Tuesday, October 11, 2022

great-horned owl on the little league backstop

Great-horned owl on the backstop

I took a picture of an owl on Friday, Oct 7th. 

About ten minutes before the sighting I spoke aloud and asked to see an owl. This is something I never do, but the twilight had an eerie power, and it felt like the perfect night to see an owl, so I asked. 

~      ~      ~

Right below the owl was a deer, lying on the ground, and it was too dark to get her in a photo. The goddess Athena has a companion owl and the goddess Diana has a companion deer (usually portrayed as a fawn). So, two resonant goddesses at the little league baseball diamond—symbolically anyway.

Also, owl and deer are far and away the most common screen memories reported by UFO abductees.

The deer lying below the owl is an odd detail. I approached the deer in almost complete darkness. I was walking straight for it, and got pretty close. I made a hard right turn when I saw it, I was surprised she let me get so close. She was sitting with her legs tucked under her body, like cats sometimes sit. (I’ve always equated this to how duck look when they float on a pond).

I walked around the deer, and asked: “Where are your babies?" There has been a Doe with two fawns at that baseball field a lot lately, and I assumed it was the mother deer (I’m calling it “she" for this post). I looked around but didn’t see the fawns.

I went through one gate (I’d propped it open a few days ago), then walked across the diamond, then out another gate. I was on my way home when I head a loud squawk. At first I thought it was a fox, but soon realized it was a female great horned owl. They make a “mournful squawk” and I went back onto the diamond and found the owl. I took a few pics, and tried to get closer. As I approached the owl flew away to another fence. I got a picture on the second fence, but it was further away and less cinematic. I had a little headlamp and tried to shine it on the owl, but it didn't doo much. When I pointed into the darkness below the owl, where the deer was sitting, I saw two eyes reflecting back at me in the darkness. It was cute!

The owl was first seen on the smaller “little league” backstop fence, and it flew to the next fence, and this was on the standard size field. Symbolically, this movement from one fence to another implied graduating or growing up—moving from the little kid’s diamond to the adult diamond. And the kid's field is where I’ve been seeing the fawns. 

A few days ago I saw the mother deer in the little league field, and the two fawns were stuck outside, unable to get over the fence. I’ve seen the mother deer hop over the fence, and its very graceful. I opened a big gate (propping it open with a big rock, as I mentioned above) and after that I've seen the babies on the field with their mom. 

~ ~ ~

These baseball fields, and the park they are connected to, have generated a few posts, linked below.

~ ~ ~

I put up a post with this owl photo on Facebook within minutes of the sighting. The baseball diamonds are close to my home and my window was open, so I could hear her squawking as I typed up the post. 

Also, iPhones do a weird thing when you take a photo in low light—it takes a long exposure and somehow stabilizes the picture. So, this bit of image trickery gave me a picture that looked like it was taken at noon on an overcast day. It didn’t look anything like what I saw that night. So, I did some photoshopping to get it to match the deep blue of the night sky.

Raw image without any photoshop doctoring


And here are three more pictures from the same area. Click on any image for a HI-rez view:

Great-horned owl on the backstop for the standard sized diamond (2021) 

Barred owl at twilight on the hiking path (2021)

From July 2022, along the same hiking path



Red Pill Junkie said...

the photoshopped image looks a lot like the cover of your book, The Messengers.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I had a feeling that you were going to drop an owl post today, but I thought it would be about the twin owls in the news -

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes, it does! I didn't do it on purpose (maybe the owl did)

... and ...

Oh that clip of Charis and myself from like 2012! That was a fun trip we had just returned from. Our voices are slightly out of sync, so it seems sorta awkward.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I don't know whether or not you have seen the Jordan Peele movie 'NOPE' yet Mike, but he uses a heap of owl imagery in that movie.
I modified my original post to include a link to the subliminal owl post I wrote recently about Peele's movie and the owls I spotted in it.
It's not much of a movie as far as a UFO movie goes, but it is worth a watch.
I heard Ryan Bledsoe mention once on his podcast that Peele wanted to do a movie about the Bledsoe story once, so that I found interesting with him bringing out this movie in 2022.


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