Monday, January 29, 2024

Kickstarter campaign for The Unseen audiobook


Dear Friends,

Last year I self-published a novel, The Unseen. It’s selling surprisingly well, and the reviews have been wonderful. The story taps into my owl research—how the ancient mythology of owls is playing out, present day, in real-life events.

Readers have been asking for an audiobook, and I’m working with a talented actor whose voice beautifully captures the mystery and subtlety of the story. 

I’m hosting a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for the audiobook. It went live last night.

  Here’s the LINK  

The site includes a short video, a list of donation rewards, and I explain why I chose to raise funds through Kickstarter. I hope to raise $4500, and I’m optimistic I can achieve this goal. The campaign ends February 27th.

Even if you can’t pledge anything to the campaign, I could use your help getting the word out. It would help me enormously if you could comment, share, forward, and retweet my upcoming announcements. 

If you have experience with anything similar, please let me know. I’m eager to know what has worked for you, or any ideas to help make this fundraiser a success. You can reach me in the comments below, or at the 'contact' tab in the menu bar above.

My goal is simple—to create a powerful listening experience for a book I’m proud of.

Thank you for your support!

Peace and strength,



Maria Rigel said...

Good luck with your endeavours!

I hope you don't mind me asking for your reaction to something I wrote recently. Maybe you think it crosses a line, maybe not. I just wonder how an Internet gnostic type feels about this stuff.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Good luck getting a response to a question from Mike on this blog Maria.
Thank God he ain't an owl, as you would probably never receive a message from Mike to a question on this blog in this lifetime;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, So glad to hear your book is selling well! Say, I know you aren’t the TV watching type, and normally nor am I, but of course the SyFy show Resident Alien has a soft spot for me, for obvious reasons. Anyhow the new season is out (Season 3) and from things included in the last 2 episodes its abundantly clear the writers are WELL aware of your owl/contactee connection work. Not only that, but get this, they are starting to weave in Yellowstone NP as being a focal point in the abduction/contact scenario building in the show! As the person in your first owl book with owl stories that occurred in Yellowstone, as well as your own decades of travel in the GYE, its more than just a little coincidence?! Anyways I felt to share this here since you are looking for project money to advance your own work, and thought you should know that Hollywood is ALREADY looking at your work as an info source for their own Alien/UFO/Contactee/Abduction/Owl/Yellowstone projects. Sometimes knowing tidbits like this are helpful breadcrumbs in the process of sourcing what you yourself are looking for. Ok hope that is useful info and as always, much love across the miles — Artemesia

Anonymous said...

Circling Some but avoiding
others, are dark unseen
entities. Put on the whole
armor of God my friend
, and they won't
want to have
anything to do
with you.

Bolivia said...

I appreciate the time you take to interact with your audience.

Anonymous said...

It totally made sense that I would go post a flyer on the community bulletin board at my local grocery store and have to sandwich it between equestrian adverts and UFO lecture flyers.

Apparently Maury Island is not far away. Actually this account (from 1947) weirdly corroborates with a story told to me by a long time local about the classic triangular shaped black craft and a missing time incident from this fellow’s personal experience on the public dock up at Spencer Lake which is in the vicinity, relatively spreaking, “as the UFO flies” or so they say. I am wondering about the correlation between thesr sightings and the existence of the naval base nearby, the recent string of low-grade underwater earthquakes near the Bangor Trident military base complex and the related but much less well known complex in Quilcene across Dabob Bay, rumored to have DUMB underwater caverns depending on who you listen to and consider believing. But the aerial presence is definitely palpable here. Why else would Bill Gates park himself and a vacation home compound nearby at the bend in the canal?

Once mentioned that this blog is sort of a repository catalog for the ongoing record, and lacking elsewhere to leave my research/experiential breadcrumbs and paper airplanes into the void, I leave this little tidbit here.