Sunday, October 15, 2023

THE UNSEEN, an excerpt from the audiobook

I've been recording myself reading THE UNSEEN for an audiobook, and I want to share what I can along the way. This is a 16-minute excerpt where I read the prologue, and this sets up the rest of the story. It's been a fun challenge to act out the roles and play up the drama.

The book has been selling well, and the reviews have been wonderful. As a first-time novelist, I was SO worried that nobody would get the story I was trying to tell. 

  Get the book HERE  


And below is another audio excerpt posted back in June

This is a 20-minute audio reading—it's the end of chapter six, and all of chapter seven. 

Just so y'know—I'll be doing a few more audio chapter samples to help promote this book.

And, most importantly—I sing in this audio excerpt! 


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