have a lot of questions...

We have to talk about these things. Look, someone has to have the rational discourse about this stuff. Someone's gotta do it.

Well said! Thank you, David.


James said...

I never listen to the Paracast. So I took some time and listened to this one. It was interesting but probably the highlight is just what you... highlight.

A lot of the ufo stuff, well what seems to me to be the core of it, falls into some kind of paranormal niche. The 'paranormal' itself seems to be part of a broader 'order of things' than we understand at present.

It may call for a completely different kind of 'understanding', a way of looking at things that will revise our notions of what understanding means.

Not long ago someone I knew talked to me about his experience of 'shadow beings'. He doesnt talk about this subject freely. He knows people tend not to believe him. There was I thought a trace of dis-belief in his own voice as he told me about them. His experience was scary, disorienting, and unbelievable. And it subtly altered his frame of mind.

David's experiences, and the fact he refused to go into them, and implied Paracast would never be a forum for the experiences he didnt want to talk about, well they have obviously left a deep mark on him. He has tried not to think about them. But his understanding has been forever altered. His brush with the unknown leaves him gasping for air. That is the real thing. There are a million and one things you can no longer buy into after that, and conversely a million crazy notions that begin to seem possible that will make you look crazy to a lot of other people.

Ankka said...

From the Reality Sandwich site in an article on Crop Circles by Amely

The Vedic rishis also said, "Knowledge is for action." Glimpses of a larger reality or a more profound purpose are not secret things to be sequestered. They're intended to fuel you into some kind of action that helps progress the whole.

An excellent point of view, I think. Pretty much applies to everything from crop circles and synchronicity to everything in between.