Wednesday, April 15, 2020

floating dream and fear

Yesterday morning I woke with my heart pounding after a weirdly vivid dream.

There must have been more leading up to this, but the first thing I remember is being in the house where I grew up. Everything seemed to exactly match my old home, and that’s unusual, places in my dreamscapes are almost always distorted somehow.

It was nighttime and I was in the front foyer looking out a window facing the front yard and street. I could see that there was a bright light shining out of the garage and lighting up the driveway. This seemed odd and I wondered what was in the garage. The light made me really nervous. I needed to know what it was, and walked through the house so I could open the the door to the garage.

I got to the kitchen, turned on the light and realized I was floating. There was this familiar feeling, like I had done this many times and it was normal. I could concentrate in a way that kept myself up off the floor, and sort of willed myself toward the back hallway. I turned the corner and smoothly floated to the inside garage door.

I knew I had to open the door to see what was in the garage, but I was scared. I didn’t hesitate, I opened the door and the garage was empty. Then I woke up. I lay there in bed with an oppressive sense of dread, and it took a long time to shake the feeling.


Dennis/87 said...

Float on spaceman! 87

Chris said...

Hi Mike - sorry for your fear - maybe I can help that. We talked about talking some time ago. I think I would like this - it would help me psychologically and it might help you too. I really do have a lot to say. You have my email address. Send me an email and we'll do a Zoom. My stuff is very complex and difficult but also pretty amazing and it is "going places". The time has come. Let's talk. - Chris Van Buren